Immigration Headlines – Feb 22, 2016

Backlogs Continue in Immigration Courts

“The U.S. immigration court backlog is at a record 474,000 cases — nearly triple the number from a decade ago. The average case now takes two years to wind through the courts. Some can take five,” the Dallas Morning News says.

“The backlog annoys both the political left and right. U.S. Rep. Jack Ratcliffe, R-Heath, called it a “de facto amnesty” at a recent congressional hearing. Immigrants live in the U.S. for years waiting to find out whether they can, well, live in the U.S.”

How Much of Trump’s Support is Due to Immigration?

“The major storyline for Donald Trump over the last year has been his harsh language towards Mexico and the immigrants coming from our southern border, but the election is revealing an important split between Trump supporters and the rest of Republican voters,” says.

“Donald Trump took another step towards the office of the presidency last night, dominating the South Carolina primary election and likely sweeping up all of the available delegates in that state. But exit polls measuring the motivations of the voters are showing a deep split between Trump voters and more moderate Republicans when it comes to immigration.”

Rubio Says Cruz Attacks Don’t Matter

“Marco Rubio on Sunday dismissed attacks from opponent Ted Cruz comparing his immigration record to that of President Barack Obama’s, saying ‘it doesn’t matter’ because ‘people didn’t care about it,’” reports.

“The ad splices together clips of Rubio speaking on immigration reform with nearly identical clips of Obama, hammering Rubio on an issue that’s dogged him with conservatives since his role in the 2013 immigration reform effort.”

Sanders Supporters Says Clinton Attacks on Immigration Show Weakness

“Rep. Raul Grijalva said Saturday that Hillary Clinton supporters are only attacking Bernie Sanders on immigration because he has started to challenge Clinton for support among Latino voters,” Politico reports.

“Grijalva’s comments came during a conference call organized hastily by the Sanders campaign on the day of the Nevada caucuses. Grijalva, who spoke along with three other Latino surrogates for Sanders, said that criticism of Sanders as ‘anti-immigrant, that he’s totally against the immigrant community, that he doesn’t support immigration reform in a comprehensive way, are absolutely expected.’”

Bush Leaves Race

“Jeb Bush has quit the presidential race in defeat partly because he spurned the voters’ anger and worries about the one-size-fits-all Common Core education program, large-scale immigration and political dynasties,” Breitbart News says.

“Emmett McGroarty, education director at American Principles Project, highlighted the importance of the Common Core program in a statement.”

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  1. Its All About Keeping the Immigration Enforcement Unnecessarily Delayed

    With more bills and attorney litigation costs…this semi-useless lawyer method, compared to simply enforcing identity fraud with eVerify, is not something a businessman like Trump advocates…..except on the Anchor Babies Constitutional Issue and Cruz’s eligibility to be President even though he was born in Canada.