Immigration Headlines – Feb 23, 2016

Cruz Ad Goes After Rubio on Immigration

“Sen. Ted Cruz hit Sen. Marco Rubio on Tuesday in his latest ad, comparing the Florida senator’s comments on immigration to very similar statements by President Barack Obama. ‘Rubio got to Washington and wrote the bill giving amnesty to illegals using Obama’s talking points,’ a narrator says in the spot. ‘Marco Rubio burned us once. He shouldn’t get the chance to sell us out again,’” CNN reports.

Trump Advisor Lays Out Immigration Positions

“Donald Trump has captured the public eye with his statements on illegal immigration and the issue is central to his campaign message. In spite of releasing a immigration policy paper in August, questions still circle around Trump’s approach to immigration and some critics wonder if his rhetoric is just empty bluster,” the Daily Caller says.

How Loopholes Drive Mass Immigration

“Amid mounting social tensions, the U.S. passed immigration laws that explicitly barred Chinese laborers from immigrating or becoming U.S. citizens, and made it extremely difficult for even legal residents to re-enter the U.S. after a visit home to China,” NPR says.

“But, as MIT legal historian Heather Lee tells it, there was an important exception to these laws: Some Chinese business owners in the U.S. could get special merchant visas that allowed them to travel to China, and bring back employees. Only a few types of businesses qualified for this status. In 1915, a federal court added restaurants to that list. Voila! A restaurant boom was born.”

Reid Plan Would Lengthen Immigration Delays

“Some 77,000 cases are pending in Texas immigration courts, and that number is growing daily. Since 2014, the state’s backlog has increased 58 percent, according to a Syracuse University study. The average projected wait for each pending case in Houston has swelled to nearly five years. Now Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid has a plan to string out the process, slowing it even further while making it more costly,” says.

Obama Administration Loses Track of Children

“The Obama administration has lost track of scores of immigrant children who have been caught crossing into the United States illegally, according to a new government oversight report that found children are sometimes being placed into homes with other illegal immigrants and non-citizens. Following a massive uptick in the number of immigrant children crossing into the United States, the Government Accountability Office discovered that children are being handed off to individuals who have not gone through vigorous background checks and may have criminal histories,” the Free Beacon reports.

Illegal Aliens Protest Outside Detention Center

“Dozens took to Center City to protest a Berks County detention center that’s still open today despite the state’s decision to revoke its license last month. Immigration rights activists are pushing for the state to act once again. The chant, in front of the ICE, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, offices at 16th and Callowhill, ‘Shut Down Berks,’” reports.

US Forces Train Hondurans

“The Hondurans kicked in the doors, but the raid was the product of a U.S. campaign to use American commandos to fight Central American street crime and drug trafficking—and to stem the illegal immigration generated by the violence. Over the past two years, U.S. Special Forces have built the elite SWAT unit, called the Tigres, from scratch,” the Wall Street Journal reports.

“‘More than anything, we’re looking to promote stability and security downrange because if they’re stable and secure, that’s going to naturally protect our southern border,’ said Col. John Poast, who was until recently deputy commander of U.S. Special Operations Command-South.”


  1. The Establishment Pundits are Alleging as Their Primary Candidates Drop Out Their Votes Will All Go to the Remaining Establishment Candidates, Like Rubio

    Trumps alleges he’ll get them all if that happens. I think Trump is right.