Mitch McConnell’s plate just got a lot emptier. Turns out that Donald Trump isn’t the only one who was surprised to find that coming up with a health care policy that provides the care people need without bankrupting the country is complicated.

So, since the Senate (like just about everyone else who does not live in France) will be working through mid-August this year, the majority leader might want to fill up some of that unexpected down-time by scheduling a floor debate on a bill that’s not all that complicated: The No Sanctuary for Criminal Aliens Act (H.R. 3003).

H.R. 3003 really is not very complicated. The bill clearly defines what is a sanctuary jurisdiction, identifies what federal funds will be forfeited if local governments maintain sanctuary policies, and allows victims of criminal aliens (or their families) who were protected by sanctuary policies to sue those jurisdictions.

Unlike, say dramatic cuts to Medicaid, which would upset a lot of people who depend on the program, outside of a small group professional agitators there is no constituency for protecting criminal aliens. No one in his caucus will be afraid to go home and hold a town hall meeting over this one. If the Democrats want to filibuster, let them try to explain to the American public why we should be protecting criminal aliens.

Better yet, no one on the Senate side will even need to take pen to paper. Not only is the bill already written, it’s already been passed by the House. All that is needed now is for the majority leader to put it on the Senate’s calendar, which is a lot more wide open than it was a few days ago.