Immigration Headlines – Mar 15, 2016

DHS Says Delayed System Poses Security Risk

“The Department of Homeland Security’s inspector general says a failure to sufficiently modernize the nation’s system for processing immigration applications may be a security risk and may have resulted in Green Cards and other documents being sent to the wrong people. In a report being released today, Inspector General John Roth says one of the goals of moving the application process online to the Electronic Immigration System — or ELIS — was to ensure potential terrorists or others seeking to do the U.S. harm couldn’t receive immigration or citizenship benefits,” ABCNews reports.

Amnesty Supporters Debate Sanders and Clinton

“It has been more than a month since O’Malley officially suspended his Democratic presidential campaign following a poor performance in Iowa, but many immigration activists who flocked to the underdog’s campaign in hopes of the possibility of comprehensive immigration reform are left wondering: to which candidate should they turn now?” says The Blaze.

“According to Calderon both of the Democratic candidates left in the race — former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders — have “evolved” when it comes to the issue of immigration reform. Yet while both candidates had a rocky start on the issue, only one candidate seems to genuinely care about immigration reform, Calderon told TheBlaze.”

Mend, Don’t End H-1B?

“When the Republican candidates finally stopped comparing hand sizes and started talking about some serious issues in last week’s presidential debate, we were reminded that America’s immigration issue won’t be solved just by building a huge wall along the Rio Grande. In particular, the candidates argued over how to address the issue of H1-B visas, which allow foreign workers skilled in “specialty occupations” to work in the United States for up to six years, and whether hiring those workers takes away jobs from Americans,” says a CNN commentator.

California Moves Ahead on Licensing Illegal Aliens

“California passed a law in 2014 that eased licensing restrictions in 40 professions for qualified persons regardless of immigration status. Florida is granting law licenses to DACA holders. Nevada opened up teaching licenses, said Tanya Broder of the National Immigration Law Center,” says

Deportees Won’t Return to Testify

“Two longtime U.S. residents deported to Italy because of criminal convictions have been denied permission to return to testify before Connecticut legislators. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement last week rejected the humanitarian parole applications of Paula Milardo and Arnold Giammarco. They were subpoenaed to an April hearing before Connecticut lawmakers about how criminal convictions affect immigrant families. The agency says Milardo and Giammarco don’t need to appear in person to provide testimony,” says.

Wisconsin Senate Won’t Consider Enforcement Bills

“The Wisconsin Senate likely won’t take up bills that would outlaw so-called sanctuary cities for immigrants, increase compensation for the wrongly convicted and allow students to deduct debt from their income taxes when it convenes Tuesday for what’s expected to be the last floor period of the two-year legislative session,” the Washington Times reports.

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  1. Mend Don’t End H-1Bs?

    How about “SEND” ‘em all back to their motherlands where they belong.

  2. avatar Leland says:

    All the media pundits and Rubio himself are commenting on him losing the GOP race because of the “fear and frustration” of the American people. But there is no one to blame but Rubio himself. The public saw him for what he was, a liar. He repeatedly and emphatically ruled out supporting any amnesty in his 2010 Senate race because it just encourages more illegal entry. But as soon as he took office he was arm in arm with Chuck Schumer waltzing down amnesty street. He also sponsored another bill that would have tripled visa workers.

    The truth is that had he kept his promises to the voters who elected him, he would quite likely have done much better;. It’s his fault and no one else’s When you break such an important promise so quickly, no one will trust you.
    The media needs to stop questioning the motives of the voters and start blaming the candidates who go back on their word.

    • avatar Leland says:

      Kasich seems to think he won some major victory. A victory yes, but not even a majority of the vote in his own party in his own state. Other than that he hasn’t won one state, not even coming close in many.

    • avatar No Change says:

      Leland your boy Rubio is a fake……Trump took the veil off his face……never votes while i Congress and his own people did not elected him in FL so he is out and possibly out of Congress…..but the reality is that they both have one thing in common illegals…..his grandfather and Trump hiring them heavily in the 80s to 90s……….

      What a circus really….