ArrestIn the summer of 2015, the Obama administration began implementing PEP, the Priority Enforcement Program. Created to replace the well-known Secure Communities program, PEP should actually be called the “Pretend Enforcement Program.” It requires that an alien already have a prior criminal conviction on record before ICE can take any action; consequently, ICE generally ignores illegal aliens regardless of how many times they have been arrested.

This creates a revolving door of criminal aliens being released back onto the streets, burdening state and local law enforcement and threatening public safety.  Thankfully, sheriffs are not taking the administration’s feigned attempt at immigration enforcement lying down.  Read the latest op-ed in the Washington Examiner from executive director of the National Sheriffs’ Association, Jonathan Thompson, and Yuma County Sheriff, Leon Wilmot, to hear their take on the program: The worst of the worst slip through immigration loopholes.