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Author: Ira Mehlman

The $870 Million Question

In January, President Trump signed an Executive Order blocking sanctuary jurisdictions from receiving certain federal funding. Some 300 jurisdictions across the nation maintain policies that protect illegal aliens and/or impede the ability of the federal government to enforce immigration laws. These policies are expressly prohibited under federal statutes. The Center for American Progress (CAP), which had a revolving door with the Obama administration and was a key player in formulating the former president’s immigration policies, has very helpfully quantified how much sanctuary jurisdictions stand to lose if they persist in these policies. It has also identified which programs and...

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Truly Offensive: Illegal Alien Advocates Sink to New Lows

The illegal alien advocacy network is in a dismal place. After eight years of calling the shots on immigration policy, they are now in the political wilderness. Under the circumstances, a bit of desperation, even a little hyperbole is to be expected. But Reform Immigration for America (RIFA), has, as Michelle Obama might say, opted to go low. In fact, their response to the Trump administration’s enforcement of U.S. immigration laws is downright offensive. Their campaign asking those on their mailing list (Yes, I am on their mailing list) to sign a petition to House Speaker Paul Ryan demanding...

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President Trump Must Keep His Promises On Immigration

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