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Author: Matt O'Brien

When Even Churches Refuse to Obey the Law

This week, the Boston Globe published an article titled “Congregations in Mass. Preparing to Shelter Immigrants.” It describes efforts by local churches and synagogues to frustrate Trump administration efforts to enforce immigration law. According to a member of a prominent synagogue quoted in the story: “’We’re going to do what we do in a way that really has a chance of making it a public moral issue that cannot be dismissed…. Religious institutions are in a good position to do that.’” It’s not surprising that houses of worship would wish to provide assistance to the newly arrived. The Judeo-Christian...

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Punishing the Police for Following the Law

According to multiple media outlets, a Washington State Patrol (WSP) Trooper has been placed under administrative review after he called U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to report Armando Chavez Corona, a previously deported felon, he encountered when responding to a traffic accident.  Allegedly the WSP is attempting to determine whether the trooper violated an internal policy barring cooperation with ICE.  In reality, a conscientious police officer is being punished for attempting to enforce the law. Sanctuary zealots, the state of Washington chief among them, maintain that state and local jurisdictions are barred by federal law (see Arizona v. U.S.)...

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The Height of Hypocrisy – Newton, MA Protecting the Illegal Aliens It Hopes Never Move There

The City Council of Newton, Massachusetts is considering a sanctuary city ordinance this month. Newton’s city paper The Heights characterized the move as a protest against the election of President Donald Trump and said, “Through these proclamations, the cities cement their commitment to protecting their undocumented immigrant populations, promising that immigrants in violation of federal immigration laws will not only avoid prosecution in the city, but also have continued access to city amenities regardless of their status.” That may sound very generous, but it’s actually the height of hypocrisy. Newton has virtually no illegal alien population. It is a...

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FAIR Guest Opinion: Ninth Circuit Defies a Century of Legal Precedent in Ruling

Last night, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals decided to continue blocking President Trump’s recent executive orders on immigration. This is a deliberate attempt to shift control over immigration from the political branches to the judicial branch in order to grant foreigners a constitutionally protected “right” to enter the U.S. And the 9th Circuit’s decision is way off base. Here’s why: The Supreme Court has previously held that federal courts are prohibited from hearing cases asking them to declare illegal the exercise of a power that the Constitution assigns exclusively to the other branches of government. This rule is...

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Has the Media Gone Off the Deep End When it Comes to Immigration?

CNN’s Ray Sanchez recently published a piece entitled “Immigration Ban? We Were There Exactly 100 Years Ago Today,” claiming that the Trump administration’s Executive Orders (EO) on immigration are “eerily similar” to the Immigration Act of 1917. It also maintains that they target “some of the same people,” implying that the1917 legislation was simply a jingoistic error. But is he correct? Not really. First, he mischaracterizes the nature of the restrictions in the 1917 act. Those allegedly “targeted” were, among others, prostitutes and their traffickers, those who advocate the overthrow of the U.S. government by force or violence and...

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President Trump Must Keep His Promises On Immigration

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