Remember the surge in illegal immigration from Central America two years ago that the Obama administration was going to discourage by speeded up deportations?  The threat of action seemed to slow the arrival last year, but it has again surged. The obvious reason is because there was negligible follow through on the threat of deportation against the new arrivals. Having learned that the threat was toothless, the flow resumed and has actually increased. As reported by on May 5, “In all, the Southwest Border sectors saw a 78 percent increase in UAC [unaccompanied alien children] apprehensions between FY 2015 and FY 2016.” (

Apologists for the administration try to disguise the responsibility of the administration for this flouting of our borders with statements like the following, “…extortion, violent crime, and corrupt police forces, along with considerable economic inequality, are the primary factors driving migration north.” That appeal to Americans’ compassion appeared in also on May 6.

But, anyone who has been following the issue knows that the conditions in the Central American countries from which these UACs are coming have not experienced new major increases in crime, corruption, etc., and their leaders have claimed positive advances especially in suppressing violence.

The context of the surge in illegal entry from Central America is instructive. It demonstrates that the virtual absence of the threat of deportation coupled with the prospect of getting at least temporary permits to work in our country fuels the attraction of illegal entry. The compound actions of the administration to accommodate illegal immigration and the campaign promises of both Ms. Clinton and Mr. Sanders to push for a new permanent amnesty for the illegal alien population will inevitably be seen abroad as an invitation to still more illegal immigration.