Video Shows College Students Willing to Deport Americans in Exchange for Illegal Immigrants

USA-The_George_Washington_UniversityThe Campus Reform news outlet recently visited George Washington University in Washington, D.C., to see how many students would sign their fake petition that recommends deporting an American in exchange for an illegal immigrant.

“Please sign our petition for President Obama to deport one American citizen, in exchange for one undocumented immigrant,” read the petition. “Everyone must be allowed a shot at the ‘American Dream.’ Americans should not be greedy. Let us right the wrongs of our past and make another’s dreams come true.”

The students’ responses were caught on camera and the results are startling. More than two-thirds of individuals approached by Campus Reform reportedly agreed with the statement and signed on, even adding further verbal support.

“It makes sense,” one student told Campus Reform. “Like, I’ve noticed that there is a lot of like hatred against undocumented immigrants and it’s not necessarily their fault.”

Although many students were feeling kind and warm-hearted, America is a successful nation because it follows the laws and policies our founders and leaders put in place. Just because a non-American wants to live in the U.S., does not mean he or she can override our system.

George Washington University students, on your long holiday break, I encourage each of you to read a summary about the Immigration and Nationality Act or visit FAIR’s website and learn about the legal, rational naturalization process America has employed for decades.

Sheriffs from Around U.S. Say President Does Not Have Their Support

Screen shot 2014-12-12 at 1.26.11 PMSheriffs from across the nation traveled to Washington, D.C. this week to refute Obama’s remarks that his amnesty plan had the support of law enforcement. Instead, the group of officers hammered down on the Department of Homeland Security’s 10-point plan and added that the executive plot would further threaten public safety in their communities.

The sheriffs stood alongside three members of Congress, Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.); Sen. David Vitter (R-La.); and Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-Texas). Many sheriffs unable to be present at the press conference were represented through the attending sheriffs. At one point, Sheriff Sam Page of Rockingham County, N.C., presented Sessions and Vitter with a list of 30 other sheriffs just in North Carolina, also furious over how the president has tied their hands in terms of enforcing immigration laws.

Among the event’s key remarks:

“We’ve had 20-something-odd meetings in the White House this summer it’s reported, by stakeholders, primarily business and special interests groups. Not once has the [National] Sheriffs’ Association been invited,” said Sen. Sessions.

“What we’re facing in Texas and in this nation is a large ‘Welcome’ sign and a saloon-door mentality on our border,’” said Jackson County Sheriff Andy Louderback, president of the Texas Sheriffs’ Association.

“For you and I as American citizens, when it comes to law enforcement, the law applies to you and I, yet when it comes to immigration, there is no law, because there are no consequences,” said Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu, president of the Arizona Sheriffs’ Association and board member of the National Sheriffs Association.

“The president talks about wanting to do the right thing; the right thing to do is to go by the rule of the law. You never go wrong when you’re following the rule of law and you’re abiding by the Constitution… The president talks a lot about fairness. Let me tell you what is not fair. It is not fair for out-of-work Tennesseans to have to compete for jobs with those that have chosen to illegally come into this country,” said Rep. Blackburn.

“We must stop and roll back this illegal executive order, it’s exactly the wrong policy because it’s rewarding illegal crossers and when you reward something you’re going to get more of it not less of it,” said Sen. Vitter.

“When we can’t secure our borders, something interesting happens in our country, every state becomes a border state and every town becomes a border town,” said Rep. Blackburn.

“Two years ago, Border Patrol said there were 123,000 illegals apprehended right there, just in one year. That does not include those who got away. Two years ago, we had the largest drug bust in the history of our state, one of the largest narco busts in the country at the time, in Pinal County led by our sheriff’s office. Two to 3 billion dollars and this isn’t just marijuana, it’s black tar heroin, methamphetamine and cocaine. That doesn’t stay in Arizona; it goes all across the country and affects all Americans,” said Sheriff Babeu.

Separated Families: Naivety or Duplicity?

We were assailed again today with an article in the Washington Post bemoaning the plight of the illegal aliens who will not be able to freely visit their separated families abroad even though they may be gaining protection against deportation and work permits thanks to President Obama’s constitutional overreach of executive authority. This is a theme that is constantly sounded by the defenders of illegal aliens in one form or another.

  • We must not deport illegal aliens if they have U.S.-born children because that would separate families.
  • The supposedly unaccompanied minors coming illegally into the country must be placed with their parents already here to preserve family unity.
  • Illegal aliens should have the freedom to travel back to the home country for the illegal aliens to visit family members left behind.

Seemingly beyond the grasp of the illegal alien defenders is the fact that the separation of the family is what the illegal alien has chosen voluntarily. Many are not just leaving family and friends, but also leaving children behind when they choose to come to the U.S.

The defenders of illegal aliens would like us to think that the illegal aliens are refugees, but the fact is that they generally have no claim to refugee status. They are economic migrants seeking greater opportunity – not fleeing persecution. The advocates for the aliens would like the United States to recognize economic migrants as refugees, but that would mean accepting unlimited immigration, which would be an economic and environmental disaster for the nation.

It is possible for some on the ideological left to exist in enough of a bubble-wrapped intellectual environment that the thought has never occurred to them that the family separation is the result of the action of the illegal alien. But it strains credulity that a journalist for the Washington Post would not be somewhat more worldly. 

Presidential Amnesty Will Protect Nearly All Illegal Aliens

Since President Obama announced his intention to grant amnesty by executive action, the consensus has been that some 5 million illegal aliens stand to benefit from that program. In an op-ed published on, I discuss why that widely held perception is wrong. In fact, a series of memos issued by the Department of Homeland Security indicate that virtually every illegal alien in the United States will be exempted from immigration enforcement under the president’s actions.

You can read the full op-ed here.

Speaker Boehner Won’t Commit to Defunding Executive Amnesty — EVER

Boehner options2Despite vowing to fight President Obama’s executive amnesty “tooth and nail,” House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) is now refusing to commit to defunding President Obama’s executive amnesty — now or ever! Boehner made the comments last week during a routine press briefing in the Capitol. When asked repeatedly about how Republicans will actually block the amnesty, the Speaker would say nothing more than he was “not going to get into hypotheticals into what we could or couldn’t do.” (The Weekly Standard, Dec. 4, 2014) He then added, “I do know this: Come January, we’ll have a Republican House and a Republican Senate — and we’ll be in the stronger position to take actions.” (Id.)

Speaker Boehner’s comments came just days after he announced he would not defund the executive amnesty in the appropriations (funding) bill currently being negotiated by Members of Congress. Under the Speaker’s plan, the House will vote on an appropriations bill that funds most of the government through September 2015, but only funds the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) until February or March. (FAIR Legislative Update, Dec. 2, 2014) So, while Congress will be able to once again address the Homeland Security budget in February or March, the bill will not contain a provision that strips funding from the President’s executive amnesty. Thus, under the Speaker’s plan, the government funding will go through, but nothing will be done to stop the President’s executive amnesty.

The Speaker, who many believe supports “comprehensive” immigration reform, is determined to push through his plan this week despite vast opposition from conservative members of his party. Indeed, Boehner is relying on pro-amnesty Democrats to pass the appropriations bill, telling reporters “I expect it will have bipartisan support to pass the omnibus appropriation bill.” (The Hill, Dec. 4, 2014)

Congress is expected to vote on the bill tomorrow. The current government funding bill expires on Thursday, which is also the last scheduled day of the 113th Congress.

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