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Author: Cassie Williams

Arkansas Senator Proposes Immigration Reform That Helps the American People

It’s clear that the American public is fed up with the current immigration system, and there have been a lot of ideas and proposals floated around that attempt to fix the issue. Senator Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) penned an op-ed in the New York Times with a perfect response to all of those who appear content with the current immigration crisis. Cheap immigrant labor pads the pockets of the wealthy while ensuring the American dream is “just out of reach.” Critics say that closing the border and ending cheap foreign labor will “force employers to add benefits and improve workplace conditions to attract workers already here.” And according to Senator Cotton, that is exactly what should happen. He states that higher wages, better benefits, and more security for American workers are the reason immigration reform is so important. Immigration policy should focus “less on the most powerful and more on everyone else.” In his piece, he talks about wages and the law of supply and demand. With such vast numbers of workers, including an estimated 12 million illegal aliens currently residing in the U.S. and the one million legal immigrants the U.S. accepts annually, already low wages are continuing to plummet. Real wages for American citizens with and without high school diplomas have been declining since the 1970s, which Senator Cotton says is exacerbated by mass immigration and a surplus of labor....

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Happy Birthday National Park Service! We’re Worried About You

As we celebrate the 100th birthday of the National Park Service, and applaud it for helping families create memories in beautiful parks all over the United States, it’s hard not to worry and wonder how many birthdays the National Park Service has left. With immigration levels causing the US population to skyrocket, open land and space is becoming sparse. As populations grow, they inevitably expand into surrounding ecosystems and areas. This becomes a problem when the population growth exceeds the resources available. Growing population means higher consumption of everything, including land, water, carbon fuel, and species’ habitats. As the...

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DHS Finally Thinks to Check Twitter

The Department of Homeland Security has proposed adding a line to forms that visitors to the United States fill out requesting them to voluntarily disclose their social media accounts. This is part of the debate over the Visa Waiver Program, which allows citizen of some countries to visit for up to 90 days without having to get a visa. After the string of attacks Americans have seen here at home and overseas, it’s no wonder screening and vetting the people coming to our county is now a top priority. But is this too little too late? Representative Vern Buchanan...

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If the President Wants to Protect Public Safety, He Can Start Enforcing Immigration Laws

During President Obama’s Tuesday speech announcing his new executive order on guns, he teared up talking about those who have lost their lives to gun violence. What the president claims he wants is enforcement of the laws in order to protect the American people. Well President Obama, we couldn’t agree more. Let’s punish those who are breaking the law instead of reward them. If somebody does something illegal (like cross the border), let’s not reward them with free education, healthcare, and jobs. We have laws in this country to protect Americans, and when we ignore those laws, whether they...

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A Refugee Risk Our Country Can’t Afford

With Americans questioning our national security and the risks posed by lax immigration enforcement, the president’s recent decision to admit more refugees is dangerous and tone-deaf. The president is promising to admit an additional 10,000 refugees from Syria into the country, while offering vague assurances that they will be properly screened so they don’t pose a threat to our homeland. This plan concerns many and not just because of last week’s horrific attack on Paris. Several of Obama’s own officials warned about the risks of accepting Syrian refugees, saying the U.S. wouldn’t “know a whole lot” about the individuals crossing our borders. Though our president promises secure screening, the process has already proved itself ineffective. Two Iraqi refugees who settled in Kentucky after being admitted to the country turned out to be al Qaeda-linked terrorists. They were caught attempting to get their hands on weapons. Another refugee in Idaho was charged with supporting a terrorist organization and teaching people how to build bombs. Somali refugees in Minnesota have faced numerous convictions for collaborating with terror groups. A Bosnian refugee in Missouri, who entered the country with his wife and five others relatives, donated supplies and money to terrorist organizations in Syria and Iraq. All of these people made it into our country through the screening President Obama says is secure. The Department of Homeland Security reports that about 174,060,462 people enter the United States from...

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President Trump Must Keep His Promises On Immigration

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