The Massachusetts General Court is considering several bills this session that would make the Commonwealth a sanctuary for illegal aliens. These include:

  • H.125: Would prohibit the Commonwealth from denying public benefits, assistance, or services to illegal aliens, as well as restrict the Commonwealth from requesting information regarding immigration status unless otherwise required by law.
  • H.2985: Would prohibit the registrar from keeping driver’s licenses and permits out of the hands of illegal aliens.
  • H.1228/S.1258: Would prohibit law enforcement from detaining an individual based on an immigration detainer or administrative warrant, prohibit ICE critical access to Massachusetts jails, and forbid law enforcement from notifying federal immigration officials that a criminal alien is about to be released.

Contact your state lawmakers today and tell them that you’re tired of them protecting illegal aliens at the expense of Americans. These bills would only increase illegal immigration to Massachusetts and send the message that illegal aliens-even those who go on to commit serious criminal offenses-are welcome in the Commonwealth. Tell your legislators you’ve had enough.

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P.S. Want to know what you can do to fight illegal immigration in Massachusetts? Click here to contact YOUR FAIR Field Representative.