Debt and Taxes: How Immigration Is Changing Our Schools (Even If No One Is Allowed to Talk About It)

Desk and chairs in classroomThe United States stands on the cusp of profound changes in its schools. Parents and taxpayers, get used to the new reality: increased tax burdens to pay for services and schools to accommodate new immigrants – including those here illegally and the children of those who came here illegally. But the subject is taboo because political correctness has stymied opposition to unfettered immigration, legal or otherwise.

            There are many indicators that our schools are under strain from the recent wave of immigration, including tens of thousands of unaccompanied alien minors who crossed the border from Central America. Schools are required to provide services to anyone who shows up due to the Supreme Court’s 1982 Plyler v. Doe decision.

            The federal government has sent 507 unaccompanied alien minors (UAM) who came across the border in the last three years to Nashville.

            In a probing article, Nashville English teacher Wendy Wilson asks the prescient question “how much immigration diversity is too much?” and bemoans the politically correct culture that stifles any discussion of the issue.

            The numbers in Nashville are staggering: almost one third of students in the public schools speak a primary language other than English. In 2008, 8,751 students required English language services, a number that has ballooned to 12,329 today. The district plans to hire 18 new teaching, supervisory and outreach positions to serve this population and two new schools with 855 total students opened in 2015. ELL costs rose 22 percent in 2015-2016 to around $16 million.

            Now come allegations of lowered standards in Nashville, where district administrators are accused of gaming test scores to keep ELL students from dragging down overall school results. The same thing happened in El Paso: school officials manipulated computer records to allow low-performing students to skip out of statewide assessments given to 10th grade students, which are used to evaluate school performance. Other students simply disappeared from the school rolls. The school superintendent served a three-year prison term for his part in the cover up.

            Government officials and their education lackeys, writes Wilson, want it all: “a welcome mat rolled out for immigrants who require numerous supports, and high graduation rates and test scores.” Don’t forget balanced budgets.

            But dialogue on the impact of unfettered immigration on education – in Nashville or anywhere else – is nonexistent because the current political climate will not tolerate an evenhanded discussion on the issue. “One shouldn’t have to fear being tarnished as anti-immigrant for concerns about the strain on public schools,” writes Wilson.

            “American families shouldn’t be made to feel like they’re ignorant if they wonder about the quality of a neighborhood school that has gone global, serving numerous students with language barriers and low skills,” she writes. “And educators, social workers, and others shouldn’t have to fear being presumed heartless for thinking, like me, that our immigration system has spiraled out of control.”

            As Wilson indicates, those who question our chaotic immigration system and its effects are being shouted down and American schoolchildren and taxpayers must pick up the tab.            

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  1. avatar Peter says:

    I do not see opponents here. I see difference in opinions and realities and a whole bunch against one person that was called names, & insulted first that agrees with you….

  2. avatar SecBorders says:

    I did not say it was Legal Immigrant, because it says right there who it is. I didn’t think it needed to be said, so I am saying it right now.

  3. avatar SecBorders says:

    As part of its activities, the daily stormer website organizes a Troll Army which, as one example of its activities, harassed a British Labour Party MP who is Jewish with abusive and antisemitic internet messages. The link should be deleted along with all other posts by anyone who posts this kind of link on FAIR’s website. How exactly does FAIR expect to succeed in its goals if it allows this kind of garbage on its website?

  4. avatar Cici says:

    Barbara Ortega, I know exactly what you mean. When I lived in an area of mostly third-world immigrants and their children, twice I politely asked the people downstairs to turn down the extremely loud music. Both times, a woman SLAMMED the door in my face! They were supposedly poor, yet the parking spaces were all full, mostly with late-model cars. In a consumer electronics store, they were buying big-ticket items. No wonder, they can do so by saving on rent by jamming 4 – 7 people into a one-bedroom apt. and getting free or nearly-free health care, housing, education, paid for by U.S. citizens. The stairwell with the mailboxes was always soaked with urine.

  5. avatar Liz says:

    Legal, No change never makes any sense and his English is horrible!

  6. avatar American Taxpayer says:

    Once again, the comment section is overfilled with messages about how “illegal immigration” is destroying America. Once again, it’s all about the problems with ILLEGAL immigration.

    Really? What about massive LEGAL immigration? How much of that is enough? How much more? Was Ted Kennedy’s 1965 INA good for America?

    And please stop with the, “If we just enforce the laws on the books!” nonsense. This country’s immigration LAWS are a joke. Free legal aid for illegals, birthright citizenship, never-ending massive chain migration.

    People need to educate themselves about LEGAL immigration before spouting off in the comment section.

    • avatar SecBorders says:

      The demographic transformation that is occurring in this country from mass legal immigration, most of which is from outside of Europe makes it harder to stop illegal immigration politically because a higher percentage of every US citizen minority group supports illegal immigration than Caucasians. Take a look at the breakdown of who voted for California’s Prop 182 by ethnicity. It had by far the highest support from Caucasians.

      • avatar Leland says:

        The problem is also that too many whites buy into the “white guilt” industry. For example how many times have you heard “Japan was ready to surrender” and we didn’t need to drop the bomb. Except all the historical papers show the opposite. They wanted an in place ceasefire and no foreign troops in Japan, which we were not going to accept. The emperor specifically mentioned the bomb in his surrender speech as a reason for giving up.

        I was watching CNN this morning and some “expert” was saying that Muslims in Belgium feel “not accepted” and they turn to radical groups to “get in touch with Islam”. Horse ####. They get massive amounts of government money and are totally catered to. They just want us to change for them.

        If anyone wonders why Al Sharpton is a regular White House visitor, it’s because the Obamas are as big of racial hucksters as he is. Michelle went on Letterman before the 2012 election and was delighted to recount her story of her “incognito” trip to Target and how a white lady who didn’t recognize her asked her to get detergent off a high shelf.

        But then in December 2014, in an interview with People magazine, the story took a far more sinister turn after the M. Brown shooting. In this version, the lady knew her, because she was “not heavily disguised”, and didn’t care if she was the First Lady, she instructed her to get that detergent. If Hillary told that skewed of a story the press would have been on her for weeks. But it’s always silence from the media for certain people.

  7. avatar Liz says:

    Congratulations to you who can understand ‘No Change’. His English construction, punctuation, spelling and general use of the English language is sooo horrible – it is difficult to understand even 1/4 of what he writes.
    So congrats to all of you who were able to make some sense out of his elementary education.
    As for his obsession with Facebook shows his level of maturity!

    • avatar SecBorders says:

      No Change has been haunting FAIR’s website for a long time now. The one annoying part of visiting FAIR’s website on a regular basis is having to sift through all the posts by No Change.

  8. avatar TOD says:


    • avatar chiefcemetery says:

      Enough is enough. Get rid of the political correctness since the ’70s.
      Get the democrats out and REPUBLICANS IN. TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT. No more Obamas’ and lackeys.
      Someone has to leak those college papers that Obama and his woman wrote. A lot is goingto come out after he is gone.
      Enough of supporting immigrants on our tax dollars. Kick out illegals.

      • avatar Barbara Ortega says:

        agree chiefcemetery, I’m fed up with supporting these leeches… they have NO right to be here and we should NOT be supporting them in any way… the citizens are getting screwed…

      • avatar No Change says:

        chiefcemetery……..HAHAHA!!!!///where do you lve…not in the US……why do you think nothing was done int he last 8 years = REPUBLICANS!!!

    • avatar Barbara Ortega says:

      agree… it is disgusting that we must pay for illegals ..period!!! send them back where they came from…

    • avatar Al Neuman says:

      Political correctness and the distorted goals of the Obama administration are going to wreck this country, both financially and socially!

  9. avatar Chad Davis says:

    Here in Bowling Green Kentucky, the county school system has over 1500 esl students, schools are crowded, new schools being built often but not fast enough.
    BG is a refugee target city, with around 8,000 Bosnians and more refugees arriving often.
    The Bosnian boys in my nephew’s high school brag about the free money they get from uncle sam, and drive $40,000 trucks.
    In the back of a Bosnian restaurant i drive by often, there is always a Mercedes, a hummer, and a Lexus parked there and usually other high dollar cars coming /going.
    There are over 25 languages spoke in the schools, each requiring an interpreter.
    No one will admit its the immigrants /refugees causing the overcrowding of the schools or mention the millions they cost.
    School taxes went up last year, i see another increase coming.
    Im sick of the refugees /immigrants taking over, taking our jobs, (i see many, many of them at the local truck frame factory).
    We need drastic cuts to the immigration /refugee programs and the Catholic Churches and other churches need to get out of the refugee business.

    • avatar VIRGINIA GOMEZ says:

      May I suggest that you join—-NO MONEY is required….ALIPAC (AMERICANS FOR LEGAL IMMIGRATION PAC) OR NUMBERS USA–I was once a free volunteer for this organization and I put in my time and effort to write letters/send faxs- in response to my “opposition to illegal immigration..their Faxes are Free once you join-again NO Membership fee’s or ) . If you wish to do your on research on these 2 organizations, please do so.
      I encourage anyone here who wishes to Fight against the onslaught of illegal immigrants who are coming here and are leaching off of our social services, criminal illegal aliens who are raping/murdering our citizens, taking jobs from unemployed U S citizens, lowering the wages of American workers due to the fact that illegal will work for slave wages, shutting down our hospitals with their unpaid hospital bills, bringing in their entire family members, free education, free school lunches, having illegal aliens passing themselves off as young unescorted children when in fact they are ‘gang members’ pretending to be young juveniles, etc.
      THIS IS YOUR COUNTRY AND YOU HAVE TO MAKE AN EFFORT TO STEP UP TO THE PLATE AND DO YOUR PART…..if you want to retain your heritage; otherwise this country will surely belong to the illegal aliens and so called ‘refugees’ —-like in Europe!!

    • avatar Justice Gustin says:

      Yeah, good point on the overcrowding. I always mention this whenever I hear liberal folks ***** about schools being “overcrowded” and “underfunded”. They fail to make the connection to the illegal immigration they love so much.

    • avatar Stinky Cheese Man says:

      It’s time to organize “Refuse to Tax” groups. I won’t vote to raise school taxes in such situations.

  10. avatar Sapient Hetero says:

    There’s no stigma in being “anti-immigrant” because of the negative impact immigration is having on our nation. Those who think otherwise are anti-American… I’d rather be anti-immigrant any time.

    • avatar Barbara Ortega says:

      @sapient, I agree… I’m totally Anit-ILLEGAL immigration…
      I don’t have a problem with people coming LEGALLY, but this garbage of allowing illegal aliens to run rampant in our country and rewarding them for it is APPALLING!!!

      OUR government is literally turning our country over to the illegal aliens…giving them more and more of our rights and benefits….
      and now Hillary wants to put all illegals here on a path to citizenship if elected… I just read also… that Mexico now is pushing to get Mexico’s citizens made into Citizens here so they can vote to keep Trump from being elected…

  11. avatar bagster53 says:

    who cares , the kids coming out of college with a first grade education, because government has ruined the education system just like it is ruining every thing else, i’m starting to think just like the muslim trash a good muslim is a dead muslim , a good politician is a dead politician

  12. avatar Rossbach says:

    In “multicultural” enclaves, the public schools have become little more than hyper-expensive holding cages for illiterate young savages. This, and the steady dumbing-down of school curricula are essential to “fundamentally changing” the US into a Third-world plague pit.

    • avatar harley says:

      you must not own any real estate!!! by god i do ,and my taxes going up for these ********’s is bull sh-t!!!

      • avatar Barbara Ortega says:

        Agree Harley… same with the taxes for county hospitals who must treat these illegals free of charge..
        these illegal aliens are sucking out our tax dollars in this country … BILLIONS of dollars EVERY month to support them.. It NEEDS to stop!!! I for one, am fed up with supporting them… ALL illegal aliens need to be deported!!! and it would be a fairly simple task … STOP ALL free handouts to ALL illegals, NO MORE supporting them.. E-Verify 100%, fine employers who hire them and many will self-deport. NO free handouts = NO reason to stay and no reason to come…
        Secure the borders

        • avatar Liz says:

          Barbara, the enormous, 1.3 billion dollar gorgeous, charity, community hospital, Parkland, here in Dallas, which is supported by the taxpayers and was completed last year with tax increases and wealthy donors ——–
          Run ads constantly, on cable stations, advertising their maternity ward in Spanish only.
          Spending taxpayers money to run ads at the new community hospital to advertise only in Spanish is, not only discrimination, it is immoral, unfair and totally ignorant.
          Any of you guys want to complain, write to the CEO, Mr. Fredrick Cerise, c/o Parkland Hospital, 5200 Harry Hines Blvd., Dallas, Texas 75235. Address it to him personally.

          • avatar fed up says:

            It won’t do any good to complain. It is all about money
            Once an illegal alien goes into labor, they automatically qualify for emergency Medicaid for up to a month after the birth. The child is then covered under another free health plan provided by the state. These are paid with your taxes.

          • avatar fed up says:

            It won’t do any good to complain. It is all about money
            Once an illegal alien goes into labor, they automatically qualify for emergency Medicaid for up to a month after the birth. The child is then covered under another free health plan provided by the state. These are paid with your taxes. Have you noticed how all the hospitals are building at a fast rate. My old boss used to tell me that if they sent back all the illegals, 80 percent of our hospital would empty and we would be out of a job. I would rather find work in another field than have the illegals. Big businesses own and run this nation.

        • avatar Liz says:

          The enormous, 1.3 billion dollar gorgeous, charity, community hospital, Parkland, here in Dallas, which is supported by the taxpayers and was completed last year with tax increases and wealthy donors ——–
          Run ads constantly, on cable stations, advertising their maternity ward in Spanish only.
          Spending taxpayers money to run ads at the new community hospital to advertise only in Spanish is, not only discrimination, it is immoral, unfair and totally ignorant.
          Any of you guys want to complain, write to the CEO, Mr. Fredrick Cerise, c/o Parkland Hospital, 5200 Harry Hines Blvd., Dallas, Texas 75235. Address it to him personally.

    • avatar Sapient Hetero says:

      What have YOU done for this country, other than try to destroy it with empty far-left radical slogans? I doubt you pay taxes of any kind; you’re just another young moron who is too ignorant and foolish to imagine that there might just be some reason that things were the way you found them when you were born (apparently yesterday).

    • avatar 2brknot2bfree says:

      Clock-mad, is that you?

    • avatar VIRGINIA GOMEZ says:

      No Change-”unless you are outdated and old…in which case you lived your life and who cares what you say”
      Wow, if this is YOUR attitude, then you should keep in mind that ‘you’ will soon be outdated and “old” in due time. And as for “who cares what you think”, well apparently ‘YOU’ must care what Rossbach says,otherwise why would you bother to even post an opposing opinion, stupid!
      And lastly as for your other asinine comment: “.what have you done for our country?…….I will answer it for you …nothing…….so please let the future take its place”… Look around dummy, America is going down the toilet fast, we have the Muslim Brotherhood in the white house under that delusional imbecile ,obuma, (yeah I know his name -but I have NO respect for that lowlife tyrant), we have CAIR who is using our own laws to demand that our “free speech” be denied, San Bernardino just got a taste of terrorism, we have actually “terrorist training camps”in this country (and yes the FBI are keeping an eye on them -even though according to that despot – he and his mentally unstable administration says that Patriots and Conservatives are the real enemies -even though we have NOT bombed or launched any terrorists attacks). I could go on and on, but I won’t waste any more of my time debating this issue with YOU; you are not worth it!

    • avatar Liz says:

      No change. You call older people, outdated and have no right to speak! You certainly have no regards for this country’s values.
      You also insult most of the people who support this and other blogs of this type. How dare you talk the way you do to Ms., Gomez and/or any of the decent people on this blog!
      Crawl back under the rock you crawled out of. You do not belong here!

  13. avatar Mandy says:

    I think we need to face the fact that with the open border policy that is now occurring, there is no more United States of America. If we no longer require anyone crossing our southern border a paper to receive a NTA (Notice To Appear) before a court (doesn’t matter if there is a 6 year backlog, it is or was the law) and unless you have a serious criminal offense (which must be murder etc, I assume these days) then border security must let them in and then illegals are free to roam anywhere they want to in the US. Cuba is flying their folks to Mexico and then over the southern border and our President is in Cuba yucking it up with the Castro brothers, like Cuba isn’t emptying their prisoners AGAIN into the US.

    This is the beginning of the New World Order or Countries Without Borders or whatever one wants to call it. But with the GOP and the DNC, one and the same anymore, there can be no other reason for this except the elites of the world have a plan and it isn’t what we have had in the past. UN will probably be the ruling organization. If there is another reason as to why we won’t seal our borders, please let me know.

    • avatar Reg says:

      The UN will be the enforcers, no the rulers. You may want to research all THREE international trade agreements. Every time I name them, my post disappears. This is the Obama end game.

    • avatar Leland says:

      In January 2015 the South Florida Sun Sentinel did a series called Plundering America The Cuban Criminal Pipeline. They documented how much of the crime in Florida is being committed by those born on the island of Cuba. Over 70% of both healthcare fraud and cargo theft in the state are done by Cubans. Then they skip the country and go back to Cuba where the government refuses to turn them over to us.

    • avatar Peter says:

      Liz I am appalled at the fact you do not even know our history and his we came to be.

  14. avatar Jeffrey says:

    This is one reason why we sold our house and are moving out of California!

    • avatar Legal Immigrant says:

      How does that help? Are you not making it easier for the infiltrators and illegals to become majority and have their way?

      • avatar No Change says:

        legal immigrant….that is what we call Freedom in the US….your new country…….who are you to tell him what to do?…he did what he thought is right for him…American101 for you legal immigrant….

  15. avatar R. Johnson says:

    I’m active in several S.T,E.M. outreach programs/competitions and attended STEM conferences .There is lots lots lots of data not being reported by the media or worse yet “Spun” .. For example I continually hear – read how poorly American students perform in Testing compared to 1st world countries, while failing to analyze the data .
    One report I saw was if you separate the ethnicities of American students and compare them with their counterparts in ‘home’ countries the American students are superior.
    Are there any reporters willing to discuss the impact of illegal/Legal immigration on American student test results ????

    • avatar Legal Immigrant says:

      Not really. They are too busy stuck in PC and some selective data that they pander to that says illegals contribution to the economy is net positve

      • avatar Sapient Hetero says:

        The real motive for sanctuary cities is that it provides an electoral advantage to Democrats. Congressional district boundaries are drawn based on total population, rather than registered voters. Remarkably, the estimated number of illegal aliens are included in total population calculations. The average population in a Congressional district following the 2010 census is about 710,000 ( According to the Census Bureau, about 60% of the total population is registered to vote ( We can calculate that on average, there are 426,000 registered voters in each district.

        Consider, then, the impact of a sanctuary city housing 210,000 illegal aliens in a Congressional district. The legal population of this hypothetical district would be 500,000. If we assume the average registration rate, there would be 300,000 registered voters in this district, versus 426,000 in the average district.

        The second Census document cited above reports that only 92,000,000 people (about 38% of total population, or 63% of registered voters) voted in 2014. In order to be elected, a Congressman need only gather half the votes plus one. This means that about 19% of the total population of a district or 32% of registered voters can elect a Congressman.

        Thus, in the average district, getting elected to Congress requires about 135,000 votes. But in our hypothetical sanctuary city district, where the total population is inflated by illegal immigrants, only 95,000 votes are needed. This is why California consistently sends so many Democrats to Congress, and the reason they refuse to fight illegal immigration or penalize sanctuary cities.

    • avatar Leland says:

      Answer to your last question is no. There was a story this month in the Independent, a British newspaper, and how student scores in Sweden have plunged and almost all of the decline is because of foreign students. And the usual reaction from the left in Sweden is “we aren’t doing enough”.

    • avatar Barbara Ortega says:

      R.Johnson, I think they use that excuse… more than likely, they simply do not want to pay wages to an American graduate when they can hire an immigrant at a lower wage…
      Immigrant = one who comes to the country LEGALLY
      Illegal Alien = one who ILLEGALLY enters this country

      ALL illegal aliens should be DEPORTED!!! PERIOD!!!

  16. avatar Legal Immigrant says:

    Great article!

  17. avatar silverfox says:

    why dont we deport the trator obuma hes finished anyway we need a real american president.

  18. avatar fed up says:

    I feel very sorry for citizens who have children in public schools. The article failed to mention another big problem. TB and other diseases. The father of the illegals next door to me has TB. They have three children in grade school. This is becoming a huge problem in the United States. We are not raising the standard of living for these illegals. The ones in my neighborhood have trash, animals running loose, etc. These illegals are turning the United States into a third world nation. It is an embarrassment to our country. The teachers are too busy trying to maintain order in the classroom and instruct illegals that can’t count change in American money. Our schools are a disaster. We have a government that doesn’t care. Money and lining their own pockets is all that is important. We are just worker ants to them and unimportant.

    • avatar Barbara Ortega says:

      @ FED UP.. I agree.. my neighborhood has more and more illegals and the yards and streets are full of trash now, cars parked all over the front yard, small one-family homes with 3-4 families living in them…music blasting so you her it 2 blocks away, property theft is up… neighborhood used to be a nice clean area to live.. no more… and I can’t afford to move, so am stuck…. city near me looks like “Little Mexico” you go to the store and they are rude (they will stand in your way and refuse to move, their kids running in the aisles,
      And our government is allowing this trash to continue.. we ARE literally losing our country.. it is being handed over to the illegal aliens more and more .. and more and more they are giving these illegal aliens OUR rights and benefits…
      Citizenship to this country has NO meaning, NO value anymore…
      when an illegal alien can enter this country and are given more and more of our rights and benefits, WHY bother assimilating into the American culture and work hard to become citizens when they get it all handed to them without being a citizen
      They do NOT want to assimilate into the American Culture.. they want to Change our culture to what they left behind…

      • avatar fed up says:

        Barbara, your description of your neighborhood is exactly like mine. The music is so loud in can be heard for blocks. They even use PA systems. In a rural area like I live there is no noise ordinance. The police can ask them to turn it down if they receive complaints but they can’t make them. They usually turn it up even louder when the police leave. On the weekends, it is continuous.

  19. avatar Mutha Media says:

    Why should American tax payers pay for people here illegally from another country? Would Mexico or Somalia do they for Americans in their country illegally?

    • avatar Legal Immigrant says:

      Actually I doubt if any other country does that.

      • avatar Chris says:

        It is very easy to get rid of the illegal aliens. The people against Trump say how can we deport over 30 million illegal aliens it’s not American, my ***! Eisenhower deported millions of illegals after WW2 READ HISTORY!!!! CUT THE TIT OFF!!! If they can’t make money they will leave by themselves, these illegals that most are illiterate came here by themselves and can leave by themselves!!!! FINE every employer that hires illegals 3000.00 a week, use these fines to help the deportation program, don’t offer any services to illegal immigrants, no schools, no food stamps, no housing assistance, no nothing!!!! make loans to illegal aliens illegal, current and past loans, consficate all assets of illegal aliens after a set date with plenty of time for them to sell and leave. And most important INFORCE OUR CURRENT IMMIGRATION LAW ON THE BOOKS, BUILD A WALL AND PROTECT OUR BORDER!!!! This will not cost much we will have the money now, the money currently use to support the illegal that are gaming our systems and government will pay for this. Time to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AND SECURE!!!!

        • avatar Legal Immigrant says:

          I am always surprised to hear how it would be “unAmerican” to do something. The world is changing, becoming dangerous; how can our values remain the same? How can we afford to take in “the poor, tired masses” in the reality of today? It may look good on the Statue of Liberty, but it no longer reflects the world we live in today. It is time to adjust to the changing world values

        • avatar fed up says:

          I agree with you and I think Trump is our only hope. Here in Texas, we have pictures of Cruz at the border in Brownsville handing teddy bears to the illegal children as they came across the border. Google it and I am sure you will find the pictures. Cruz has always said he is against illegal immigration but like most politicians, he speaks with forked tongue. All the politicians except Trump say “Welcome to America, land of the FREE.”
          I do believe the powers that be will use whatever powers necessary to get rid of him. I worry about his life and his family’s lives. Imagine the impact getting rid of the illegals is going to have on big business. The car dealerships, apartment complexes, houses, grocery stores and malls. And let’s not forget our hospitals. They are flooded with illegals for which they get reimbursed by the state. The greedy politicians caused this mess, now they need to apologize to the citizens and enforce the immigration laws.


        • avatar Liz says:

          The Supreme Court could make a big difference by taking the “DAPA” case and ruling against the Obama’s executive order. it does seem the case would go against Obama since all the lower courts have ruled against it.
          And the general consensus among Americans is to end “illegal immigration” entirely. It certainly is an overreach on the Administration and could open some doors in this country which could eventually lead to a President ruling that could legalize an entire groups of miscreants. End of our laws and freedom!

    • avatar Reg says:

      Try being an illegal in Mexico. They have some of the harshest laws anywhere.

  20. avatar markypolo says:

    Democrats are the SCOURGE of America. Lazy, Lying, Crooks, Thieves, Ignorant, Morons. ALL of them!

    • avatar Legal Immigrant says:

      Most of them!

      • avatar No Change says:

        Legal immigrant did you marry an American to come here? di do come legally? I have to ask…

    • avatar Liz says:

      Excuse me, Mr. There are as many good Democrats as Republicans! And many rich and talented ones! Many of us who generally voted Democratically because we want a clean environment and we detest war. How many wars have we gotten into which have been bad choices? And what has been the cost?
      Read Revelations in the Bible – another world war sounds like the 2nd coming of Christ and the final judgement!

  21. avatar D says:

    It is time to stop paying the school taxes on your property and start home schooling your children. If your churches have classrooms available during the week they can allow the parents to use those rooms, (without charge ((donations so they can pay the extra utility costs)) so the government won’t be taxing them), and the parents can take turns teaching different subjects. Subjects that will educate our children as we were educated. English, Mathematics (the REAL kind), History (TRUE History), Geography and skills that will help them to obtain jobs, as well as having time for outside activities.

    • avatar Legal Immigrant says:

      Not sure if you can break down taxes that way. My understanding is that a significant portion of your property tax goes to fund the local schools (over 50%). You will have to pay that no matter what. If I were you, I would not pull my kids out of the public schools, since that would only make it easier for the school to devote more resources and time towards the illegals!

  22. avatar John says:

    Stop using Tax leins force upon taxpayers in back taxes and use as borrow asset they do not own loan borrowing without owners written consent and have a ursy 25% and more compound interest on the property.
    Fraud and extortion Ban tax liens and protect Homeowners rights! Texas property right are bad!

    • avatar Legal Immigrant says:

      The same program will be extended to colleges as well. Imagine what the numbers would look like then!

  23. avatar SecBorders says:

    It took a lot of courage for Wendy Wilson to write this article, I hope she doesn’t lose her job. As a country, we are incredibly stupid to be doing this to ourselves. We are engaged in cutthroat international economic competition with countries like Japan that are not dumb enough to do this to themselves, giving them a competitive advantage.

    And a lot of our elites that think this is great also want us to maintain a superpower sized military budget, but bringing these people in is a further tax burden and negatively affects the smooth functioning of our society. We are already going broke, and this just accelerates the process. How do our elites expect to have enough money to afford a huge military budget, if we are a bankrupt, divided, and poorly functioning society? The history of the world is full of the rise and fall of empires, and if current trends continue, it is obvious that we are now in the decline phase of empire. As the saying goes, “Pride goes before a fall”.

    • avatar Leland says:

      You’re correct. What other country takes in masses of undereducated students speaking another language and thinks it’s a positive. If it was so wonderful, as some insist, every country would be doing it. They aren’t.

      • avatar Legal Immigrant says:

        I called my credit card company the other day and had to select a number for English. 15 years ago, English was the norm and press 2 or 9 or whatever for Spanish. 15 years later if Democrats have their way in stuffing Spanish down our throats, we would be permanently pressing a button for English as an option. Time for a common sense and tired with PC!

      • avatar Reg says:

        Take a look at the EU and how wonderful it is. Sweden now has the 2nd highest rape problem in the world. An aide worker was murdered in a migrant facility by a “migrant” teenager. Women are now told to cover up. Google Cologne, New Year’s eve. I don’t think that they can even get as far as thinking about schooling. Add that group to the south of the border group, and “Houston, we have a problem”

        • avatar SecBorders says:

          Just to let FAIR know, the link posted above for the daily stormer website should be deleted. This is a Neo-Nazi, pro Fascist antisemitic website. I mentioned this before, but a member of my family lost an eye fighting the Nazis and I don’t like seeing this link on FAIR’s website.

  24. avatar Peter says:

    This is interesting since this is really of no impact with the real issue….that is the level of quality in our schools
    ……have gone down to the point the immigrants are kicking us…….I have talked to many teachers N really they r lazy n non motivated N with the lack of desire to push the students due to complains…..etc etc etc……so taxes N all is not the real damage

    • avatar Leland says:

      You’re always an expert no matter what name you use. The hard facts are that these students need to be taught in 2 languages and that costs lots of money and slows the progress of the American students in the same classes.

      Many come here, some in their teenage years, with educations that bear little relation to what the levels of education are at similar grade levels in this country. You really think some impoverished village in Central America gave them much of an education? And another fact is that illegal students drop out at rates much higher than American born students.

      Did you miss the part where “ELL costs rose 22 % in 2015-2016 to around $16 million”? All money that would not have to be spent, and taken away from American students if they were not here illegally.

      • avatar No Change says:

        Leland from your answer you have no university degree…….so therefore you are unaware……..

        • avatar No Change says:

          no offense…just a fact AND you do to need a university degree…..etc Steve Jobs, Facebook…..just so that you don’t start crying because you misunderstood me……long short…yo understand what was said above you need a university degree,,,,,having taught in the university and be in the System

          SOON you are wrong because you ,,,repeat…repeat….repeat……..whatever you read……even in immigration you think you know it all…..believe me…..a third world country best student…can kick any of our students ***’ big time….I have seen it………3rd World that you put down…there are people there wealthier smarter and whiter than you are……believe me and myself,…..fpr that matter,,,,you you think you are the best…..HA!!!

          • avatar Leland says:

            Student’s here illegally drop out at much higher rates than native born Americans.

          • avatar glenn398 says:

            Well no change if all these foreign students are so great how come all the countries they came from are a complete disaster going from Mexico, all of south America to the total middle east. Those countries in the middle east were populated long before Europe or the Americas and should be a shinning example to the rest of the world instead of the sewer it is. If your posting is a example of the intelligence you are talking about it should take this country back about 200 years.

          • avatar Roger Kuiiken says:

            No Change is an example of the Democratic Progressive Left lemmings. Having no true intellect, being led by those totally lacking wisdom, do not see the common sense of simply enforcing existing Immigration Law. I have not seen even close to reasonable enforcement of Immigration in more than 40 years. In fact, it has it only gotten worse.

            In California, I have seen entire job markets in construction disappear. I hear “illegals” over the fence building houses discussing how to take advantage of the broken system. It is far past time to build a wall. I say, if you are illegal, you go back to where you came from. You do not deserve a penny of my hard earned money. You have not earned anything by being here illegally. In fact is see Illegal immigration as simple thievery.

            Mr. Change has his right hand out taking our money. He has his left fist out railing at those who would say that American Nationalism is a bad thing. The John Lenonist , Yoko Oninksi “One World” Utopia simply will not work. The easy thing to do is run away from your problems in what ever country you come from. The really hard thing to do is to stay and fight for your freedom. This is the true lesson to be learned from America.

        • avatar Legal Immigrant says:

          I have 3 college degrees; including 2 graduate degrees. I completely agree with Leland; these costs could have been more effective elsewhere. For example, for maybe programs like subsidizing federal student loans for higher education, or better still making in-state tuition for all citizens the same. How is it OK that citizens from outside CA have to pay out of state tuition in the UC system when the illegal student can pay in-state. It is these type of common sense rules that make us the laughing stock of the world.

          • avatar No Change says:

            Legal immigrant you failed the first thing you gain with college degrees…your critical thinking….Leland is smarter than yourself and an American….you should learn from him….you are another proof there is no need for a degree to have brains and common sense………if you read what I said you would realize what I said and not giving me a feedback that makes no sense….you wasted your time with those degrees….