Both Parties Out-of-Step with their Bases on Illegal Immigration

Both Parties Out-of-Step with their Bases on Illegal Immigration | ImmigrationReform.comA new poll by the Pew Research Center explains why President Obama abruptly decided to wait until after the elections to announce his massive, unconstitutional illegal alien amnesty. Never mind the independent voters the Democrats need to win if they have a prayer of holding on to the Senate. Amnesty is not even a slam dunk for Democratic voters.

Democrats are pretty much split down the middle on how their party is handling immigration issues and whether illegal aliens should be granted amnesty. Forty-seven percent of Democrats think their party is representing their views on immigration, while 44 percent say the party does not represent their views. More specifically, 20 percent of Democrats think the party is “Not willing enough to allow immigrants living in the U.S. illegally to gain legal status,” while 21 percent say their party is “Too willing to allow immigrants living in the U.S. illegally to gain legal status.”

Among Democrats, there is a sharp split between younger and older voters, and between Hispanics and other ethnic and racial groups. By better than a 2-1 margin, Democrats over the age of 50 think the party is too willing to grant amnesty. Conversely, by a similar 2-1 split, younger Democrats – those between the ages of 35-49 – think the party needs to do more to promote amnesty. Interestingly, the youngest cohort, 18-34, who are having a hard time gaining a foot hole in the labor market, are more evenly divided on amnesty with 22 percent saying the party needs to go further on amnesty and 17 percent who say they’ve gone too far already.

White Democrats oppose their party’s amnesty stance by a 26%-17% margin. Black Democrats, by a 17%-13% margin, think the party is too willing to support amnesty. Hispanic Democrats tend to think the party is not going far enough on amnesty, with 40 percent saying they should go further, compared with just 8 percent who think the party is too willing to grant amnesty.

The congressional Republican leadership is even more out of tune with its base on immigration. A clear majority, 56 percent, believe their party does not represent their views on how illegal immigration should be handled, compared with 37 percent who are satisfied with the GOP’s handling of the issue. Meanwhile, party leaders like Speaker John Boehner, Rep. Paul Ryan, and the 14 Senate Republicans who voted for the Gang of Eight amnesty bill, continue to reflect the business lobby’s agenda, not the voters’.

Clearly President Obama took notice of the fact that about half the voters who self-identify as Democrats are not with him on immigration. Given the fact that he is not exactly wowing them with his handling of the economy or foreign policy, making an end run around the Constitution to grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens might be the final straw that results in Democratic voters staying home on Election Day, or perhaps even crossing party lines.

Less clear is whether the Republican leadership is getting it. While committed GOP voters disapprove of the leadership’s business-driven immigration agenda, Boehner continues to push the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s amnesty line. In doing so, they not only risk alienating their base, but could be squandering an opportunity to pick-off independents and even disillusioned Democrats.

Thanks for Pandering, Guys

denver_adsThe illegal alien lobby’s pitch to Republicans has been: Support mass amnesty and fall into our warm embrace. Amnesty is the only thing standing between you and millions of voters.

Amazingly, quite a few Republicans have been willing to drink the Kool-Aid. Among them are two Colorado Republican House members, Representatives Mike Coffman and Cory Gardner (who is seeking a seat in the Senate). Both have come out in favor of amnesty as a cornerstone component of “comprehensive immigration reform.”

But supporting mass amnesty is apparently not enough. Coffman and Gardner refuse to subvert the Constitution and support the Obama administration’s moves to implement amnesties that were never enacted, or unilateral decisions to suspend deportation mandated by existing statutes. As their reward, the George Soros-supported group, America’s Voice, purchased all of the ad space on Friday on the Denver Post’s homepage attacking Coffman and Gardner.

The banner ad, asks, “What are Rep. Cory Gardner & Mike Coffman doing to pass immigration reform? Nothing.” Another ad encourages the paper’s online readers to, “Call Rep. Mike Coffman and Rep. Cory Gardner and tell them to stop blocking immigration reform!” A third charges that, “Republicans like Rep. Mike Coffman and Rep. Cory Gardner are blocking immigration reform and voting to deport DREAMers.

As if that weren’t thanks enough for their efforts, another Soros-backed group, We Belong Together, Gardner and Nevada Republican Mark Amodei, another amnesty supporter, had their offices taken over by protestors.

Instead of feeling like they have fallen into the warm embrace of the amnesty lobby, perhaps these guys are starting to wonder whether they have fallen into the clutches of the amnesty mafia.

There are No Amnesty Supporters in Republican Primaries

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) is facing a primary opponent, David Brat, who is challenging him on immigration. Cantor is fighting back by portraying himself as an anti-amnesty champion, like Renee Ellmers successfully did before him. Cantor, along with others in the GOP House leadership, began the year by endorsing amnesty for the bulk of the nation’s illegal aliens with the House’s “Standards for Immigration Reform.”


That was January; this is May. Cantor’s campaign has now dropped a campaign flyer into GOP voter’s boxes spouting a very different message. This flyer is as anti-amnesty as it gets. It says: “Conservative Republican Eric Cantor is stopping the Obama-Reid Plan to give illegal aliens amnesty.” The flyer also brings attention to a headline which proclaims that “[Cantor]Torches Immigration Reform after Call with Obama,” a call that the White House described as “pleasant.”

Yet, only last month, Majority Leader Cantor pledged support for Jeff Denham’s military amnesty, the ENLIST Act, and reiterated this support last week. Cantor has also been working on his own version of the DREAM Act, which he has styled the “Kids Act,” since last year.

Interestingly, Majority Leader Cantor is also getting support from pro amnesty groups and pro amnesty lawmakers across the aisle in his contention that he has been a major obstacle for passing amnesty. Frank Sharry, director of the amnesty lobbying group America’s Voice, said last week: “Eric Cantor is the No. 1 guy standing between the American people and immigration reform.”

cantor_rallyOn Sunday, the pro-amnesty group Casa di Virginia sent protestors to storm Rep. Cantor’s Arlington Virginia condo, again calling him “the one man blocking immigration reform.” Representative Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.), who last year went on a tour with Rep. Cantor in New York City in support of passing bipartisan immigration legislation, sent out a press release through Casa di Virginia stating that he would hold a rally on May 28 in Virginia’s capitol to call attention to the “particularly important role” of Rep. Cantor in immigration.

But is it Eric Cantor standing in the way of amnesty, or Eric Cantor’s primary? We’ll know on June 10th.

The (Il)logic of Open-Border Libertarians

libertarianchartAs more and more Americans, especially younger Americans, reject the politics of the two dominant parties, libertarianism is attracting more adherents. Concurrently, there is a movement by D.C. special interest groups to co-opt libertarianism to advance their narrow political agenda. This is amply demonstrated by the false claim by self-proclaimed libertarians that support for open borders is an essential part of the movement. That is simply untrue.

A new essay by FAIR debunks these claims, exposes the fallacious reasoning in support of open borders, and examines in detail why the arguments of open-border libertarians fail to comport with reality.

Read the new publication here:

Histrionic Response to A Candidate Pledge

Open borders self-styled conservatives have been provoked into action by the FAIR Congressional Task Force pledge for political candidates calling on them to foreswear amnesty for illegal aliens and increases in immigration and guest workers. One of the first to attack the pledge was Grover Norquist, who apparently thinks he holds a patent on pledges because of his anti-tax increase pledge. Another salvo was aimed at the Task Force pledge on May 14 by Alex Nowrasteh.

The desperation of opponents to discredit of the pledge is obvious in this latest attack. Rather than arguing the pledge on its merit, the attack is an effort to confuse the issue by deliberately mischaracterizing it. Nowrasteh writes, “The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) has sponsored a pledge for political candidates to oppose legal immigration as well as amnesty for unauthorized immigrants.” That is false. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to understand the difference between opposing legal immigration and opposing an increase to legal immigration, which currently is at a level of more than one million new immigrants per year.

Having mischaracterized the pledge, Nowrasteh, rambles on about U.S. immigration history. But all of his rambling is meaningless because it is based on his mischaracterization of the pledge against an increase.

Anyone who wants to understand better the issue of the level of immigration should revisit the recommendations of the U.S. Commission on Immigration Reform led by the distinguished legislator and law school professor, Barbara Jordan. The USCIR recommended near unanimously that legal immigration should be restructured and reduced to a base level of 550,000 per year. No one at the time of that recommendation had the temerity to use that recommendation to challenge Jordan’s adherence to the nation’s openness to immigration the way that FAIR Congressional Task Force’s more modest pledge is being attacked.