Author: Dan Stein

We Must Protect Refugees and Protect National Security

The refugee crisis arising from the often savage conflicts raging in the Middle East and North Africa poses one of the great moral dilemmas of our time. On the one hand, we have an affirmative obligation to offer protection to people who are in imminent peril. On the other, we have an affirmative obligation to protect the security of the American people. To be sure, the vast majority of people fleeing Syria and other war-ravaged countries pose no immediate threat to national security (although, as we have seen, some become susceptible to radicalization through Saudi-financed mosques after arriving here)....

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Better barriers are worth the cost: Opposing view

On Wednesday, President Trump ordered completion of border security measures that were promised by Congress in 2006 but never fulfilled. The centerpiece of the president’s order is secure barriers (a wall, perhaps) along the areas of the border required to achieve operational security. It also includes upgrades in electronic monitoring of the border and an additional 5,000 border agents. All of these things are badly needed to gain control of the border, and would help both Mexico and the U.S. eliminate cartel operations. Who will pay is now under debate. Regardless of who pays, it is a great deal...

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Recent Attacks Underscore Need To Rethink Refugee Resettlement

Assimilating immigrants – even those coming from developed nations – is never easy. But there is clear evidence that the process is crumbling under the weight of mass immigration from nations with low levels of education and cultures drastically different from that of the West. Assimilation is further hampered by external interests, such as the Saudis that spend millions of dollars annually to spread a totalitarian form of Islam among disaffected members of the refugee community here in the U.S. The past several years have demonstrated that Western refugee policies, intended to protect the innocent, can also harm citizens...

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FAIR Guest Opinion: Trump Taps Gen. Kelly to Clean Up Obama Mess at DHS

The choice of Retired General John Kelly to run the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is a clear indication that, under the incoming Trump administration, homeland security will actually be the primary focus of the department. Gen. Kelly’s experience as commander of the U.S. Southern Command (SOUTHCOM), as well as his combat role in the Middle East — the cradle of global jihad — provides him with firsthand knowledge of the security threats that the nation faces. For the past eight years, the Obama administration recklessly sacrificed the department’s mission of protecting the security of Americans at home to...

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Clinton Got Her Foot Caught in the Amnesty Trap – Here’s Why

Donald Trump rode to victory because the Democrats left him two huge openings on trade and immigration. Hillary Clinton’s positions on amnesty created vulnerability for her. Pushed to the far left, Clinton took positions that were untenable – rewarding illegal behavior in front of the law abiding while never committing to a credible strategy that would defend America’s borders going forward. Trump took full advantage, driving home the point that the Democratic nominee never pledged to even try to halt future illegal immigration. Indeed she seemed content to encourage it. Charitably, you might claim she was held captive by...

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President Trump Must Keep His Promises On Immigration

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