Obama’s Open Door for Illegal Alien “Family Reunification”

Obama_Chesh_2The Obama response to the surge in the past few years of illegal migrants from Central America included an unprecedented program that offers legal entry to youths from that area who have a parent residing in the United States. A news source in Durham, North Carolina reported on April 7 on the arrival of one of the first beneficiaries of this program.

According to the article, “To qualify, children must be from one of those three countries [El Salvador, Honduras, or Guatemala], be under 21 and unmarried, and their parents must be in the U.S. legally.” That statement begs the question of why the youth’s mother, if she is legally residing in the United States was not able to bring her son into the country legally using the immigration preference system for family members.

The logical answer is that the mother entered the United States illegally and is neither a U.S. citizen nor a legal permanent resident. How then could she meet the qualification of being in the country legally? The logical answer to that question is that she managed to qualify for Temporary Protected Status (TPS) which was established for Salvadorans in 2001 following a major hurricane hit Central America, and has been periodically renewed ever since. TPS provides temporary protection against deportation and a work permit.

The new Obama program is therefore accommodating the entry of persons who do not qualify for any category of legal entry into the country. 

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Jack, who joined FAIR in 1995, is a retired U.S. diplomat with consular experience. He has testified before the U.S. Congress, U.S. Civil Rights Commission, and U.S. Commission on Immigration Reform and has authored studies of immigration issues. His national and international print, TV, and talk radio experience is extensive (including in Spanish).


  1. avatar No Change says:

    I will state a FACT:

    The People elect members of Congress and the President. Congress enacts laws and work together with the president. Ultimately The People must follow and work together with Congress to make sure all laws are enforced. Last, Congress is supposed to work with the president for the well-being of The People; therefore, all congress and President are serve The People.

    Well, Why are we in such a bad situation? SIMPLY BECAUSE THE ABOVE paragraph is no longer or has not been true for quite sometime already.

    • avatar No Change says:

      The reason I call myself No Change.

      • avatar No Change says:

        So the entitlement starts with the people that are supposed to serve, and The People are no longer savvy nor knowledgeable on their duties to the land or more specifically to their descendants nor themselves. We need true leadership that leads and serves by example so others follow but not because they are followers but because once we are all united, then we can all lead.

        Simply put in essence…….

        • avatar No Change says:

          Once we achieve the above even opposite mentalities will join towards progress

          • avatar No Change says:

            No room for philosophy, we are beyond that to the point if the above does to happen…..we are no longer what once started 300+ years ago……a way of life will go back to its beginnings: only for the few……

  2. avatar DO Supply says:

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  3. avatar Kyle says:

    Lets call a spade a spade, and this brown nosing degenerate (Barack) is destroying the U.S. as we know it. He’s an utter disgrace to the office he holds, and should be held accountable for his blatant failure to enforce existing immigration laws and his oath of office.

  4. avatar No Change says:

    “To qualify, children must be from one of those three countries [El Salvador, Honduras, or Guatemala], be under 21 and unmarried, and their parents must be in the U.S. legally.”

    “The new Obama program is therefore accommodating the entry of persons who do not qualify for any category of legal entry into the country.”

    That is why they call it family reunification based on humanitarian purposes and triggered in some case by a TPS……just making conclusions based on fact…not agreeing nor disagreeing……or parents that became eventually legal…OR somebody feel in love with those guys and left children behind….etc……


    • Yes No Change

      Open border pundits don’t have rules or make them up as they go along….

      • avatar No Change says:

        Well SWE you would think as part of their careers in Congress, they should be able to envision the future to account for the accuracy and precision of the results oft these laws……but then again that is impossible ….just look at the last 10 Congress sessions +……nothing….and only not even patching things…….so if they have no way to think retroactively…..asking for vision is basically science fiction…..

  5. avatar Leland says:

    You really have to shake your head at some of this stuff. In an article on cbsnews.com, headlined “What role does Islamaphobia play in terrorist attacks?”, Christina Capatides writes the following:

    “Experts tell CBSN that many of Belgium’s disenfranchised Muslims feel more loyalty to their nuclear community than their country. So, even if they don’t necessarily agree with how certain members of their neighborhood or mosque choose to lash out, they might not be inclined to report these people to the authorities either.”

    First of all, these people do not WANT to integrate to their host countries. They expect the host country to change for them.

    Second, and more important, if “they might not be inclined” to report “certain members..who choose to lash out”, then they DO “agree” with their actions. It’s more important not to inform than the fact that fellow countrymen will die.

    Say what you want about Trump, we do NOT need these attitudes here. The Belgians are now admitting that these terrorists had much more support than was expected. We don’t need more terrorism because people in this country, like Hillary, are afraid to speak the truth about Islam.

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