Immigration Headlines – Apr 20, 2016

Supreme Court Arguments Mirror Congress

“Supreme Court arguments are starting to resemble Supreme Court confirmation hearings (which it used to be customary to hold for nominees way back in the days before, well, 2016). During confirmation hearings, members of the Senate Judiciary Committee from both parties take turns asking questions. Senators from the President’s party ask softballs, in a sort of direct examination; senators from the opposition party try to throw the nominee off stride with what seems more like cross-examination. Back and forth go the senators, and the questions, until, most of the time, they vote along party lines anyway,” the New Yorker says.

Amnesty Supporter Says Obama Sabotaged Amnesty

“Oral arguments this week in United States vs. Texas, the lawsuit challenging President Obama’s controversial DAPA (Deferred Action Against Parents of Americans) immigration executive order, made one thing distressingly clear: The eight Supreme Court justices are deeply divided along ideological lines just like the rest of the country. This is bad news for the president because if there is an even split among the justices, the lower court’s injunction against implementing his order will stand,” says Shikha Dalmia.

“But the administration has only itself to blame for this sorry state of affairs — not partisanship on the bench. The truth is, despite strong legal arguments, it has badly mishandled the case from start to finish.”

Testimony Illustrates the Harms of Illegal Immigration

“The mother of a teenage son who was tortured and murdered by an illegal immigrant broke down in tears Tuesday before a House panel, begging for the government to enforce immigration law. Laura Wilkerson, the mother of Josh Wilkerson, described in vivid detail the manner in which Hermilo Vildo Moralez, an illegal immigrant, beat, tortured, and eventually killed her son Josh then went to a movie,” Breitbart News says.

House GOP Grills IRS on Tax Credits for Illegal Aliens

“House Republicans at a hearing Tuesday grilled Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Commissioner John Koskinen about the agency’s handling of illegal immigrants’ tax returns. ‘What I find absolutely outrageous is your suggestion that when it comes to illegal immigrants, the IRS couldn’t really be bothered when it comes to these folks stealing Americans’ Social Security numbers,’ said Rep. Sam Johnson (R-Texas). ‘And I think that’s wrong, and it ought to stop now,’” The Hill reports.

80 Percent of Minors Caught at the Border Were Released to Other Illegal Aliens

“Eighty percent of the unaccompanied alien children (UAC) who came into the U.S. during the height of the border surge in 2014 and 2015 were placed into the custody of illegal aliens already residing here, according to a new report,” the Daily Caller says.

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