Do you want to subsidize health insurance for illegal aliens with your tax dollars in Illinois?

The Illinois House of Representatives just passed House Bill (HB) 5736, which extends the ALL KIDS health care coverage program to offer comprehensive, taxpayer-subsidized healthcare for illegal aliens under the age of 18. The program has already cost the state over $500 million, and audits conducted by the Illinois Auditor General indicate that nearly 70% of enrollees and 65% of the total cost of the program comes from illegal aliens.

We need your help to stop this bill. Call your state Senator today and urge them to oppose HB 5736! Tell these elected officials that:

  • Subsidizing health coverage for illegal aliens encourages further illegal immigration to the state.
  • Illinois taxpayers already pay over $4.3 billion a year in costs associated with illegal immigration. Because federal law does not allow federal money to be spent on public benefits for illegal aliens, HB 5736 requires Illinois taxpayers to completely front the bill.
  • Illinois lawmakers should prioritize the health and welfare of its citizens and legal residents instead of reward lawbreakers.

Please act now! Call or email your state Senator and urge them to oppose HB 5736! Only with your help can we stop this bill.Click here to find the contact information for your state Senator.