Immigration Headlines – Feb 10, 2016

Two Arrests Create Panic in Princeton

“Federal immigration authorities arrested two men in Princeton recently, prompting a response from the town, which actively aids the immigrant population with information and advice. The town, in a statement about the incident, said the arrests occurred on Wiggins Street at about 5 a.m. and agents appeared to have been waiting for someone,” reports.

Immigration Backlog Problem Worse

“Houston immigration attorney John Nechman used to wear a suit to work practically everyday because he was always in court. But things drastically changed about a year-and-a-half ago, when all of his removal cases scheduled to be heard in Houston’s downtown immigration court were reset to the same 10-day span in November, 2019. Now he practically never has to go to court. He says it’s like that for every immigration attorney in town,” the Houston Press reports.

Wisconsin Bill to Prohibit Sanctuary Cities Passes Committee

“Local governments couldn’t pass ordinances preventing police from asking crime suspects about their immigration status under a bill circulating at the state Capitol. The measure has cleared an Assembly committee but even some lawmakers who support the bill say they’re worried about the message it sends to immigrants who fear deportation,” says.

“Dozens of Latino immigrants packed the committee hearing at the Capitol spilling out into the hall. They stood silently as the committee debated the bill and then approved it on 6-3 party line vote. But Green Bay Republican Rep. David Steffen said despite his ‘yes’ vote, he’s still not sure the bill is needed.”

Silicon Valley Tries to Get Around Visa Restrictions

“In Washington, most of the debate around tech visas centers on H-1Bs, typically used by big companies and research universities. Lobbying groups such as Mark Zuckerberg’s say more H-1B visas would keep U.S. companies from losing out on top talent. Protectionist legislators and Republican front-runner Donald Trump say they depress wages and take jobs away from Americans. Either way, H-1Bs aren’t a practical option for startups because they’re tough to get and meant for employees, not founders,” Bloomberg News says.

Churches Grant Sanctuary to Illegal Aliens

“U.S. churches are again defying federal immigration authorities. Across the country, a handful of congregations are opening their doors to offer safe haven to Central American immigrants who entered the U.S. illegally and are under deportation orders. The new sanctuary movement echoes an earlier civil disobedience campaign by churches in the 1980s,” says.

“The newest church in America to openly challenge federal immigration laws is St. Andrew’s Presbyterian in Austin, Texas. Ten days ago, the congregation took in Hilda and Ivan Ramirez, a Guatemalan mother and her 9-year-old son.”

FAIR Ads Start in South Carolina

“The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) has launched a six-figure TV advertising campaign in South Carolina, in advance of the state’s upcoming presidential primary,” Breitbart News notes.

“The anti-illegal immigration group’s TV ad argues that the cliché call to “bring illegal immigrants out of the shadows” should be applied to Americans who have been hurt by illegal immigrants.”

Ingraham: Immigration Debate Comes Down to Globalism

“The policies that Jeb Bush is advocating, those two issues Trump and he most disagree on are trade and immigration. We’ve now learned the devastation of the American people as a result of the World Trade Organization and China, they’ve gamed the system. There’s no doubt about it, globalism of the Bush variety has been devastating to American workers…” said Laura Ingraham in a recent interview.


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  1. avatar SecBorders says:

    Tech execs like Zuckerberg try and say that they are for H-1B visas because they love diversity and anyone opposed to these policies is a racist who doesn’t love diversity as much as they do. Well, I know from my own experience around Silicon Valley that Asian US citizens born and/or raised in the US are harmed just as much by the combination of US companies bringing in cheap foreign tech workers and outsourcing/offshoring jobs as any Caucasian US citizen tech workers.

    • avatar No Change says:

      you call the tech exec??? really……I thought a real tech exec is like the Galvins from Motorola, Steve Jobs… meant the IT exec internet….websites…..that is low tech…..just like a toy in science………take what already exists and play with it……

  2. avatar Leland says:

    The only two who have been 100% against the Trans Pacific Partnership “free trade” deal from the beginning are Trump and Sanders. A working paper released by Tufts University last month concluded that this pact would cause “net losses of GDP in the US and Japan.” It also predicted “unemployment losses in all countries” and that “the US would be hardest hit with a loss of 448,000 jobs” and “TPP would lead to higher inequality as measured by changes in the labor share of national income.”

    No surprise, because every one of these trade pacts has resulted in a loss of jobs here. Ford just announced that they are moving even more factory jobs to Mexico. And this president, when he was running for office in 2008, said he would either change or withdraw from NAFTA because of job losses. He did neither, and he’s given us even more of these “free trade” deals. TPP, not coincidentally, would give business far more worker visas, so what jobs don’t get shipped overseas will be increasingly filled with cheaper wage foreign workers.

    • avatar SecBorders says:

      How exactly are we going to have a prosperous country when the best American companies move their manufacturing, R&D, jobs, etc. overseas and bring in cheap foreign labor? How do Ford, Boeing, Facebook, etc. expect Americans to have enough money to buy a Ford, fly on a Boeing aircraft, or buy a computer to use Facebook if they don’t have a decent paying job in the first place? The executives running these companies are so greedy they are not able to see past the next quarterly earnings report. If their greed turns us into the Brazil of North America, there will be a lot less customers for their products.

      • avatar No Change says:

        HAHAHAHAHA!!! the Brazil of North American….are you kidding me?..I agree about the out/insourcing….but you must know that Brazil is the only country in South American that is independent from he rest of the World in energy and pharmaceutical…….

        Ha bring cheap labor….you are outdated pal…!!! now they bring overnight H1s to replace us……..and the contracting company is not even American…….AND they steal you resume to get the jobs …it has recently happened to me….

      • avatar No Change says:

        SecBorders there is a difference in the H1 visas as the illegals…there are those that come here and they spend their money school..the brightest form around the world and eventually hired to teach or work….OR the best science professors come here to teach us….

        AND this H1visa being brought overnight to take your job NOT full-time but contractors………if you are experience and never got used to collect a two week pay check you still get the job full time….no competition……contracting…that is a different story…but the is hat is killing the middle class overnight

        t is also happening in the banks, Walgreens, engineering and last I heard catering!!!…….what is going on here!!

    • avatar No Change says:

      Sanders is the man!!