Tennessee Committee to Consider Immigration Enforcement Legislation

Tennessee State Capitol BuildingTomorrow, the Tennessee House Committee on State Government is scheduled to hear two measures to strengthen immigration enforcement in the state. The first measure, House Bill 2555 (HB 2555), fortifies Tennessee’s E-Verify law by closing the loophole that allows businesses with less than six employees avoid verifying the immigration status of their new hired through the free, web based E-Verify program.

The second measure, House Bill 1969 (HB 1969), also known as the “Protect Tennessee Citizens and Workers Act”, expands Tennessee’s anti-sanctuary law by requiring local law enforcement officials to fully comply with federal immigration enforcement efforts, including ICE’s criminal alien program (CAP).

We need your help to advance HB 2555 and HB 1969. Call the Committee on State Government and tell them that strengthening immigration enforcement is smart public policy. The benefits include:

  • Furthering the public safety and welfare of Tennessee residents and visitors;
  • Fighting illegal immigration by eliminating the attraction for illegal aliens to come to Tennessee;
  • Taking away competition for scarce jobs;
  • Boosting wages; and
  • Providing ICE with critical assistance to accomplish its mission to identify and remove criminal aliens who are already in state or local custody.

Click here to find the contact information for members of the Committee.

For more information about what you can do, contact your FAIR Field Representative.


avatar About State & Local

The State and Local staff executes FAIR’s state and local legislative strategy and develop FAIR’s position on proposed state and local legislation. State and Local staff work closely with the Field Team and other FAIR staff to closely monitor legislative activity around the United States regarding immigration issues.


  1. avatar sandra Bowman says:

    Yes the immigration laws need to be enforced

  2. avatar Duarte Bettencourt says:

    If our political system is trying to demographicly change this country they are doing a good job, but why bankrupt the country. Please do the job we the people put you in there for.


    • Yes

      The Republican Party has always been for a strong economy caused by world trade…..not the laughing stock of the world as America pays exuberant foreign deficits without cease to Mexico, Japan and China.

      • avatar No Change says:

        really…how about the current international cirrus the republicans put us in? the Bush,,,,,,Irak etc etc I don’t agree with your statement ……and you got it wrong Mexico, Japan nor China are a laughing stock WE ARE…..and these countries are also laughing at us because of what you stated but I will improve it for you dud TO EVERYBODY in Congress. US Supreme court and presidents……n guess what We The People put hem them in there…

        I realize what you meant and the fact you did not want this BUT The People do not care less than 50% vote…..and get if at ll involved So I am happy for you that you made a good living and are able to enjoy your retirement most will not be able to do what you did…..