Washington is filled with pontificating eggheads full of their own egos publishing in journals that nobody reads. The eggheads tend to follow a herd mentality and love to suspend all reason in regular attacks on the Trump Administration.

It’s time to address a shocking reality: There are now people in urban areas that so loathe and despise the nation’s consensus framework that they are prepared to attack any institution or person that represents the national tradition.

Apparently some of them can be found at the Council on Foreign Relations. So we read in a brand new piece from Foreign Policy Max Boot’s claim that the entire Republican Party is a white nationalist party. The piece is cited approvingly by the bigoted Southern Poverty Law Center.

Never mind that Boot never proves his contention that support for enforcing immigration laws and moving to a merit-based immigration process is motivated by white nationalism.

You’ve heard of body shaming? Well, today we have modern day “border shaming.” Those who support strong border controls are subject to constant attack and insult.

CFR should give Boot the Boot. His broadside attacks on those who defend the sovereign right of the nation to control its borders and enforce its immigration laws are beneath the dignity of the Council on Foreign Relations. These “quaint” notions may be passé to the Washington elite, but they are cherished by millions of Americans whose core interests are being undermined.

Boot himself is an émigré from the former Soviet Union who’s busy telling the rest of us that controlling immigration and promoting assimilation into a common culture is un-American.

Now he’s smearing and demeaning an entire political party and most Americans because he won’t agree that immigration needs to be limited and controlled. How can this be acceptable?

How out of touch can you be? Boot claims to be a senior fellow in “National Security Studies” when nothing about his background as an unremarkable journalist suggests any expertise in the subject. So instead he uses his perch to take cheap shots at an entire political party because it contains Americans with the courage to speak out on issues the public wants raised. Tiresome, boring, commonplace and unoriginal – the four great sins of swelled heads here “Inside the Beltway.”