government_check_money_rotator_675x450For years, the cultural, political and economic elite have been telling people in Western democracies that mass immigration is really good for them, but we’re just not smart enough to understand the benefits. Over the past 18 months, voters in Western democracies have it clear what they think of the elite’s patronizing attitude.

So, faced with a growing movement of voters who simply refuse to listen to what their betters are telling them, the elite have produced the ultimate, the definitive, the incontrovertible, study proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are all better off because of mass immigration (even though we’re not smart enough to recognize it). The report, “Spillover Notes: Impact of Immigration on Income Levels in Advanced Economies,” is produced by the epitome of globalist elite institutions, The International Monetary Fund (which, ironically, tends to be dominated by functionaries from countries with failing economies and populations desperate to immigrate to the developed West).

And, spill over it does. It fills up 26 pages with equations, charts and graphs that purport to show beyond a shadow of a doubt that everything you see, think, and experience about mass immigration – legal, illegal, skilled and unskilled – is, in fact, wrong. Even if you had the academic training to make sense of the eye-glazing equations, charts and graphs, you probably don’t have the time.

Thankfully, you don’t need to. Forbes magazine, which describes itself as “The Capitalist Tool” (interpret that however you like), has read it for you and summarized what you need to know. Columnist Tim Worstall summarizes the mind-numbing data and then concludes: “The economics of immigration are quite clear, the more the merrier. Any objections need to be rooted in some other series of arguments.”

Got it? You’re wrong because the geniuses at the IMF have produced a study that says you’re wrong. Case closed. Now shut up.