What a relief! All the illegal aliens who can afford the $2.9 million median price for a home in Malibu, California, can sleep easy in their idyllic oceanfront community. Malibu is now a sanctuary city, thanks to the bold action of the city council.

Responding to a request from actor and dad-of-the-year Martin Sheen, the city council approved a sanctuary ordinance by a 3-2 vote, thereby risking the $46,000 the city receives in the form of a block grant from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (about one month’s mortgage payment for some of the tonier beachfront digs).

Of course, any illegal alien who cannot come up with the $2.9 million necessary to enjoy Malibu’s enlightened hospitality had better not even think about showing up uninvited to enjoy the community’s famous beach. Although the beaches belong to the public – and the Army Corps of Engineers is occasionally called upon to make sure that some oceanfront properties don’t wind up in the ocean – Malibu celebs prefer to keep the riff-raff (which is anyone who doesn’t live in Malibu) off their beaches.

Even in Malibu they’ve got to draw the line somewhere, which means that illegal aliens who cannot afford to live there will be as unwelcome on the beach as the rest of us.