The DACA Pardon Issue is Finally Laid to Rest

DREAM Act-FAIROnce the shock from Donald Trump’s surprise presidential victory wore off, open borders groups and illegal aliens began scrambling for ideas to keep DACA individuals in the country. The panic was unsurprising because President Obama unilaterally created DACA meaning his unconstitutional executive action had no basis in law and could be immediately nullified by a future president—a point Obama repeatedly acknowledged. What is surprising is the absurd “answer” these groups came up with: Obama should pardon the approximately 750,000 DACA recipients.

Any attorney worthy of the degree hanging on his/her office wall could immediately tell you this is not a viable option. First, the pardon power is limited to criminal offenses, not civil offenses which immigration violations are. FAIR’s Research Director Matt O’Brien pointed that out last week. More importantly, even if Obama could pardon DACA recipients it absolutely would not put them on a path to citizenship as amnesty advocates claimed. Indeed, all a presidential pardon would do is forgive an illegal alien’s unlawful presence. The individual would still have no legal status to remain in the country and would revert back to being an illegal alien if they failed to return home within the set grace period. In fact, the only benefit a hypothetically-pardoned DACA recipient could receive is the waiver of the 3/10 year bars which would not be triggered upon departure because the pardon removed the unlawful presence.

Much to the dismay of pro-amnesty Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) and illegal alien interest groups, the Obama administration has finally come out and said what was obvious to so many of us. In a podcast interview, White House Domestic Policy Director Cecilia Munoz said, “I know people are hoping that pardon authority is a way to protect people. It’s ultimately not, for a couple reasons. One is that pardon authority is generally designed for criminal violations, not civil. But also it doesn’t confer legal status. Only Congress can do that. So ultimately, it wouldn’t protect a single soul from deportation.”

Say “No” to Making Massachusetts a Sanctuary State

The Massachusetts General Court is considering several bills this session that would make the Commonwealth a sanctuary for illegal aliens. These include:

  • H.125: Would prohibit the Commonwealth from denying public benefits, assistance, or services to illegal aliens, as well as restrict the Commonwealth from requesting information regarding immigration status unless otherwise required by law.
  • H.2985: Would prohibit the registrar from keeping driver’s licenses and permits out of the hands of illegal aliens.
  • H.1228/S.1258: Would prohibit law enforcement from detaining an individual based on an immigration detainer or administrative warrant, prohibit ICE critical access to Massachusetts jails, and forbid law enforcement from notifying federal immigration officials that a criminal alien is about to be released.

Contact your state lawmakers today and tell them that you’re tired of them protecting illegal aliens at the expense of Americans. These bills would only increase illegal immigration to Massachusetts and send the message that illegal aliens-even those who go on to commit serious criminal offenses-are welcome in the Commonwealth. Tell your legislators you’ve had enough.

Click here to find the contact information for your state lawmakers.



P.S. Want to know what you can do to fight illegal immigration in Massachusetts? Click here to contact YOUR FAIR Field Representative.

Tax Day Reminder: Illegal Aliens Cost Americans Billions Annually

moneyToday, April 15th, is typically the deadline for Americans to submit their federal income taxes (though the deadline this year is April 18th because of a quirk in the calendar). Whether you submitted your taxes months ago or are rushing to complete them by Monday’s deadline, FAIR wanted to remind you that illegal immigration costs U.S. taxpayers approximately $100 billion annually. Yes, that’s billion with a “B”… every year! The fiscal burden on Americans breaks down as follows:

  • $51 billion in education;
  • $18 billion in general government services;
  • $17 billion in healthcare;
  • $17 billion in justice and law enforcement; and
  • $10 billion in public assistance.

The total cost to U.S. taxpayers will increase significantly if the Supreme Court allows President Obama to implement his executive amnesty programs. Under our federal tax laws, illegal aliens with deferred action (DACA and DAPA) are eligible to claim the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and the Additional Child Tax Credit (ACTC). Outrageously, once eligible for EITC and ACTC, tax law allows a person to amend their tax returns from the past three years to claim the credits—even if that person was ineligible during those years! Between EITC and ACTC, the Congressional Research Service—the nonpartisan policy research arm for lawmakers—confirmed that each amnestied illegal alien is eligible for $35,000 in tax credits. Heritage Foundation’s Robert Rector calculated “cash payments from the EITC and ACTC to DAPA recipients would equal $7.8 billion per year” plus another $23.5 billion in retroactive claims.

As FAIR previously pointed out, the full taxpayer cost of executive amnesty is far greater than is being reported. Specifically, illegal aliens with deferred action are eligible for Obamacare (the Affordable Care Act), unemployment benefits, Social Security, and Medicare. Additionally, certain illegal aliens with deferred action are eligible for Medicaid and SCHIP health care benefits. Rector calculates the “lifetime costs” of Social Security and Medicare benefits to DAPA recipients at $1.3 trillion and Obamacare benefits at $15.5 billion per year.


Stop the Library of Congress from Pandering to Pro-Amnesty Groups

FAIR Action AlertLast week, at the behest of pro-amnesty groups, the Library of Congress announced that “the heading ‘Illegal aliens’ will therefore be canceled and replaced by two headings, Noncitizens and unauthorized immigration, which may be assigned together to describe resources about people who illegally reside in the country.”

The Library of Congress’s decision is blatant capitulation to political correctness — replacing the correct term “illegal alien” with terms that are both factually and legally incorrect. The term “noncitizen” is overly broad and encompasses individuals who are legally entitled to be in the country, including legal permanent residents (green card holders) and guest workers. By contrast, illegal aliens have disregarded our immigration laws and reside in the country unlawfully.

Call Your Representative NOW!

The term “illegal alien” is the most legally precise, descriptive term in the lexicon. It delineates between one of only two possible categories; one either has legal status to be on U.S. soil or one is residing here illegally. “Illegal” means prohibited by law. Yes, entry without inspection into the U.S. is prohibited. And “alien” is a term that refers to a person who is not a citizen of the country. The term is well defined in 8 U.S.C. Section 1101. It is used by legal professionals across the board including the United States Supreme Court.

Despite what the pro-amnesty groups claimed to the Library of Congress, there is nothing insulting or dehumanizing about using the term alien to indicate an individual is a non-citizen. Likewise, it is perfectly fitting to acknowledge that an alien who is residing illegally in the United States has broken the law. To identify someone as an “illegal alien” does not imply a value statement about the person’s humanity; it merely identifies the individual’s immigration status.

Simply, it is inappropriate for the Library of Congress to unilaterally replace accurate, legal terms with inaccurate, generalized terms in the name of political correctness. Therefore, FAIR is encouraging all of its members and activists to urge their representatives to co-sponsor Congresswoman Diane Black’s bill to stop this absurd decision and ensure the integrity of terminology used by the Library of Congress. The bill, H.R. 4926, explicitly requires the Library of Congress to continue using the terms “alien” and “illegal alien.”

Call Your Representative NOW!

Tell him or her:

  • You OPPOSE the Library of Congress’ decision to replace correct legal terms at the request of pro-amnesty groups.
  • You expect them to CO-SPONSOR H.R. 4926, which mandates continued use of “alien” and “illegal alien.”

Make your voice heard! To find your Representative, click here.



Nebraska Steps from Making Illegal Aliens Doctors and Lawyers

Source: Wikipedia

Source: Wikipedia

The Nebraska Legislature is on the brink of passing Legislative Bill 947 (LB 947) to make illegal aliens who have been granted deferred action under President Obama’s DACA program eligible to receive professional or commercial licenses in Nebraska. LB 947 has already successfully passed the Legislature’s first two rounds of voting and is just now awaiting a third and final vote before being sent to Governor Ricketts.

Nebraska already doles out driver’s licenses to DACA recipients and in-state tuition to illegal aliens. Please take a few minutes to call your state Senator and tell him or her that you have had enough of handing out benefits to illegal aliens. There is no time to waste. Only with your help can we stop LB 947!

Let YOUR senator know:

  • Granting professional licenses to illegal aliens who have received deferred action hurts American workers by increasing competition for scarce jobs.
  • Deferred action is a temporary deferment of deportation and does not confer any lawful immigration status to an alien.
  • States should not expand resources to provide public benefits, including professional licenses, to those illegally in the country.

Please act now! Call or email your state Senator and urge them to oppose LB 947! Click here to find their contact information.

For more information on this bill or what you can do, contact your FAIR Field Representative.