It seems like the entire country, including the White House, has been horrified by the alleged gang rape of a 14 year old Rockville, Maryland high school girl. The two suspected perpetrators are illegal aliens and the story is big news. But there are a few who don’t seem to have noticed or just don’t care. Sadly, they’re journalists who should be rooting out the details surrounding this tragedy.  A quick scan of the MSNBC and CNN websites show that neither news outlet has written a single article or given any airtime coverage to such a high profile story. Perhaps it just doesn’t fit into the “poor illegal immigrant” storyline many reporters seem to bend over backwards to find and tell.

Don’t fret though – CNN does cover immigration issues sometimes. On Thursday, CNN posted the article ‘5 must-have apps for undocumented immigrants.’ The article lists five apps and tools that “arm undocumented immigrants with knowledge, safety and moral support without compromising privacy.”

While 17 and 18 year old illegals are being enrolled in the ninth grade and sexually assaulting freshman girls in the bathroom , CNN has its reporters searching the app store for ways to help immigration violators defy federal authorities and find sanctuary cities where they can escape detection.

It’s disappointing – but not really shocking – that a story of this magnitude could be completely ignored by two of the nation’s largest national media sources.  But maybe that’s how they’ve earned their reputations.