trumpOne of the greatest changes likely to take place with the incoming Trump administration is that defenders of illegal aliens will no longer have a sympathetic audience among the policymakers. During the Obama administration, pro-amnesty groups not only had one of their own in a key position in the White House – Cecilia Munoz – but also fellow travelers in policymaking positions in the Departments of Homeland Security, State, and Justice.

The influence of the amnesty advocates was magnified by the mainstream media (MSM) and motivated the administration to move into uncharted – and unconstitutional – waters to further their objectives.

Under the Trump administration it may be expected that the advocacy of the pro-amnesty groups will no longer enjoy favored access to the seat of power, and the amplification of their demands by the MSM will not unduly influence the policies of the new administration.

The constant drone of emotional appeals to abandon deportation of illegal aliens, to grant amnesty, and to open our borders wider to immigrants will surely persist, but hope exists that policies that focus on the national interest will prevail.