Immigration Headlines – Feb 8, 2016

Washington Post Discovers Some People Benefit from Illegal Immigration

“The voter at Marco Rubio’s town hall meeting was worried. One of his most trusted employees, Fernando, is an undocumented immigrant. ‘He hasn’t raped anybody,’ the man said. ‘He hasn’t stolen anything.’ What would Rubio do as president to help Fernando stay here?” the Washington Post writes.

“After assuring voters that he wanted to secure borders, the senator from Florida said that, when it comes to Fernando and other undocumented immigrants who are not criminals, ‘we’ll figure something out.’”

Media Still Doesn’t Understand Why The Public Is Concerned About Immigrant Crime

“Donald Trump would have you believe that Mexican immigrants, as a general rule, bring drugs and crime into the United States and are rapists. And millions of Trump’s fellow citizens have no problem accepting that broad-brush characterization as fact: Sixteen percent of Americans think Mexican immigrants are “undesirables” — such as criminals — according to a Washington Post/ABC News poll,” the Las Vegas Sun says.

California Issued 650,000 Licenses to Illegal Aliens

“Judith Benitez had gone most of her adult life without knowing how to drive. The 35-year-old woman from Mexico who is in the U.S. illegally would ask family members for rides to pick up her children from school. Trips to the grocery store or the doctor’s office were complicated,” the LA Times says.

“That changed last year when Assembly Bill 60 was implemented, granting people in the country illegally the right to obtain driver’s licenses in California. Benitez, who lives in Lemon Grove, learned to drive and was among those in line at the Department of Motor Vehicles the day the law took effect.”

European Groups Opposed to Migrant Policy Rally

“Anti-immigration and anti-Muslim groups from across Europe demonstrated Saturday as migrants fleeing a renewed offensive by the Syrian government surged by the tens of thousands along Turkey’s border,” USA Today reports.

“In Dresden, a stronghold of Germany’s Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the Occident, or PEGIDA, thousands took part in a rally to express disapproval with Chancellor Angela Merkel’s policy toward migrants. More than a million asylum-seekers are now living in Europe’s wealthiest country, with more arriving each day.”

Newsweek Discovers the Obvious

“For months now, even as Donald Trump has maintained a strong lead both in the national polls and in most of the early-state polls, a wide range of journalists and analysts have confidently assured us that Trump is not the “real” front-runner in the GOP presidential contest,” says Newsweek.

“There are fewer people offering those assurances today, and the ones still making them seem far less confident. It’s getting harder and harder to deny that the billionaire Manhattanite remains the man to beat.”


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  1. avatar Damien says:

    It’s not hard to see why the Las Vegas Sun writer is so biased in favor of illegal aliens.

    The Las Vegas Sun is part of the Greenspun Media Group, which receives revenue from many corporate advertisers who profit – in one way or another – from the cheap labor and overpopulation brought about by open borders immigration policies.

    Media executives and their corporate partners see America as nothing more than a large marketplace that exists only for their profit.

  2. avatar Leland says:

    The author of the Las Vegas Sun piece, Megan Messerly, is the typical one sided propagandist for illegal immigration. She says: “Across the country, undocumented immigrants pay an estimated $12 billion in state and local taxes.”

    So? She doesn’t offer any figures of the COSTS they bring, which are easily available on sites like this. They are low educated, low income, and their typically large families are costing states and communities across this country far more than $12 billion in welfare and medical costs. Add on top of that the costs of schooling their large families.

    The idea that low income people are some huge source of tax riches is preposterous on the face of it. The math doesn’t work and all the pie in the sky rhetoric of these people doesn’t make it true.

    • avatar No Change says:

      or how many Americans the illegal have made rich……

      • avatar Leland says:

        Illegals only benefit the very wealthy. The rest of the country pays the price in higher taxes and lowered wages.

      • No Change

        The economy is destroyed because of the rich elite establishment open borders. Check out today’s stock market if you don’t believe me.

        • avatar No Change says:

          Leland and SW not exactly even though this includes Trump then…..I know of a guy in the East Coast with a construction company that became rich thanks to the illegals….but he paid the same to either Americans or illegals……at the time 80′s there were no more construction workers available for the demand and Mexicans began showing up

          As a consequence….An american became wealthy…..the same for he restaurants…….. so it is interesting how some people view this black and white when it is not…….