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The State and Local staff executes the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)’s state and local legislative strategy and develop FAIR’s position on proposed state and local legislation. State and Local staff work closely with the Field Team and other FAIR staff to closely monitor legislative activity around the United States regarding immigration issues.

San Francisco Asks Court to Stop Trump’s Sanctuary Order

San Francisco is asking a Court to halt President Trump’s executive order restricting federal funding from sanctuary cities. The executive order would restrict certain federal funds from jurisdictions with sanctuary policies. Sanctuary policies are intended to impede the enforcement of immigration law by federal immigration officials. These policies, which proponents argue are meant to foster “trust” with law enforcement in immigrant communities, are often designed to protect criminal aliens from detection and removal from the United State by restricting communication with federal officials and compliance with detainer requests, often called ICE holds. At a press conference, San Francisco’s city...

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Missouri Committee Advances E-Verify Bill

The Missouri Special Committee on Employment Security passed House Bill 264 this week to require all employers in Missouri to use E-Verify to verify that new employees are authorized to work in the United States. E-Verify is a free, federally run program, operated online, that allows employers to electronically verify the Social Security numbers of new hires with existing federal government records. First created by Congress in 1996, the optional program has a 99.7 percent accuracy rate, but has been adopted as mandatory by a number of states. Representative Rick Brattin (R) introduced HB 264 late last year to...

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Hearings for Important Immigration Bills Coming Up

New Mexico House Bill 116, a dangerous sanctuary bill, has a hearing scheduled for February 24 in the House Judiciary Committee. Nebraska LB 505, which requires refugee resettlement agencies to timely and adequately report information to the state regarding refugee resettlement program, has a hearing on March 2 in the Judiciary Committee. Maryland House Bill 1362, a dangerous sanctuary bill, has a hearing on February 28 in the House Judiciary Committee. Maryland House Bill 598, which prohibits sanctuary policies and require local governments to fully cooperate with federal immigration officials, has a hearing schedule in the House Judiciary Committee...

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Virginia Committee Kills Illegal Alien Driver’s License Bill

The Virginia Senate Transportation Committee killed a bill last Wednesday that would have allowed illegal aliens living in the state to receive driver’s licenses. Senate Bill 1345 (S.B. 1345), introduced by Senator Scott Surovell (D-36), would have allowed illegal aliens to receive “driver’s privilege cards” so long as the individual filed an individual tax return with the Commonwealth within the preceding year and meets all insurance requirements. Senator Surovell referred to the measure as “licenaias para todos legislation.” Opponents raised concerns that S.B. 1345 would increase security risks, as driving privilege cards may be mistaken as a valid form...

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Legislation to Give States Reins on Refugee Resettlement in 2017

Lawmakers around the country are introducing legislation to give states more control over refugee resettlement in the United States.  Opposition to mass refugee resettlement soared this year following recent terrorist attacks globally by extremists posing as Syrian refugees. The most notable attack occurred in Paris, France, in November 2015, resulting in 130 fatalities.  Such legislation underscores the need for reform on the federal level of its Refugee Resettlement program and need for greater consultation and cooperation with state and local officials in the placement process. Legislators from two states joined in the efforts to facilitate state and local leaders’...

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President Trump Must Keep His Immigration Promises

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