Immigration Headlines – Apr 14, 2016

Clinton Promises Special Office for Immigration

“Working to press her case to Latino voters, Democrat Hillary Clinton announced plans to create a national Office of Immigrant Affairs that would coordinate government policy on the issue if she is elected president,” the Wall Street Journal reports.

“The announcement came Wednesday in conjunction with an endorsement for Mrs. Clinton by the New York State Immigrant Action Fund, one of New York’s largest immigrant rights groups, and less than a week before the state’s Democratic primary, where a substantial portion of voters are expected to be Latino.”

Clinton Immigration Office Proposal Faces Swift Criticism

“Hillary Clinton announced Wednesday she intends to create a new “Office of Immigrant Affairs” if elected president – a plan swiftly ripped by critics as a redundant piece of bureaucracy that might be better politics than policy,” Fox News reports.

“Critics immediately questioned the proposal, while accusing Clinton of angling for votes. ‘It illustrates how out of touch Clinton is with what the public wants; secure borders and the laws enforced,’ said Bob Dane, executive director of the Federation for American Immigration Reform, an anti-illegal immigration group.”

Does Japan Have the Right Idea on Immigration, Etc.?

“After Brussels, however, one thing seems clear: Ordinary Westerners will live another decade or longer fearing for their physical safety, waiting for the next attack, swinging between panic and numbness, and expending massive amounts of energy and treasure on war, all while they watch their economies gyrate, further dividing their societies. And the Japanese won’t. The story of whose history was better during these decades is far from written,” says Michael Auslin in Politico magazine.

Liberian War Criminal Arrested in Phil.

“Mohammed Jabbeteh was arrested in East Lansdowne Wednesday morning. He’s been living in the Philadelphia region for close to two decades, but now that residency is in jeopardy for his alleged role in war crimes,” says.

Ariz. Gov. Says Boycott Call a Cry for Attention

“Threats by immigration activists to boycott Arizona over certain legislation are nothing more than cries for attention, Gov. Doug Ducey said Wednesday. ‘There is no need at all for what happened there and this is just activists trying to get attention,’ he said. Ducey said the group behind the boycott threats, Somos America, are using the threats to get the spotlight turned its way,” reports.

Supreme Court Outcome Could Mean More Challenges to Obama Policies

“President Obama’s last-ditch effort to offer more than 4 million undocumented immigrants protection from deportation reaches a short-handed Supreme Court on Monday, but the eight justices may not have the final word. A tie vote would hand a victory to Texas and 25 other states that have successfully blocked the program in lower courts, but it could unleash new challenges. States and cities who favor the program could try to fight the nationwide injunction imposed by a lone judge on the Mexican border and upheld by the nation’s most conservative federal appeals court,” USA Today says.

Amnesty Lobby Groups Endorse Clinton

“Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton picked up a key endorsement from the largest immigrant rights coalition in the country after unveiling a proposal to create a new federal office dedicated solely to immigrant affairs. Clinton accepted the endorsement from the New York State Immigrant Action Fund in Manhattan on Wednesday, where she pledged to create formal channels designed to help immigrants integrate into communities across the United States,” MSNBC reported.


  1. avatar SecBorders says:

    The Japanese are capable of understanding the concept that Muslims can’t carry out a terrorist attack in Japan if they aren’t in Japan in the first place. No 9/11s, Boston Marathon bombings, Paris or Brussels type attacks taking place in Japan.

    Then we borrow over a trillion dollars from Japan to help finance endless wars to prevent terrorist attacks from occurring in our country, only for our government to turn around and bring in refugees that have been infiltrated by terrorists. Yeah, we’re smart.

  2. avatar cirsten weldon says:

    I am a Legal immigrant from Singapore and did not sign up to move to an illegal hellhole…Illegal mean against the Law >why is everyone thinking it means OK and Naturalized does anyone understand straight english anymore? The illegals refuse to assimilate to the US culture they want to speak their only language and 8 or more children for the US to support >free foodstamps>free lodging and to ship their wages all paid in cash $20 an hour back to Mexico ,El Salvador….. they are Parasites and not improving the country but ruining it the USA is already broke from 2nd term Bleed Out foodstamp Pres Obama…

  3. avatar Leland says:

    Exactly right on the Japanese. Yes, they have an “aging population”, but that may be an advantage. Technology is replacing workers all over the world. At least young people there can find a decent paying job. Belgium and other European countries are now reaping the harvest of their smug assumptions that Muslims will integrate peacefully. The majority probably will, but that leaves a substantial minority who want things their way, come hell or high water. The Japanese and other Asian countries have avoided that political correctness.