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Content posted by current and previous members of the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) staff.

Let Local Police Combat Illegal Immigration: Why More States and Municipalities Should Enact 287(g) Programs

The hubris of illegal aliens and their enablers is shocking. A service called PaseLaVoz (spread the word) lets illegal immigrants know about police checkpoints – so they can avoid them. When illegal aliens are afraid of the local police, something is going on. Because many illegals drive without licenses in 38 states, the police can effectively identify them and turn them over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement for deportation. Why do open borders advocates argue against having local and state law enforcement get into the immigration game?  With no insurance, these drivers are a menace that must be stopped...

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The Twisted Logic of Open Borders Zealots

There are two truisms about the immigration debate: First, just because people suffer horrible conditions in their home countries, wherever they may be, does not give them the right to come to the United States. The world cannot empty out whole countries and relocate their populations to the U. S. and Europe. The second truth is that open borders extremists are so blind to the human cost of crimes committed by illegal immigrants that they will manipulate statistics to support their agenda and regard victims with shocking insensitivity. For a party that claims to empathize with “the people,” especially...

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1984, George Orwell’s Dystopian Novel, Rings True

Apologists for illegal immigration are changing the language to create sympathy for lawbreakers and tarnish opponents of open borders. Just as George Orwell noted in his book 1984, whoever controls the words shapes people’s thoughts. In an everyday example of language manipulation, the mainstream media has ditched the accurate, legal phrase “illegal aliens” and replaced it with “undocumented immigrant,” which is becoming part of the general lexicon. Also, the Library of Congress is trying to change the subject headings “aliens” and “illegal aliens,” replacing them with the nebulous and inaccurate terms “noncitizens” and “unauthorized immigration.” Amnesty apologists are now...

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FAIR Statement on the Selection of Gov. Mike Pence as the Republican Vice Presidential Nominee

“The selection of Gov. Mike Pence as the Republican vice presidential nominee offers both some concerns and reasons for optimism to those who seek true reform that recognizes the American people as the primary stakeholder in our nation’s immigration policies. “Throughout his public career, Gov. Pence has had a mixed record on immigration. As a member of the House of Representatives, Pence was very much a part of the Republican establishment that paid lip service to the public’s concerns about immigration enforcement, while promoting the agenda of the Chamber of Commerce. As governor of Indiana, he has had to...

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Migrant Activist in Germany Lies to Police About Identity of Her Rapists to Protect Migrants From ‘Racists’

Selin Goren, a left-wing activist in Germany, really walks the walk. She is so concerned about protecting the country’s new migrants from racism that after three newcomers robbed and sexually assaulted her, she lied to the police, saying her attackers spoke German instead of Farsi or Kurdish. Eventually, a friend persuaded her to tell the truth and according to news outlets, she penned a bizarre apology on Facebook – to her rapists. She has since removed the post, but is quoted as writing: “what I am most sorry about is that the circumstances of the sexist and excessive actions...

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President Trump Must Keep His Immigration Promises

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