Immigration Headlines – Mar 23, 2016

Border Agents Say Obama Administration Low-Balling Border Stats

“The number of arrests made at the border of people from Afghanistan and Pakistan is up significantly this year compared to last, the president of the National Border Patrol Council said when he testified during a House hearing on Tuesday,” the Daily Caller says.

“Brandon Judd, who has also served as a Border Patrol agent for nearly 20 years, also told the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee’s Subcommittee on National Security that he has witnessed U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officials fudge alien apprehension statistics by low-balling the number of “got aways” — illegal border-crossers who enter the country but avoid being apprehended by border agents.”

Illegal Aliens Already Hiding Because of Trump

“After years of increasing comfort with their status in the U.S., illegal immigrants say they’re being chased back into the shadows, and they blame Donald Trump. The GOP presidential front-runner put immigration back at the top of the political conversation in June when he announced his campaign, blaming Mexico for sending some of its worst elements to the U.S. And the issue has remained at the top ever since, propelling Mr. Trump and renewing a national conversation that immigrant rights advocates had thought they’d won,” the Washington Times reports.

Belgian Terrorists Still Don’t Need a Visa to Enter U.S.

“Leading lawmakers identified Belgium as a hotspot for terrorism months ago and are warning that many of the radicalized individuals living there are still able to travel to the United States without first obtaining a visa and undergoing thorough security checks,” the Free Beacon reports.

“Rep. Ron DeSantis (R., Fla.), a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, told the Washington Free Beacon Tuesday afternoon that current flaws in the U.S. visa waiver program—which facilities travel to the United States from partner nations including Belgium—have created a loophole that could permit radicalized individuals to legally enter the United States with minimal background checks.”

Immigration Enforcement is About Security

“Our immigration laws are completely and utterly blind as to race, religion and ethnicity and only make one distinction — the distinction between United States citizens and foreign nationals (aliens). I began my thirty-year career with the former INS (Immigration and Naturalization Service) as an Immigration Inspector assigned to John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York. I remained in that position for about four years before I moved on to becoming an INS Special Agent,” says Michael Cutler.

“Our immigration laws were the absolute guide that determined whether or not to admit an alien into the United States. We conducted the inspection to make certain that aliens did not belong to one or more classes of aliens who are statutorily excludible and that they will likely not violate the terms of their admission.”

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  1. avatar No Change says:

    Belgian Terrorists Still Don’t Need a Visa to Enter U.S…..what does that mean?…….there are rules put on place……..the fact somebody has an Arab last name it does not mean he or she is bad………I see people getting all upset but it makes no sense…

    I AM SURE if the gov knows there is a threat the officials would act…..

  2. avatar Leland says:

    Hillary says you can build a wall but there’s still the internet. Well, duh. But who exactly is it that’s being radicalized by the internet. Hint, it’s not grandmothers in Kansas. It’s Muslims, either born here or immigrated here. And even with the ones born here, it makes no difference, because they have seen what this country has to offer them and they hate us. Not all Muslims, no, and talking about patrolling neighborhoods is nonsense.

    What is not nonsense is that there’s a problem with Islam. The Belgians are now admitting that the radicalization problem is more wide spread then they thought. Naturally many liberals are insisting it’s the fault of the European nations because they “failed to integrate Muslims”. It’s Muslims who failed to integrate, not the other way around. They come to the West from their own dysfunctional violent countries and then complain that they’re victims because they’re not catered to.

    As for the “national conversation that immigrants rights groups thought they’d won”, that conversation is never going to be over as long as they insist that we have to hand out the reward of citizenship to people who ignore our immigration laws and steal other people’s identities to work.

    • avatar No Change says:

      As I keep on stating a true fact: A wall will never do….but you still think pigs fly…..

      • avatar Leland says:

        You keep stating it and it’s still nonsense. The Border Patrol says a wall or double layer fence helps them immensely because it gives them time to get to where illegals are trying to climb over it. Otherwise illegals just dash across the border and most are not caught. We have a tall fence around the White House and it’s occasionally breached. Do you hear anyone saying it doesn’t work so why bother with it? No, because the consequences of having no fence or wall are far worse.

        • avatar No Change says:

          you and somebody else says……can you deduce things on your own?…you white house fence is a 5 year old kid example…O have told you many times in the past how to without a fence….it is interesting how close minded and unable to reason you are…….apparently one of the nowadays’ The People way of thinking on its majority and Congress as well,,,,,you deserve this reality….you created it…yet you complain about it…….

          • avatar Leland says:

            So the Border Patrol, the very people who deal with illegals on a daily basis, are portrayed by you as merely “somebody else” with an opinion on a fence. Sorry, most people will listen to them, not you.

          • avatar No Change says:

            Leland i don;t care what you say because you re always baseless….I listen to the people that cross the border all the time……..border patrol…those guys are not experts….all they do is what they are told…..they have no brains to think and realize a wall is not needed like you….

            Long time ago I explained this in details…..anybody I explain this they realize the Congress does not want to do it you still believe a wheel is made of stone…..and while you keep on thinking that way …that is the reality you deserve you get n have…..

            We already have an infra-structure if modified properly a wall is not needed…..anyway here it goes a question for YOU

            we became a power right and the best in technology….SO….did we have a wall while that happened?…..does 3% of the 330M or so destroying our country?……It is our doing nor=t somebody els learn to be accountable……….sorry but I am sure I just cleared your mind……