Immigration Headlines – Feb 11, 2016

Sanders Criticizes Obama Immigration Policy

“Bernie Sanders is upping pressure on the Obama administration over one of its immigration enforcement initiatives, taking new aim at a controversial program just days before the Democratic presidential contest in Nevada. In a letter with Rep. Raul Grijalva (D-Ariz.), Sanders criticizes the Priority Enforcement Program, which helps federal immigration authorities to work with local law enforcement officials to identify immigrants who should be deported from the United States,” Politico says.

How Arizona Benefited from Tough Immigration Enforcement

“A prestigious economic analysis commissioned by the Wall Street Journal shows that Arizona’s low-pressure immigration reform has raised Americans’ salaries and farmers’ productivity, and has also cut taxpayers’ welfare, medical, prison and housing costs,” Breitbart News says.

“The list of benefits is especially significant because the nation is heading into a 2016 election that is deeply shaped by raucous debate over the federal policy of annually inviting 1 million legal immigrants, 700,000 temporary workers, plus many illegal immigrants, to compete for jobs sought by the 4 million Americans who enter the job market each year. Both Donald Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) have posted ambitious immigration-reform plans.”

LA Schools Try to Exclude ICE Agents

“In response to the federal government raids announced at the beginning of this year to apprehend undocumented Central American immigrants, public schools in Los Angeles, where about 50 percent of the student body is Hispanic, will not allow immigration authorities to enter the campuses,” Fox News Latino says.

“The decision taken on Tuesday by the Los Angeles Unified School District board is for all schools, from kindergarten through high school, to be declared “safe zones” and resource centers for students and families threatened by the enforcement of immigration laws.”

Former Cruz Staff Help on Texas Suit Against Obama Amnesty

“On the campaign trail, Ted Cruz has vowed to rescind President Barack Obama’s controversial executive actions on immigration — but it’s two of his former aides who could actually kill it,” Politico says.

“Scott Keller and Chip Roy — who served in top roles in Cruz’s Senate office — are now litigators on behalf of Texas, leading the lawsuit against Obama’s unilateral actions, which are at the cornerstone of the president’s immigration legacy. The duo’s positions also underscore Cruz’s enduring influence and reach at the Texas attorney general’s office, where the Republican presidential candidate served as the state’s top appellate lawyer and built a launching pad for his political career.”

IBD Editors: It’s the Borders, Stupid

“After Donald Trump ran away with the New Hampshire GOP primary, the Huffington Post huffed: ‘NH GOES RACIST SEXIST XENOPHOBIC.’ Nice try. Clearly Democrats are rattled. Trump threatens their open-borders schemes,” says in an editorial.

“Liberals had hoped to cultivate a permanent majority of Democrat voters from their amnesty and refugee programs. But voters are sending them (as well as the Republican establishment) a message they can’t stand to hear: ‘It’s the borders, stupid!’”

“The Washington elite might want to try listening to the people rather than tsk-tsking them.”


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  1. avatar Olivia segura says:

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  2. avatar Leland says:

    In spite of all the positives from Arizona’s clampdown on illegals, including higher wages and lower welfare costs, the Wall Street Journal’s complaint seems to be that the state’s GDP dropped because so many people illegally there left the state. But that is the crux of the argument. Open border advocates like the WSJ seem to think that the paramount national goal should be an increase in total GDP, and never mind how it’s achieved and at what cost. But if individual citizens are better off with a stable population, then the blind pursuit of a higher GDP by forever increasing our population seems to be pointless and backward. Trump by the way wants to cut legal immigration. Another positive reason to support him.

    • avatar No Change says:

      ” then the blind pursuit of a higher GDP by forever increasing our population seems to be pointless and backward”

      HAHA..htne the whole world is so…it has always been this way…..WAKE UP!!!

      • avatar Leland says:

        You didn’t address my point. If increasing GDP is done at the expense of the average citizen, then what’s the good. India increases it’s GDP by increasing it’s population. But over half that population lives in huge filthy overcrowded slums. And you think that’s a good thing.

        • avatar No Change says:

          It depends Leland for decades we never cared about it….really……”the average citizen” the average citizen is dumb…..more than 50% does not care to vote…..what does that tell you?…they deserve what comes good or bad……

        • avatar No Change says:

          OK so India increases its population…like you say…….”THINK” how many of us make the GPD really……do we have a 100% work force population……in a corporation only a small percent really works the rest enjoy ……..before you think about a different country you should learn our reality….then compare……

      • GDP Has Also Been Called “Cooked Books”

        Gas/food goes up in price, so GDP rises….that’s not positive, its NEGATIVE. Or lately, gas goes down in price with food, automobiles and new houses in stagflation “stuck price” lies….those prices ain’t ever gonna go DOWN….God forbid we blaspheme the Realtor gods. More Establishment Lies.

    • avatar No Change says:

      Well Leland it went down because the illegals were making us rich and by being abused…maintaining our businesses…..I tell you….I have an acquaintance that closed her restaurant in Arizona because had to hire three Americans for each mexican she had..and they were lazy….so what does that tell you?

      It is ashamed that we are against 3 to 1 it should be the opposite……….SOOOOOOOOO two problems ..we never cared about them coming here but making us rich….and our own in this isolated case being inferior to the them…now that is a problem

      • avatar No Change says:

        so to make sure Leland you understand what I said by “isolated” it is not a generalization…..but it is a pity ….and we enabled these since Mexicans have always been coming here before you were even born…..