Immigration Headlines – Mar 7, 2016

Kidnapping Latest Incident Along Insecure Border

“The story goes like this: A ranch hand working in New Mexico’s Bootheel stumbles upon men and two or three vehicles stranded in remote cattle country. They turn out to be drug runners from Mexico who take him hostage, load his vehicle with narcotics and force him to drive to Willcox, Ariz., where they leave him alive but warn him not to go to the police,” the says.

Experts Mixed on Trump’s Immigration, Trade Stance

“Donald Trump’s economic message is loud and clear: Misguided Washington policymakers have allowed foreign countries to steal American jobs, and uncontrolled immigration is driving wages down. Trump is partly right in saying that trade has cost the U.S. economy jobs and held down wages,” the LA Times says.

“He may also be correct — to a degree — in saying that low-skilled immigrants have depressed salaries for certain jobs or industries, the latest economic research shows. Where Trump gets things wrong, economists say, is in exaggerating the downside and ignoring the benefits that trade and immigration provide to the economy.”

Americans Hostile to More Immigration Says Poll

“Sixty-one percent of Americans agree that ‘continued immigration into the country jeopardizes the United States,’ according to a new poll commissioned by management consulting firm A.T. Kearney that revealed pessimism across a wide range of issues,” Bloomberg News says.

“The degree of concern is remarkable considering that the question was about all immigration, including the legal kind. Even Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has said he supports legal immigration into the U.S.”

Immigrants A Record Share of Population

“Immigrant families account for 61 million people in the U.S., according to research released Monday that raises questions about the extent to which immigration affects everything from schools to congested cities to the future of Social Security. The level marks a staggering increase over the past 45 years, from 13.5 million in 1970, according to the Center for Immigration Studies, which crunched the numbers based on Census Bureau data from December,” the Washington Times reports.


  1. avatar Leland says:

    The LA Times story by Don Lee is the typical propaganda. It contains the following two paragraphs:

    ” ‘ Even if there’s some evidence of constraining wages at the lower end, it’s hard to make the case that high-skilled immigration is not a win-win,’ said Robert Atkinson, president of the Information Technology and innovation Foundation, a non partisan research group in Washington that produced the study.”

    “Atkinson worries that Trump’s fiery comments will hamper work visas for workers with expertise in the science, technology, engineering and math fields.” [STEM]

    And exactly who would that “win-win” benefit, other than the tech companies that are always crying a river about some “shortage” of STEM workers? A shortage that has been continually debunked by study after study. Fact number 1, most Americans with a STEM degree are not working a job in the STEM fields. Fact 2, many American workers have had to train their replacements brought in under H1B visas at cheaper wages.

    I’m sure Mr. Lee, if he wasn’t such a shill, would be able to find the people who were replaced at Southern California Edison in exactly such a recent situation, along with those just replaced at Disney. These instances have happened repeatedly in this country.

    Not to mention that the vast majority of the workers brought in by the two big Indian tech services have only a 4 year degree or less. Only a very few have advanced degrees. This is just another example of the media dishonestly making an assertion that there are not enough American STEM workers. It’s a lie.

    • avatar No Change says:

      Leland how do you know that…..did yo do the studies yourself?…I say his comments are somewhat accurate and precise….else Google’s CEO and others would be Americans and Steve Jobs would have never been born……..etc

      • avatar Leland says:

        So you’re saying no person can cite a study that they didn’t do themselves? A remarkably dumb statement. The Census Bureau says that most American STEM workers are not employed in a STEM field, but you think some biased reporter with a pro immigration agenda knows better.

        • avatar Peter says:

          No Iam saying you must be dumb to believe anything you did not do yourself N there us so much self interest in both sides. N to live in this country N grasp nothing on how we became a Power N the technology you enjoy thanks to the brains that cine here. .

          That is what I am saying….!!!

          • avatar Peter says:

            Cine us come N us us…is…you are an easy target for our politicians…. Easy vote to manipulate N collect

          • avatar Leland says:

            Who exactly is “saying” this, since you posted under one name and then reply with another. Not that we didn’t know you’re a troll anyway.

    • avatar William says:

      I suspect Mr. Lee is Chinese. Shill as you say is the proper term here. Years ago the Chinese were firing off “articles” stating that all Americans in high-tech over the age of 35 should be replaced with young workers. Unfortunately, some American managers, exhibiting the peter-principal agreed. These pro-immigration propaganda pieces should be against the law. As the saying goes “You can put lipstick on a pig, and call it Lucille, but it is still a pig”. No matter how pro-business propaganda you coat immigration with, it doesn’t hide the fact that it is bad for American workers and American society.

      Having worked with a lot of H-1Bs, I can tell you that the majority are not “highly skilled”. H-1Bs are cheap compliant workers that displace and help destroy the American workers’ dreams.