Immigration Headlines – Mar 18, 2016

Chelsea Clinton Says Illegal Aliens Should Get Obamacare

Asked about extending Obamacare to cover illegal aliens, Chelsea Clinton said her mother supported it. Thomas Lifson at The American Thinker reacted by posting “So the billions of impoverished people worldwide now have an invitation to come to America and sign up for what used to be the finest health care system in the world. If you can’t afford Obamacare, why no problem. The rest of us will cheerfully pay our taxes and endure further increases in our insurance costs because after all, we owe it to the rest of the world. Or something like that.”

Behind the Anti-Trump Rallies

“A so-called “antifascist” group that supports illegal immigration is planning a rally against GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump this Saturday in New York City, the same day that a Black Lives Matter affiliated group that also supports illegal immigration is planning a rally in Phoenix, Arizona,” Breitbart News reports.

Google Maps Used by Mexican Smugglers

“A series of user-published Google maps point out known border patrol checkpoints and stations along the U.S. border with Mexico in an apparent effort to help illegal aliens avoid border controls. One of the maps titled “Routes to Avoid,” has close to 600,000 views. The user dropped pins at dozens of different checkpoints and border stations using “Google My Maps,” a service that allows users to create and publish custom maps,” the Daily Caller says.

Arpaio Endorses Trump

“Arizona, a flashpoint in the immigration debate, holds its presidential primary Tuesday. And Donald Trump, who will hold a rally there Saturday, has a big endorsement from the state: the famous hard-line anti-immigration sheriff Joe Arpaio. You could make the case that the intense anger over illegal immigration that Trump is trying to tap got its start in Arizona. Pay a visit to the shiny, modern fifth floor of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office and you’ll see why,” NPR reports.

Why H-1B Would Be Hard to Eliminate

“During last week’s GOP debate at Miami University, front-runner Donald Trump answered a question about his position on the H-1B guest-worker program noting several times that it was unfair to American workers then concluding that ‘we should end it’ entirely. While the sentiment’s appreciated, ending the H-1B program is easier said than done,” says Ian Smith at

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  1. avatar Peter says:

    You are wrong….no politician wants to give free Obamacare to illegals

    • avatar Leland says:

      That”s not what Chelsea says in the link. She says her mother wants to “extend the Affordable Care Act to people who are living here regardless of immigration status, regardless of citizenship”. That contains no exclusions, so that means that a lot of illegals, who are low income, will get subsidizes for Obamacare, exactly as if they were citizens. Changing your name doesn’t make you any more correct.

    • It Doesn’t Matter, Give IAs Medicaid

      Medicaid has been destroyed by Obamacare….watering the American citizens’ disability and elderly para-shoot down with OVERPOPULATION. And they call themselves Democrats? Hillary Hitler tells us she’s no Fascist for the rich lobbyists? Yeah right. Trump’s the Populist guy, not a Fascist.

  2. avatar Leland says:

    But Hillary just said the border is “secure” and you’re saying maps showing the places where enforcement can be gotten around are available on the internet? I guess Hillary has not talked to all those ranchers on the Arizona and New Mexico borders who say their lands are overrun and vehicles and equipment being stolen. There’s are reason why thousands are still being caught trying to cross the border. The reason is most of them make it.

    And she wants to give them Obamacare? We can afford that, right? Even if the border is as secure as she claims, what does she do about the nearly half of illegals who overstay visas? She has flat out stated that she will not deport anyone who is not a violent criminal. If that is not an invitation to open borders, what is it?

    • avatar No Change says:

      You always speak generalizing which makes you basically extremely non-accurate…..besides what a politician always says it is to be seen with doubt…..