Immigration Headlines – Mar 11, 2016

European Crisis Was Avoidable

“Europe’s migration crisis has mostly been covered from the “human interest” perspective, with the perverse proliferation of tragic images and emotive narratives amplified by social media. This collective content stream has made it seem primarily a humanitarian crisis. But that is false.
Instead, what we are seeing is the unending monetization of human misery, a phenomenon as complete as it is cynical. By necessity, it has been complemented by an infectious institutionalization of irresponsibility–something that has not failed to affect geopolitics. This is why the ramifications of the migration crisis are so serious for Europe, America, and many other countries,” says Chris Deliso at The American Interest.

DHS arrest 336 illegal immigrants in latest push: ‘He or she must be sent home’

“Immigration authorities have arrested 336 immigrants since launching an effort Jan. 23 to deport those in the U.S. illegally, according to the Department of Homeland Security. Most of those arrested for removal from the country are young people who crossed the U.S. border without their parents since 2014 and have since been ordered to be deported by immigration courts, DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson said in a statement issued Wednesday,” the Washington Times says.

Immigration Reform Could Change America

“Failures of the immigration system have a profound impact, exacerbating nearly every challenge and threat that America and Americans confront on a day-to-day basis. However, the true significance of immigration is rarely, if ever, discussed by politicians or by journalists upon whom we depend for information. Unbridled greed and hunger for power lead the list of factors that motivate many politicians to ignore this side of the immigration debate. Journalists may be ideologues or may be controlled by the executives of their news organizations who are impacted by greed as well,” says Michael Cutler at

Trump Faces Allegations About Model Agency

“There are some pretty damning allegations in this new report out by ABC’s Brian Ross on Donald Trump, his modeling agency and the foreign women the company hired using H1B visas. Chief among them is an accusation that the agency lied on the visa application regarding the model’s salary and full-time job status,” says

Trump Says H-1B Program Is Bad

“Donald Trump wants to put the screws to H-1B visas, which are given to foreign professionals who perform specialty occupations in the U.S. During the Republican debate on Thursday, the Republican front-runner admitted that he has “used” H-1B visas as a businessman because he could (a recent investigation shows that he personally benefited from this program). ‘I know the H-1B very well,’ he said. ‘And it’s something that I frankly use and I shouldn’t be allowed to use it. We shouldn’t have it. Very, very bad for workers.’ Trump went on to argue that he would prevent other executives from leveraging this option if elected president,” says.

Family of KC Victims Blame ICE

“The mother and sister of two brothers killed Monday, March 7 at a home in Kansas City, Kan., say the blood of Austin and Clint Harter is not only on their killer, but also on the Department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Pablo Serrano-Vitorino, 40, is charged with the murders of the Harter brothers, Mike Capps, and Jake Waters, who were all gunned down at the home in the 3000 block of South 36th Street Monday night. Serrano-Vitorino is also charged with the murder of a man in New Florence, Mo., where Serrano-Vitorino’s truck was found abandoned and where he was captured early Wednesday morning just after midnight,” reports.

ICE Missed 2 Chance to Deport KC Killer

“U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) failed on two occasions last year to detain and deport a 46-year-old illegal alien who is accused of slaughtering five strangers with an AK-47 in Kansas and Missouri earlier this week,” the Daily Caller wrote.


  1. At Least No Change

    Has the sense to read websites…..he doesn’t come across so wild eyed now, even when we disagree with most of his posts.

    Viva TRUMP’s NEW FREEDOM OF SPEECH. It scares the Hades out of the Dem/Rep Fascist/Socialists; they’re even getting violent at Trump’s rallies now…..more proof I’m spot on! They hate FREEDOM OF SPEECH!

  2. avatar No Change says:

    Listen Freedom does not belong to us, nor the Constitution nor to the left……NOR TO YOU!!!……it is a right all humans being and living things have at birth confined by nature, environment in which they are born….I am surprised you claim to be an American, yet lack of and failed to understand the essence on what we were founded……and what Freedom really is… appears after all you and your ancestors came to the US for different reasons…….even though Freedom is the baseline for everything….it is in you genes…. .it figures…….

    • avatar No Change says:

      the above for Leland

      • avatar No Change says:

        and before you say nonsense trolling things again…..if you are born as a slave, you still have the power and the freedom to either pursue freedom while alive or leave this world opposing what is not………

  3. avatar Leland says:

    Mexico’s political establishment is constantly wagging their fingers in our faces and calling us racists for wanting to control illegal immigrants. But you won’t see any foreigners protesting in Mexico, like illegals do here. Article 9 of the Mexican constitution states: ” However, only the citizens of the Republic shall be entitled to participate in the country’s political affairs.” Here we give them seats at presidential speeches.

    Mexican naturalization law also says that a person must have lived there for “five years immediately prior to the submission of the application.” But there’s a big exception if a person is a national of a Latin American or Iberian [Spain] country. In other words, from a Spanish speaking country. That only takes two years. Sounds pretty racist to me.

    There is also a long list of positions, both military and political, spelled out in their constitution, that can only be filled by Mexicans by birth. We have one, the presidency. More racism?

    • avatar No Change says:

      OK!? So nobody from the Mexican Gov is telling us what to to…BE A REAL AMERICAN…..lesson for you… practice Freedom and freedom of speech..EVERYWHERE…you need to be reborn to understand who we are…..

      • avatar Leland says:

        If we had a law that said those from English speaking countries get naturalization three years ahead of those who aren’t, Mexico would go ballistic. They’re hypocrites. Vicente Fox called Trump “Hitler” for his wall proposal. It’s none of their business. We have the right to a secure border. For one thing, to stop the Mexican drug gangs that are operating freely inside the US border.

        • avatar No Change says:

          I agree with your opinion of safeguarding our land but not with your methods… speech is for everybody….Ia m an American with history in this land over 300 years and a way of life that has been nurtured throughout every generation….so talking does not harm anybody… keeps you aware, on guard and who’s if your friend and your enemy…

          The way Trump has expressed himself calls for people to call him Hitler……the fact one illegal Alien is a criminal and a killer does not mean they all are…….same as for us Americans…the fact we have criminals and killers does not mean you and I are one……the fact they should be or not here that is a different story that for each case is unique.

          A wall will not solve the problem….I am appalled by how stupid people are and Trump the most idiotic…….

          • avatar Leland says:

            You claim “A wall will not solve the problem” That’s odd, because on the March 10 “Answering The Atlantic” thread, Not Politically Correct said “The wall is working great in Israel”, and Pat Enery replied to that “So did the Great Wall in China and the Berlin Wall in Germany. Those who do not learn from history’s mistakes are doomed to repeat them.”

            And you replied to Pat’s post “WELL SAID PAT”. Clearly he was discussing a wall, and you clearly said “well put”. Care to explain your taking two opposite sides of the same issue?

            As for “freedom of speech”, what a lot of people on the left don’t seem to understand is that it is not some absolute right. Yes, Trump has made some intemperate remarks, but political rallies are private events controlled by the candidates. There is a right to demonstrate outside of course, but no right to come inside and disrupt a rally.

            You don’t see other candidate’s rallies continually interrupted. Criticize Trump, that’s fine, but every other candidate should be saying he has a right to speak. They’re not, and in fact Hillary said “you should stand up to a bully”. Is she not encouraging people to disrupt his rallies and cause fights? Sounds like that’s what she’s doing.

          • avatar No Change says:

            Leland because Not Politically Correct said the Israel wall is working, it means that it works on all situations?…..did the german wall work?…dod the Chinese wall work?……according to you and politically correct it did BUT ACCORDING TO HISTORY IT DID NOT…..well I believe history I don;t believe you and the least pl correct.

            You both should use your brains to understand why it does not work and how to do it so that it works but it paperers both of you follow what people say and do not stop and think true or not…..mmmmh……that is not how we became a power or the founding fathers build this place ….

            If Trump was kicked out it must be for a reason….after all if a candidate gives that reaction to The People then he/she should not be elected…….not a healthy reaction,……

            Listen Freedom dopes not belong to us, nor the cogitation nor to the left……it is a right all humans being and living things have at birth confined by nature, environment in which they are born….I am surprise you claim to be an American, yet failed to understand the essence on what we were founded….it figures…….

          • avatar Leland says:

            You said the comment was “well said”. Now you’re saying it’s wrong. Pick a side please.

          • avatar No Change says:

            Leland let me see……I think you are in the wrong page…so I see now you even have problems keeping your concentration in one page……the man meant A wall has been show by history it does not work…so now you can change history…..hahahahha!!!!…