Immigration Headlines – Feb 24, 2016

Cruz Says He Favors Deporting All Illegal Immigrants

“Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas noticeably toughened his stance on immigration Monday night, saying in an interview that the U.S. should deport all 12 million illegal immigrants now here. In an interview with Fox News, host Bill O’Reilly asked Mr. Cruz whether he would ’round up all 12 million illegal aliens here, and if so, how?’” the Washington Times wrote.

“Mr. Cruz replied, ‘yes, we should deport them. We should build a wall, we should triple the Border Patrol. Federal law requires that anyone here illegally that’s apprehended should be deported.’”

Skewed Numbers Hamper Assessing Immigration

“After moving to the U.S., research has shown that some ethnic groups fare better than others. Specifically, research has suggested that Asian immigrants tend to do better once arriving in the U.S.—quickly earning college degrees and climbing the economic ladder—than Hispanic immigrants. But it’s also true that as some immigrant families become more assimilated, children and grandchildren may cease to identify with their country and ethnicity of origin. And that can make the data used to determine progress a bit more difficult to accurately interpret, according to a new paper from National Bureau of Economic Research,” The Atlantic reports.

Fixing the Immigration System Requires Presidential Leadership

“Sen. Jeff Sessions told Fox Business’ Lou Dobbs Monday that ‘presidential leadership’ could fix and enforce a lawful immigration system, something that has been ‘virtually impossible’ under the Obama administration. ‘It’s unbelievable what’s been happening,’ began the Alabama senator. ‘This administration devastated law enforcement,’” the Daily Caller said.

“While the White House’s current ‘policies, regulations and executive make it virtually impossible to make it a lawful system of immigration,’ he continued, ‘it can be done, if we had presidential leadership.’”

AZ Senate Passes Bill Targeting Illegal Immigration, Tables Two Others

“Arizona lawmakers delivered a split decision Monday on bills that mark the first wave of immigration legislation in the Legislature since the state’s landmark SB 1070 law six years ago. The Senate passed a bill that would stiffen sentences for immigrants in the country illegally, but killed two others targeting illegal immigration,” says.

Illegal Alien Drunk Driver Was Released After Killing Neb. Woman

“More information has emerged on just how an illegal immigrant, who killed a Nebraska woman in a drunk driving incident, was allowed to get out of jail and skip town and future punishment. Omaha police charged illegal alien Eswin Mejia with killing 21-year-old Sarah Root while driving drunk and street-racing the night of January 31, but in short order Mejia vanished after posting a small bond, skipping out on future court dates and being held accountable for killing the young woman,” Breitbart News reports.

Sessions: Immigration and Trade Huge Issues

“Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama took some time on Monday to speak with Laura Ingraham about the problems with the political establishment in Washington, D.C. and around the country. ‘Two big issues to me, I’m not sure which one is the largest,’ Sessions said. ‘Probably immigration, they just simply have tried to ignore that. The Establishment in both parties just won’t talk about it. Trump has forced that into the discussion today,’” says.

“When asked which 2016 GOP candidate is the best on Chinese monetary manipulation and immigration, Sessions pointed to Trump.”


  1. avatar SecBorders says:

    Another American killed by an illegal immigrant. Sarah Root would be alive today if that illegal alien had not been in this country. I don’t know how open borders politicians can live with themselves.

  2. avatar Leland says:

    Did you know how dumb you are as a Trump supporter, according to columnist Cal Thomas? This is what he said in a recent column:

    “in the CNBC interview, [former Mexican president Felipe] Calderon noted that closing off the southern border would likely harm the US more than it helps because of trade. ‘ We love American products.’ ”

    “According to date from the Office of the US Trade Representative, Mexico was the second largest export market for the US in 2013, totaling more than $226 billion. To followers of Trump, it doesn’t matter.”

    Sound convincing? The only problem is that we had a small surplus with Mexico when NAFTA passed 20 years ago. Last year’s US trade deficit with that country was $58 billion. Ford has been opening even more new auto plants there the last couple years.

    Nor was Trump talking about trade when he was discussing a wall. He meant cutting off the illegals and drug gangs from just walking across our border. Quoting some former president of Mexico on the advantages of an open border is a joke. They want us to keep allowing their people to come here so they can continue sending remittances back to Mexico, where it’s lost to our local economies. Trump is calling their bluff.