Immigration Headlines – April 6, 2016

First Syrian Refugees Coming to U.S.

“The first Syrian family to be resettled to the U.S. under its speeded-up “surge operation” departed to the United States Wednesday from the Jordanian capital, Amman. Ahmad al-Abboud, who is being resettled with his wife and five children, said that although he is thankful to Jordan — where he has lived for three years after fleeing Syria’s civil war — he is hopeful of finding a better life in the U.S.,” says.

Man Who Killed Firefighter and Child Was Deported Before

“An illegal alien who hit a Texas firefighter head-on and killed him and his four-year-old stepdaughter and 22-month-old son will be charged with criminally negligent homicide if he recovers from his critical injuries. The man did not have a drivers license and was in the country illegally, according to the CBS affiliate for Dallas/Fort Worth. He first came to the U.S. in 2006 but was deported in 2008,” Breitbart News says.

Lawsuit Seeks Arizona Lawmaker’s Emails

“Attorneys challenging Arizona identity theft laws that were used to charge hundreds of immigrants are asking a judge to order the release of emails between the lawmaker who was the chief sponsor of the statutes and advocates for tougher immigration enforcement,” the Washington Times says.

“The lawyers filed papers Monday saying the state and former state Sen. Russell Pearce are citing legislative privilege and First Amendment protections in withholding about 20 emails between Pearce and consultants, lobbyists and voters.”

Immigration Issue Heats Up Nevada Race

“The federal immigration debate is turning into a down-ballot issue in Nevada. Assembly freshmen Erv Nelson and Victoria Seaman are entwined in an ugly Republican primary battle for a critical state Senate seat that holds the potential to tip the balance in the 11-10 Republican-controlled state Senate. Seaman has relentlessly attacked Nelson, and one of her campaign flyers accuses him of supporting a “pro-amnesty” immigration bill,” says.

Cato Institute Files Brief Supporting Challenge to Obama Amnesty

“President Obama’s executive actions on immigration are now before the Supreme Court, with a hearing in United States v. Texas scheduled for April 18. As we have at the district court and appellate level, Cato has filed a brief supporting the Texas and the other plaintiff states. Although our immigration system is broken, Congress’s failure to fix it doesn’t give the president the power to institute reforms himself,” says Ilya Shapiro at the Cato Institute blog.

Trump Plan Would Target Remittances

“Donald Trump would force Mexico to pay for a wall along its border with the U.S. by threatening to block money transfers from immigrants in the U.S., The Washington Post reports. The Post on Tuesday reported that Trump plans to change a rule under the USA Patriot Act anti-terrorism law, shrinking the number of money transfers — known as remittances — into Mexico,” The Hill wrote.


  1. avatar Leland says:

    Dana Milbank in the Washington Post: “On Tuesday, [last week] a 15 year old girl protesting Trump in Wisconsin was hit in the face with pepper spray by a Trump supporter.” Yeah, but Milbank doesn’t tell the whole story. She punched a man in the face, claiming she was fondled, but no film showed that.

    Milbank also quoted Cruz mocking Trump for his remarks about nuclear weapons. But where are the direct questions to other candidates about whether they can unilaterally declare they would not use nuclear weapons. No president has ever made that pledge.

    Only Trump and Sanders attacked Ford for their announcement of a new plant in Mexico. Silence from Hillary and Cruz. Where is the press on asking them what they think. Trump has long said he will renegotiate NAFTA. Not so Hillary.

    • Wisconsin Was Very Disappointing for Trump

      The Establishment went at him with a big barrage bankroll for the Cruz puppet’s anti-Trump advertisements.

      Now….what does Cruz owe his lobbyists in return?