1. New Mexico House Bill 116, a dangerous sanctuary bill, has a hearing scheduled for February 24 in the House Judiciary Committee.
  2. Nebraska LB 505, which requires refugee resettlement agencies to timely and adequately report information to the state regarding refugee resettlement program, has a hearing on March 2 in the Judiciary Committee.
  3. Maryland House Bill 1362, a dangerous sanctuary bill, has a hearing on February 28 in the House Judiciary Committee.
  4. Maryland House Bill 598, which prohibits sanctuary policies and require local governments to fully cooperate with federal immigration officials, has a hearing schedule in the House Judiciary Committee on March 7.
  5. Arkansas Senate Bill 14, which prohibits sanctuary policies that restrict communication or cooperation between local law enforcement with federal officials, has a hearing scheduled February 23 in the Senate City, County, and Local Affairs Committee.
  6. Arkansas House Bill 1042, which prohibits state-funded institutions of higher education from adopting sanctuary policies, has a hearing scheduled in the House Education Committee on February 23.