Author: Dan Stein

Tancredo – Time to End the Diversity Lottery

Rep. Tom Tancredo has a good op-ed with a reminder of why small provisions of the immigration law with give-aways are sometimes the hardest to eliminate. Recently, the House failed to pass a measure that would have eliminated the diversity lottery in favor of a program for post-graduate foreign students. High Majority of Ohio Voters Say Immigration Issue Important in Election In a voter survey by the Washington Post, 20 percent of voters in Ohio who were surveyed said immigration was extremely important in the election, and another 31 percent said it was very important. Legal Workers Move to Alabama After Law Takes Effect “Esene Manga, an Eritrean refugee living in Atlanta, hadn’t heard of Albertville, Alabama until a recruiter offered him a job there. Now Manga, 22, earns $10.85 an hour cutting chicken breasts on a poultry-plant night shift, an unexpected beneficiary of a year-old law designed to drive out illegal Hispanic immigrants,” BusinessWeek reports. “This isn’t what the law’s backers said would happen. Republican state Senator Scott Beason, a sponsor, said at a news conference last year that the restrictions on undocumented workers would ‘put thousands of native Alabamians back in the work force’ [. . .] Plants sought refugees because too few local residents were interested or qualified, said Frank Singleton, a spokesman for Wayne Farms, based in Oakwood, Georgia.” Democrats’ Pre-Emptive Excuse for Low Hispanic...

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Dan Stein: Time to Tighten Up Enforcement

It’s time to tighten up enforcement – something the Obama administration is doing the exact opposite of. Read more in my Christian Science Monitor op-ed today. Also today, a CNBC writer questions the claims about a farm labor shortage. And did President Obama do well in his Univision interview? One Hispanic writer says no.   Silvio Canto Jr.: Obama Didn’t Fail As Much As Not Try on Immigration “During the Univision interview, President Obama was confronted about his “promise” to pass immigration reform. Unfortunately, he was once again allowed to blame others or to “pander” to Hispanics by pretending that he fought for immigration reform,” says Silvio Canto Jr. “In fact, that’s not what happened. Obama had 60 votes in the Senate and a large majority in the House. He did not need a single GOP vote to pass some type of reform. The truth is that he did not try. He took Hispanics for granted. He showed zero respect for the millions who voted for him in 2008.” Dan Stein: Time to Tighten Up Enforcement “For the third installment in our One Minute Debate series for election 2012, three writers give their brief take on how the United States should combat illegal immigration, including the estimated 11 million people without legal documentation already living in the US. Dan Stein, president of Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), argues...

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Today’s Top Immigration Stories in the News

The changing of the seasons is guaranteed every year to bring a bumper crop of stories about crops rotting in the field. Here’s a thought for the cheap labor lobby…. Since you have excluded Americans from employment for so long, why would you expect them to be sympathetic to your situation, or for that matter, to be familiar enough with farm labor (something American youth did in great numbers until recently) to have any opinion except that you are looking for a handout. Illegal Aliens Show New Militancy in Protests Across U.S. “A growing number of undocumented immigrants in Arizona and other states are taking immigration protests to a new extreme, staging acts of civil disobedience by deliberately getting arrested in order to be turned over to federal immigration officials. Often wearing T-shirts declaring themselves “undocumented and unafraid,” the protesters have sat down in streets and blocked traffic, or occupied buildings in several cities including Phoenix and Tucson,” the Arizona Republic says. “Dozens of protesters have been arrested, but in almost every case, federal immigration officers have declined to deport those in the country illegally. Protesters say they are planning more acts of civil disobedience, including possibly in Phoenix.” Another Harvest Season of Sob Stories from the Cheap Labor Farm Lobby “The Broetjes, and an increasing number of farmers across the country, say that a complex web of local...

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Supreme Court immigration ruling: A win for Arizona, a call to action for Congress

The ruling handed down Monday by the U.S. Supreme Court regarding Arizona’s SB 1070 raises as many questions as it answers. In an op-ed I wrote for the Christian Science Monitor, I offer some ideas about what states and Congress can and need to do to ensure that our immigration laws are enforced in the interests of the American people....

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The President’s Imperial Amnesty Decree

In an op-ed I wrote for the Daily Caller, a leading online opinion site, I note that President Obama’s decision to implement the DREAM Act amnesty without congressional approval exposes “a rare vulnerability in our system that in the hands of an unscrupulous power-seeker creates a real danger to American liberty and self-determination.” Without action by Congress to rein-in a rogue administration, the President could theoretically allow unlimited numbers of unauthorized aliens to enter and remain in this country. You can read the full article at the Daily Caller Website....

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President Trump Must Keep His Promises On Immigration

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