Wikileaks released new emails last week detailing John Podesta’s ties to the Clinton campaign.

Among the documents leaked is a document organized by topic summarizing Hillary Clinton’s remarks in private speeches. (

Among the remarks were:

“And the only point I would make for the tech community is on the H1B visas, I support them. When I was a Senator from New York I supported them.” [Hillary Clinton Remarks at Nexenta, 8/28/14]

“One, I think it’s essential to keep focused on the visa issue, because that’s a discrete problem that even though I’d like to see it be part of an overall, comprehensive reform, you have to keep pushing to open the aperture, you know, get more and more opportunities.” [Hillary Clinton Remarks at Marketo, 4/8/14]

Now, specifically about H-1B visas, you know, we give so many more student visas than we give H-1B visas. We educate people in our institutions, and then we don’t let them stay in our country and work for you and work on behalf of improving our productivity and dealing with our problems. [Hillary Clinton remarks at SHRRM Chicago, 6/15/13]

Clinton also praised the Gang of Eight bill in 2013 during remarks before the SHRRM (Society of Human Resource Managers).