Author: Dan Stein

Obama Neglects Impact of Immigration on Jobs

Yesterday evening, the President appeared before a joint session of Congress – one he requested simply because he wanted to use the House chamber to make a speech – to demand that a bill pass that has yet to be drafted. The proposed bill is supposed to create jobs and get the economy back on track. The word “immigration” never crossed his lips, and at no point did he address the impact that the nation’s mass immigration crisis has on a host of related economic problems. These troubling trends include; the disappearance of the American middle class; massive deficits created, in part, by uncontrolled social spending; a dramatic decline in U.S. competitiveness; and the staggering degree of unfair competition engendered in the nation’s labor force as a result of the presence of so many illegal workers. The President plans to spend billions of dollars in an attempt to generate new jobs at the same time that we continue to allow over one million new immigrant and nonimmigrant workers to enter the U.S. each year in search of work. His plan will allow perhaps hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens to obtain work authorization through administrative amnesty. It will accelerate a trend in allowing nonimmigrant visa holders to remain indefinitely and enter the labor force. It will continue to exacerbate an unskilled, semi-skilled and dated-skilled surplus that will destroy what...

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Schumer Working to Build Left-Wall Street Coalition to Leave Americans out in the Cold

Keep a close eye on Senator Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) and his Judiciary subcommittee next week. He’s leading the charge to reunify a sinister coalition that brings “cheap labor” Wall Street interests in league with radical-left groups opposed to all immigration controls. New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg – a key Schumer ally – is working to build the business wing of a reunited coalition. Next week, the loquacious senator is holding a hearing to try to sell Americans on the idea that we need immigration to create jobs, continuing a trend among America’s elites to virtually write off the future of the U.S. labor force. According to Politico: “Schumer is calling in business leaders to talk about the need for more highly skilled workers and mayors whose local economies have benefited from an influx of lower-skilled immigrants. The witnesses includes NASDAQ chief Robert Greifield, Cornell University President David Skorton, Microsoft General Counsel Brad Smith, and Amgen medical director Puneet Arora, who is testifying in his role as a leader of Immigration Voice, which favors boosting legal immigration of high-skilled workers. The second panel will include testimony from the mayors of Utica, N.Y., Lewiston, Maine, and Uvalda, Ga.” My take on this: The left has never been able to advance a mass immigration bill without support from business groups. Notwithstanding the poor economic and fiscal situation facing the nation, we’re now...

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States’ immigration laws work

In the opinion article that I wrote for USA Today I note that states are in the front line in the nation’s immigration enforcement effort. States must provide essential services for their citizens while coping with withering criminal justice costs. The states’ enforcement efforts should be supported and applauded by Washington, and instead of fighting states that implement local enforcement strategies, the executive branch should be emulating those strategies. Check out my full opinion article here....

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Dan Stein: DREAM Act Is a Losing Proposition

“Having been repeatedly rebuffed by the American people for an all encompassing amnesty, advocates for illegal aliens have turned their focus to the DREAM Act. On the surface, the DREAM Act seems like a more palatable proposal than blanket amnesty. But, upon closer scrutiny, it is an unwarranted and costly idea and would spur even more illegal immigration in the future,” says FAIR President Dan Stein in a new op-ed in The Hill newspaper....

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More Political Laughing Gas from the Center for American “Progress(?)”

Center for American Progress’ Vice President for Communications, Judd Legum, gave us a give laugh today, when he told Politico they have nearly as much credibility as the New York Times: “People don’t care where the facts are coming from any more,” said Judd Legum, CAP’s Vice President for Communications. “If something comes from the New York Times its given a little bit of an edge, but I think that is fading away, and that’s what we’re trying to key off of.” This is the same outfit that tried to blame FAIR for both the left-wing crazy hostage taker outside the Discovery Channel in early 2010 and the allegedly right-wing nutjob shooter of Gabby Giffords later that year. The NYT’s? Really?  The NYT may have a bias, but really?...

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President Trump Must Keep His Promises On Immigration

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