gavelNo surprise here….The Obama Administration will do whatever is necessary to further its executive amnesty policies including contradicting itself.  In a Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals case, the Obama Administration filed an amicus brief arguing that Arizona is obligated to provide Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) recipients with driving privileges, even though the entire issue is within the purview of the “core police powers” of the state.  Ironically, this is the exact opposite position that the Obama Administration will take on April 18 in the United States v. Texas case.  The Administration will argue before the Supreme Court that Texas has no standing to challenge the DACA amnesty.  They rely on the argument that the state does not have a legitimate grievance or interest because it doesn’t have to issue driver’s licenses to DACA recipients.

While the arguments presented in the Arizona and Texas cases are contradictory to each other, these cases do have something in common.  The attorney listed on the Arizona case is the same one listed on the Texas one – Joyce Branda, Acting Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Division.  It is clear that the Obama Administration is willing to be irrational if the end result advances its immigration priorities.