Immigration Headlines – Feb 26, 2016

Cruz, Rubio Take on Trump During Debate

“At Thursday night’s Republican debate in Houston, the gloves came off early between Donald Trump, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz on illegal immigration. It’s been an issue that’s pitted Rubio and Cruz against each other in recent debates, but they found common cause Thursday,” USA Today says.

“Trump started things off, when asked by Wolf Blitzer about differences between his plan on immigration and Cruz’s, saying that the Texas senator was ‘in charge of amnesty.’ He also defended his proposal, saying ‘the best of them will come back. But they’re going to come back through a process.’”

Trump’s Hotel Criticized for Hiring Foreign Workers

“The New York Times published a bombshell of an article today, saying that while hundreds of Americans have applied for low-skill jobs as waitresses, housekeepers, and cooks at Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach, FL., only 17 were hired. The rest were filled by foreign guest workers,”

“New” DOJ Policy Has Been in Place for Months

“A new policy that lets immigration officials decide whether to release immigrant prisoners in federal custody to local police or deport them has been in place for months in an effort to avoid a repeat of the fatal shooting in San Francisco by a Mexican convict who was freed last year, officials said Thursday,” ABC News says.

“The change, which officially took effect Feb. 12 but has been applied informally for months, gives U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement a right of first refusal when a federal prisoner who completes a sentence is wanted by local authorities for other crimes, a senior agency official said. Previously, local police had first say.”

DOJ Policy on Sanctuary Cities Announced

“The Justice Department has quietly begun implementing a policy that gives U.S. border authorities first rights to inmates leaving federal prison who are tagged for deportation rather than allowing them to proceed on local warrants to so-called sanctuary cities,” USA Today reports.

“Justice authorities outlined the program, which could involve the movement of up to 500 prisoners per year, in a Feb. 23 letter to federal lawmakers as ‘an effort to ensure that criminal aliens are not improperly released onto American streets.’”

Alameda Suspect Among First Subject to new DOJ Policy

“Federal immigration officials have asked Alameda County jail officials to notify them when they plan to release an immigrant suspected of killing a San Jose woman. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said in a statement Thursday that the agency wants to know when Esmid Pedraza is released so it can pursue possible deportation,” the Washington Times says.


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  1. avatar SecBorders says:

    Nowhere in the national debate on immigration does one hear anyone bring up how major parts of the country are running low on water. California had a relatively short period of normal rain and snow, but it has been back to sunny, dry weather for awhile now. The state has missed an entire year of normal rainfall, and no one knows how much groundwater is left. California is turning itself into an overpopulated, bankrupt desert.

    And Harry Reid in Nevada wants to bring more immigrants into Nevada, but I don’t know where he is going to get the water because the main reservoir that supplies Las Vegas is running low on water.

    • Bagged Lettuce Now Gives Me Phlegm in Throat Infections

      If I eat too much “bagged” lettuce at restaurants [almost all restaurants use "bagged" lettuce]. Head lettuce is cleaner. I never get the bagged lettuce served to me “rinsed” its always suspiciously “bone dry”.

      This is tied to California’s drought too, they use unpotable [contaminated water] to rinse it now….I order soup now instead of salads.

      A lot of folks blame it on the milk….lactose intolerance….when its the contaminated bagged lettuce. I blame it on OVERPOPULATION!

      • avatar SecBorders says:

        Yes, the population of the US has surpassed the ability of the natural resources of this country to support it. Increasing our population by millions of people through mass immigration can at this point only make life here worse, not better.

  2. avatar Leland says:

    How can anyone take Rubio seriously? He emphatically stated over and over during his Senate race in 2010 that he was opposed to any amnesty because it would only encourage more illegal entry. Then he’s part of the Senate Gang of Eight and not only supports amnesty but does so with a bill with no firm plans for a secure border or interior enforcement.

    Then he decides to run for President and says that he was wrong and enforcement has to come first. Now within the last few days, he’s claiming the Gang of Eight bill was never intended to pass anyway because the Senate knew the House would stop it. Yet he voted for it? Two faced doesn’t begin to describe this guy. Ten faced and counting, maybe?

    • avatar No Change says:

      that is your guy……a NY Liberal taking everybody of fools!!

      Trump’s Hotel Criticized for Hiring Foreign Workers

      • C’mon Man

        The hotel industry have been using Latino room cleaners for 3 decades….and you slam Trump now? He does make sure they pass eVerify with legal green card before hiring.

    • Did You Hear Today’s News Leland?

      Sessions is endorsing Donald Trump!

      Trump leads the national Polls at 49% today…..the closest open border establishment politician rival is Rubio at a dinky 16%. Trump has the election wrapped up now!

      FAIRUS.ORG Won!