Immigration Headlines – Feb 15, 2016

Immigration Attorney Guilty of Fraud

USA Today has a story about the case of an immigration attorney who told his client to lie under oath and now faces prison. “The case cost Wenger his career and his freedom — he was sentenced to 18 months in federal prison on Feb. 5 — but it also triggered an outcry of support from immigration lawyers who say the heartache and struggles they face defending immigrants in no-win situations is sometimes too much to bear.”

Pope Expected to Discuss Immigration

“Pope Francis is expected to address immigration during his visit Wednesday to the U.S.-Mexican border, as well as pay respects to those who died trying to cross into the United States. People in Chicago who work with immigrants will be paying attention to his message,” says.

Trump Expresses America’s Frustration on Immigration

“Newton’s Third Law of Motion famously states that “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Sir Isaac, it seems, was more than an astute observer of the natural world; intentionally or not, he was also part political prophet,” says Greg Jones at The Federalist.

“The meteoric rise of Donald Trump in America and the resurgence of the Right across Europe are eliciting fits of outrage and disbelief among the Left in this country and across the pond. Yet to a large degree the Left has only itself to blame.”

Cruz Focuses on Conservative Legislation During Campaign

“Ted Cruz pushed a host of conservative priorities on Capitol Hill last week that he hopes will boost his presidential campaign ahead of the South Carolina primary,” reported.

“With a brief return to the Senate, Cruz claimed progress on a series of measures that are likely to appeal to Republican primary voters in the hotly contested campaign. He wrote a letter to President Obama on North Korea policy, voted for North Korea sanctions and co-sponsored a bill to enforce fines on undocumented immigrants.”

Cruz, Rubio Duke it Out During Weekend Debate

“Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz have battled it out on a debate stage before over illegal immigration, but it got uniquely testy Saturday night at the Greenville, S.C., debate. After exchanging barbs over legislation, Cruz at one point alluded to a Univision interview Rubio had given where he discussed immigration in Spanish. ‘I don’t know how he knows what I said on Univision, since he doesn’t speak Spanish,’ Rubio countered,” according to USAToday.

Sanders Vote Against Guest Workers Faulted by Clinton

“In last week’s battle over the meaning of the word ‘progressive,’ Hillary Clinton charged that Bernie Sanders had fallen short in failing to back immigration reform in 2007. ‘I don’t think it was progressive to vote against Ted Kennedy’s immigration reform,’ Clinton said, after slamming Sanders for his past opposition to the Brady Bill. She repeated this line of attack last night,” Daniel Denver says at

“The Washington Post’s Callum Borchers called this “a solid answer by Clinton.” If so, that’s largely because many don’t understand the substance or politics of guest worker programs. Many immigrant rights groups have long opposed guest worker programs, and for good reason. They are geared toward maximizing exploitation and minimizing protection of immigrant workers.”

Trump Ad Focuses on Crime

“Donald Trump has rolled out a hard-hitting and emotional TV ad in South Carolina that shows how African-Americans are suffering from illegal immigration. ‘Jas Shaw was a 17-year-old football star who was gunned down just outside his home. His killer? An illegal immigrant gang member who just got out of prison,’ says the narrator. ‘Jas’s dad, Jamiel, is supporting Donald Trump for president because he knows he will end illegal immigration.,” Breitbart News says.



  1. avatar SecBorders says:

    From the above article about the Pope:

    –“Pope Francis is expected to….pay respects to those who died trying to cross into the United States.”

    –“He is going to stand in the shoes of those who have approached that border with hope and fear and to express his deep love and solidarity with those people…”

    Why doesn’t the Pope pay his respects to those Americans who have been killed and raped by illegal aliens and have died from drug overdoses from all of the illegal drugs that pour into this country from Mexico? Why doesn’t he stand in the shoes of Americans who in fear were killed or raped by illegal aliens? Why doesn’t he express his deep love and solidarity with the American victims and their families of crimes committed by illegal aliens? Why is he telling people to break the laws of the United States and enter this country illegally?

    • avatar No Change says:

      i must say you are a Pope hater…….he has expressed his solidarity for ALL not just us……..people that do drugs should not do drugs….but he still has preached and felt for them in his masses….he has prayed for those and everybody else that was reaped by illegals Aliens as well for the unfortunate crossing the borders….

      SecBorders unfortunately it appears to me that you Worldwide cultural intellect in Catholicism is zero….but do to worry the Pope forgives you…….

      • avatar Leland says:

        The birth control policies of the Catholic church are responsible for poverty and misery all over the world. Do you disagree with that statement? Yes or no.

        • avatar No Change says:

          Well the Catholic church also states you are not to have sex until you get married….are you against that?

          • avatar Leland says:

            They tell poor uneducated people that they cannot use birth control to limit their families and that is causing poverty in many countries. Why are you so afraid to answer my question.

          • avatar No Change says:

            I answered your question or again you are unable to comprehend English by inferring its meaning?

          • avatar Leland says:

            You answered my question with another question. So you didn’t answer me.

        • avatar No Change says:

          Based on the premise they have their birth control policy….”THINK”….not just blame with a single minded irrational thinking……………..if that were to happen then no babies let me see

          I was in whole foods the other day and I say two teenagers/workers non-catholics pregnant…..WOW!!!…if they had followed the Catholic Church this would have never happen do you feel my drift?

          If you are going to make an observation or blame do it in an educated manner…..research and give facts….The Pope does not agree with that but the preservation of life…

          TONS of institutions politicians agree with the Pope but yet they had sex before getting married etc etc etc THERE IS YOUR ANSWER basically from your unfounded feedback!!

        • avatar William says:

          The Pope should be passing out birth control pills and condoms if he truly wants to show respect to the Mexican people. He could also in good faith fund it with some of the gold the church has stolen from Mexico.

    • avatar SecBorders says:

      No Change,
      Once again you have missed the point of what I said and resorted to name calling, but what else is new. I happen to know a lot about Catholicism and I never said that there is nothing good about the Catholic Church. And just because I don’t believe and follow everything the Pope says does not make me a “Pope hater”, but an intelligent person capable of independent thought.

      The Pope is promoting an open border with Mexico and a consequence of having an open border with Mexico is that violent criminals and illegal drugs pour into the US causing death and suffering. The only way to stop or reduce these crimes is through border security, both on the border itself and within the US. So if the Pope really wanted to help the American victims and future victims of these crimes he would not be promoting an open border.

      As far as the issue of birth control the Pope pressures the governments of impoverished, overpopulated Catholic countries to make birth control illegal throughout the entire country. This just perpetuates poverty and makes it much more difficult for these countries to reduce the amount of poverty in their countries. Then the Pope expects people in more affluent countries like the US where birth control is available to take in and care for the poor people that are poor because of the policies imposed on poor countries by the Vatican.

      • avatar No Change says:

        Well you missed the point completely then and your feedback cancels itself to nothing…… my feedback and yours…….my feedback comes first……then your feedback would never happen consequence……an unfortunate situation……he prays for the unfortunate…..that is all

        The only thing he is promoting is what the church preaches… anyway shape or form he has said in public to come here illegally is right….but pray for the unfortunate in general….

        So if you claim you understand Catholicism your failing in your though process of the facts by basically ignoring them…….

  2. avatar Leland says:

    Joe Boland, an official from some Catholic illegal advocacy group is quoted in the link as saying “Their Ellis Island is the border” Typical nonsense. A lot of people were turned around at Ellis Island, including those who had communicable diseases and those who would likely become a “public charge”. How does that compare to handing a get-out-of-jail card to anyone who happens to evade the border patrol or stays beyond a leave date they agreed to when issued a visa?

    It’s an insult to our ancestors who frequently came here with nothing but their willing hands to shape a society out of a wilderness. They were not down at the general store buying supplies with food stamps or getting medical care from the government. But again, this is the Catholic Church very generously offering our tax money to the poor families their birth control policies produced, while we are 18 trillion in debt.

    If there’s ignorance on this subject, it belongs to the people who insist masses of uneducated low income workers are a big plus in a society that makes that very group eligible for all sorts of welfare programs. The French prime minister has said that country will refuse to accept more refugees. As he put it, “France did not say come to France”. That was Angela Merkel, who said everyone was welcome. Sort of like your neighbor inviting all his relatives to move in, but insists you have to put up a few at your place.

  3. Pandora’s Box is Open Now

    Trump is poised to fire all the Open Border Establishment Liars. And he’s good at it.

    Will Trump win SC? The open border media asks this question not because they all ready know its Trump…..THEY’RE HORRIFIED. Good.

    • Another Open Border Media Lie

      Most Republicans oppose Trump…..when did MSM do our voting for us? It reminds me of the packed debate audience, most are Establishment Republican Plants…..the hand clapping is trained seals.