Author: Dan Stein

California Senate Passes Dangerous Sanctuary Bill

Just when you thought California’s policies obstructing immigration enforcement could not get worse, the California Senate passed Senate Bill (SB) 54 to make it virtually impossible for law enforcement to cooperate with federal officials. By passing SB 54, the California Senate dangerously prioritizes the interests of criminal aliens, many of whom are deportable and have no legal right to remain in the country, over public safety of the general public. The Senate approved SB 54 with a 27-12, or party line, vote. As a result of California’s 2013 TRUST Act, current law prohibits state and local law enforcement from...

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North Carolina Committee Passes Anti-Sanctuary Enforcement Bill

The North Carolina House Judiciary Committee voted 6-5 last week to advance House Bill 63 (HB 63), otherwise known as the “Citizens Protection Act of 2017”, to strengthen the state’s existing anti-sanctuary law. Former Governor Pat McCrory (R) signed the anti-sanctuary law in 2015, which took a stand against sanctuary policies that limit or prohibit law enforcement from cooperating with federal immigration authorities and prohibit law enforcement from inquiring into the immigration status of individuals in custody. These policies, which proponents argue are meant to foster “trust” with law enforcement in immigrant communities, are often designed to protect criminal...

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President Trump Must Keep His Promises On Immigration

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