Immigration Headlines – Apr 12, 2016

Costa Rica Says No Mas To Cuban Migrants

“Costa Rica has issued a warning to the new wave of undocumented Cuban migrants hoping to travel by land from Ecuador to Central America and eventually the United States: they will not pass,” the Miami Herald says.

“Foreign Minister Manuel González Sanz told el Nuevo Herald that Costa Rica was already worn down by its handling of the previous wave of 7,800 Cubans who were detained or stranded here from November of 2015 until March.”

Preview of Arguments in Monday’s Supreme Court Hearing

“When the Supreme Court in mid-January agreed to review the legality of President Barack Obama’s ambitious new policy for delaying the deportation of nearly five million undocumented immigrants, the Justices enlarged the case into a major constitutional test. But, with eight Justices now on the bench, the Court could find itself having to decide it on a narrower, yet still historically important, constitutional basis,” says Lyle Denniston at Scotusblog.

Illegal Aliens Plan Rally Outside Supreme Court

“On April 18, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear arguments on President Obama’s deferred-action program for undocumented immigrants. That day, thousands of immigrants and their supporters will demonstrate in Washington, demanding that the court uphold the President’s executive action. You can sign up for a bus seat to travel to Washington at the New York Immigration Coalition’s Stand Up for Relief website,” says the New York Daily News.

H-1B Visa Holders Discover the Program Is About Cheap Labor, Not Their Benefit

“Now a consultant for Deloitte, Vemuri, 31, applied for a green card in 2012 and says he’s looking at 2019 as a realistic time to be granted permanent residence. In the meantime, he’s moonlighting as an entrepreneur, though he won’t be able to run the company that he’s building. He describes his startup, an app called Clot, a way for people to meet others to go to events together, as part Meetup and part EventBrite. But because there’s no legal way to run his company – you must be a citizen to own a business in the U.S. – he started it in someone else’s name (who is a U.S. citizen),” Yahoo Finance says.


  1. avatar Leland says:

    Latest media spin is that Trump’s kids did not even bother to register to vote for him. The truth is that they are registered to vote, as independents, but did not realize that New York has a closed primary where only those who state a party on their voting card can participate in that party’s primary. They would have had to have changed their preference by last October. But the media can tell the whole story or they can sensationalize. We know which wins.

    • avatar No Change says:

      Well Leland it appears your reasoning is of an ant…..if they were smarter..they would be register to vote for his father……you are so hollow