Author: Dan Stein

FAIR Guest Opinion: Immigration Roars in Campaigns, Squeaks in Debates

Immigration has been a central issue of the 2016 presidential campaign. Perhaps no other issue presents as sharp a contrast between the visions of the two leading candidates as immigration. Yet, inexplicably, this driving issue of the 2016 campaign was entirely absent from the first two debates between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. It was not until the third and final debate, just 20 days before the American people head to the polls, that this issue was addressed head-to-head by the candidates. Even more inexplicably, when finally given the opportunity to address the public’s deep-seated concerns about the economic,...

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FAIR Op-ed: Immigration Reform is Not about What to Do for Illegal Aliens

A few weeks ago, Donald Trump became the first major party presidential contender to deliver a detailed address about immigration policy. For many in the media, the speech was lacking because it did not address their biggest question: the matter of what to do about millions of illegal aliens living in the U.S. In an op-ed published in the political journal, The Hill, I suggest that true immigration reform must address the American people’s biggest question: How do make immigration policy serve the national interest? The full op-ed can be read here....

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With Pen and Phone Gone, Nothing Left but Mouth

When the Supreme Court split 4-4 in US v. Texas on June 23, President Obama was dealt a setback. Gone was his claim to expansive – indeed limitless – power to give aliens benefits regardless of the law.  The injunction remains as the trial on the merits will now resume in a district court in Brownsville, Texas, where the Judge Andrew Hanen will continue his battle with refractory and obstructionist attorneys from the Department of Justice. President Obama’s pen and phone were used to create new wholesale classifications of aliens who not only would never fear deportation, but would...

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President Trump Must Keep His Promises On Immigration

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