Immigration Headlines – April 13, 2016

Sessions Plan Would Block Funding Unless Entry-Exit System Established

“Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL)is pushing an amendment to a routine airline-regulation bill that would facilitate a computer network to reveal whether tourists, guest-workers and other legal visitors have properly gone home once their visas expire. Congress has mandated the implementation of fraud-resistant computerized “biometric entry-exit system” for more than a decade, but the exit portion of the system is still not operational at any port of exit,” Breitbart News says.

Lawsuit Appeal Underway in California Tuition Case

“You will recall that we filed a taxpayer lawsuit in August 2014 challenging a decision by the University of California Regents to give up to $27.1 million in non-resident tuition waivers and financial aid to illegal alien students in their schools,” says Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch.

“A lower California state court upheld their action, and we’ve now completed the briefing for the appeal of the lower court ruling with the filing of a reply brief last week. We brought this litigation on behalf of Earl De Vries, a legal resident and taxpayer of California (Earl De Vries v Regents of the University of California (BC555614)). Under California law, taxpayers have the right to sue government officials to prevent unlawful expenditures of taxpayer funds and taxpayer-financed resources.”

Trump Advisor on Border Strategy

“Former senior aide to Sen. Jeff Sessions, Stephen Miller joins Chris Stirewalt to talk about the GOP frontrunner’s broad policy proposals, like a building a wall on the border with Mexico, and how they would be implemented,” says RealClearPolitics about an interview with Miller.

2nd Illegal Alien Brother Convicted of Meth Smuggling

“An illegal migrant was sentenced to 11 years in prison this week for possessing more than eight pounds of methamphetamine, where he will join his brother, a fellow illegal-immigrant who is also serving an 11-year sentence. In October of 2014, 37-year-old Mexican national Eleazar Flores-Lopez was pulled over on Interstate 75 in Dayton and was found with the large amount of meth by a K-9 unit. Authorities surmised that Flores-Lopez was smuggling the drugs into Ohio from Mexico,” Breitbart News says.

The IRS Has an Illegal Immigration Problem

“Internal Revenue Service Commissioner John Koskinen said the agency is trying to figure out how to address the issue of illegal immigrants using others’ Social Security numbers — without discouraging them from filing their taxes. When undocumented workers use other people’s SSNs to get jobs and then file their taxes using their IRS-issued individual tax identification numbers, ‘it’s in everybody’s interest to have them pay the taxes they owe,’ Koskinen said Tuesday at a Senate Finance Committee hearing,” The Hill reports.

“The question is whether the Social Security numbers have been stolen. In many cases, they have been borrowed from friends or acquaintances with permission, Koskinen said.”

Sentencing Reform Bill has Bad Immigration Implications

“An MS-13 member who was convicted of murder when he was 17 years old and has served 19 years in federal prison could be let out on the streets with the flick of the wrist from a liberal judge. There is no provision in this bill to mandate the deportation of these individuals, which means many of them will be released into our communities,” says David Horrowitz.

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  1. avatar optional opinion says:

    You come across MY border legally, learn the language I should not have to learn YOUR language It is not my responseablity to. Apply and do what you need to do to become a US citizen I WILL BE THE FIRST TO SHAKE YOUR HAND AND Say WELCOME.
    You sneak your *** across MY border ILLEGALLY your punk illegal *** needs to be shipped back DONE DEAL

  2. avatar SecBorders says:

    Japan has already implemented a biometric entry-exit system so there is no reason the US can’t do the same. And it doesn’t matter that the US is a larger, more populated country. American companies are perfectly capable of building the larger and more numerous data centers needed to store and analyze the additional information that would be generated in the US.

  3. avatar Leland says:

    So according to the IRS commissioner, “The question is whether the Social Security numbers have been stolen. In many cases they have been borrowed from friends or acquaintances with permission..”

    Uh, whose “permission”? Certainly not that of the government, because it’s against the law to do that. So we have two people committing a crime, the person using it illegally and those who let them use it. But hey, we know all these people are just the cream of the crop, right? Exactly who we want to make citizens, people who feel the laws don’t apply to them.