Illegal Immigration is Not a Victimless Crime

“The House Judiciary Committee today released a video on the real costs of the Obama Administration’s lack of immigration enforcement. In the video, Laura Wilkerson, whose son was tortured and murdered by an unlawful immigrant, and Michelle Root, whose daughter was killed by an unlawful immigrant who was driving drunk, discuss their stories and call on the Obama Administration to enforce the United States’ immigration laws,” noted a news release from the committee. Watch the video below.


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From meeting with members of Congress to providing testimonies for hearings and issuing reports, FAIR has worked on national immigration issues since 1979. The Government Relations team reviews legislation and legal opinions and acts as a liaison between FAIR and Congress.


  1. avatar kitty mulholland says:

    Illegal means ILLEGAL…

  2. avatar kitty mulholland says:

    Illegal means ILLEGAL…

  3. avatar Leland says:

    What do Beyonce and immigration “reform” have in common? More than you think. Her new album features the mother of Michael Brown, and of course he’s portrayed as a victim of police violence. Never mind she lives with a convicted drug dealer, or that we all saw a video of Brown robbing and assaulting a clerk half his size, or that the Holder Justice Dept., which would have loved to have nailed the cop, said all the forensic evidence backed the cop’s story.

    The White House sent “representatives” to Brown’s funeral. Too many segments of our society, and candidates, seem to feel the need to glorify and reward criminals. What sane country gives it’s prized citizenship to those who came here without permission and steal other’s identities to work.

  4. The Price We Pay for Globalism

    Its horrifying and $1Trillion in foreign deficits/yr too…

    • avatar Manjit says:

      I have no criminal record what so ever. Paid my taxes since i came to US. I was detain by ICE for one year and six months and deported to my origin country for another eight years. i was reunited with my family after 9 years in 2015
      My younger son was 3 months old when i was arrested by ICE, now he is ten years old. My another two kids grown without me . I never seen childhood for my younger son.I love US but fear the immigration laws.I do not want anybody to go through but me and my family been through.God Bless America

      • avatar William says:

        I’m sorry that you endured this suffering, but your family could have left America and joined you in your homeland until you got your immigration issues straightened out.