Immigration Headlines – Feb 5, 2016

Immigration Issue a Hot Button in N.H.

“Political pundits and Republican leaders like to say that nobody could have foreseen the extraordinary rise of Donald J. Trump’s presidential candidacy. But there were early signs that the electorate was ready for an insurgency like the one Mr. Trump has inspired this election. And some of the most powerful of those indicators came from New Hampshire,” the New York Times says.

Illegal Alien Sworn in as Lawyer in N.Y.

“An illegal immigrant in New York has been sworn in as an attorney after a long-fought court battle over whether his legal status should disqualify him from practicing law. A panel of judges ruled that 32-year-old Cesar Vargas’ immigration status should have no bearing on whether he is allowed to practice law in the U.S. in what immigration rights activists are hailing as a victory for their cause, WABC-TV reported,” The Blaze reports.

Illegal Immigration Makes America a Haven for Crime

“Immigration in the country is constantly re-iterated to the public as something that is good for the economy, good for US citizens and brings “diversity” and “multiculturalism” to an all-too-privileged American lifestyle,” The Hayride says.

“However, the country’s immigration and refugee resettlement system has become nothing more than an avenue for criminals, gang members and drug cartels. This report will examine that issue in-depth.”

Obama Administration Moves Back to Catch and Release

“A U.S. Customs and Border Protection agent spoke out Thursday, saying that the agency has received orders to release illegal immigrants and no longer order them to appear at deportation hearings, the Washington Examiner reported,” The Blaze says.

“The new orders are a significant change from what the agency’s former policy has been, especially in the past few months.”

Clinton Says Sanders Not Liberal Enough on Immigration

“Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton flipped questions about her progressive credentials and attacked Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders early in Thursday’s MSNBC Democratic debate, pointing out specific points in his record that show that he has a checkered history with some liberal causes, too. On one of the top issues of the 2016 campaign so far — immigration reform — she implied that he’s really not up to snuff with Democratic positions,” the site said.

Northern League Makes Gains in Italy Due to Immigration

“In just over two years, Italy’s Northern League party has bounced back from an all-time low of just 4% in the 2013 elections to 16-17% support in recent polls, thanks in large part to the mounting Italian migrant crisis,” Breitbart News reports.

“The Matteo Renzi government, on the other hand, has taken hit after hit, and Renzi’s center-left Democratic Party (PD) now sits at 30.8 percent in polls, without many natural allies. Leaders from around the political spectrum slammed Renzi for covering up nude statues for the visit of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, and the Prime Minister has likewise suffered scathing criticism for his handling of the immigration crisis.”

Illegal Alien Lobby Pushing Sanctuary Bill in Mass.

“Immigrant groups are renewing their lobbying push for a bill that would prohibit state or local police from arresting or detaining an undocumented immigrant solely because of his immigration status,” reports.

“‘What this bill does is it restores the trust between the immigrant communities and local law enforcement agencies,’ said Patricia Montes, director of Centro Presente, which advocates for Central American immigrants.”



  1. avatar Damien says:

    Note to FAIR Staff:

    I have tried repeatedly to post some factual information regarding Senator Cruz’s (questionable) background, as it relates to Immigration Policy. Each time I try to do so, my comment is “Held in Moderation” and never posted.

    On the surface, this appears to be censorship. It also creates the impression that your staff is trying to protect Ted Cruz from scrutiny.

    Please correct this situation immediately.

    • Topics and Long Blogs

      Keep your response short and try to address the topic. FAIR will likely publish it then.

      • avatar Damien says:

        With all due respect, if you have ever read any of my posts, then you know that they are always relevant to the topics at hand. This is in stark contrast to the blogger known as “No Change”, whose aimless, ambiguous, and lengthy ramblings seem to get thru FAIR’s screening process with no problem whatsoever.

        Also, several of my posts – regarding Ted Cruz’s background – were very short and relevant, yet were not published.

        What is going on here?

        • avatar SecBorders says:

          I have had some posts that said “Held in Moderation”. Some were published, and some weren’t. The common denominator among them was they all contained a link to another website. Maybe if your posts all had a link you could take them out and then they would post? Just an idea.

          • avatar Damien says:

            Thank you for the suggestion.

            Please check out the recent FAIR article titled “In Iowa, PAC Money Talks Very Softly While Sensible Immigration Speaks LOUDLY”. There, you will see a post – made by softwarengineer on Feb 3 – that contains a link to Wikipedia.

            So, if FAIR has a policy to block posts which have embedded links, then it seems that policy not being applied consistently.

        • avatar No Change says:

          Damien may be you need to take computer lessons…?….hahaha!!!

          • avatar Damien says:

            There is nothing wrong with my computer skills. In fact, I am fluent in several Operating Systems and Application Development Languages.

            On the other hand, your English grammar skills – as well as your etiquette – are abysmal, to say the least.

        • avatar No Change says:

          Damien my apologies I forgot to tell you that you also need to take some courses in school so that you can develop your critical thinking and attain some political and social as well as financial cultural intellect…so there is nothing wrong with FAIR….it is you.

    • avatar Freedom1858 says:

      As someone who has been completely banned from several liberal pro-immigration sites simply because I pointed out the flaws in their reasoning, I can’t say I have much sympathy for you.
      I’m sure Mother Jones will take your stuff.

      • avatar Damien says:

        You don’t understand. I am no liberal. Actually, I am going to vote for Donald Trump, simply because – in my opinion – since his campaign is mostly self-funded, he is the only one that could possibly be trusted to actually stem the tide of legal immigrants and illegal aliens that are flooding our nation.

        All of the other candidates – including Ted Cruz – have financial ties to special interests who want to turn America into a third world nation for the sake of short term profit.

        • avatar No Change says:

          Damien wake up where have you been all your life?…..they all have special interests and whatever they do is for political advancement……,,I will give you some examples.

          Senator Feinstein gave a private Bill to a lady from the Philippines married to another lady in CA with children…yet she was only in the US for no more then 3 years….

          Career advancement = VOTES

          H1 visas given to contracting companies …not from the US to bring temporary workers to misplace us…results ……the BCIS has increased the fees……nothing done to protect us……interest = MONEY

          and I can go on and on…….for example…you… have an interest to bring down Cruz…………….right or wrong FAIR has the right to moderate you feedback to protect its well being as an institution,,,,

          let’s say Cruz wins….ultimately what need to stay alive is what FAIR stands for……so I don’t see the issue here…..actually I do… is you!…..THINK use your intellect……..well…if you have one. sorry I cannot assume that else you will be =ASSUME…you know what stands for don’t you?…hahaha!!!…stop crying!!!

          • avatar Damien says:

            I am well aware of the ties that politicians typically have to special interests. That’s exactly my point. Many patriotic immigration reformers have bought into the promises made – by Senator Cruz – to secure the border and reduce legal immigration. However, he has received campaign donations from “Open Borders” special interests such as Goldman Sachs as well as several International Law firms who advise Corporate Executives on the best ways to bring in foreign workers as well as outsource jobs to low wage foreign labor markets.

            Also, as a US Senator, Ted Cruz proposed an amendment – to the Gang of 8 Amnesty Bill in 2013 – which would have increased the number of H-1B visas by 500%. But now, on the campaign trail – Ted Cruz is promising to temporarily suspend H-1B visas. I think he is telling an angry electorate what he knows they want to hear, just for the purposes of winning the nomination and getting elected.

            Senator Cruz financial ties and his past actions – with regards to immigration policy – do not match his pro-American worker campaign rhetoric. He is not trustworthy in my opinion.

        • SWE is for Donald Trump Too

          BTW, it may be coincidental, maybe not? I’m a Christian and specifically prayed for a billionaire that loved this country too, like the Silent Majority of legal Americans, and would fund a campaign against the Establishment open border phonies that make up almost all the Republican candidates. We didn’t pick them, the Super PACs did. Then out popped Trump. Thank you Lord, if that was answer to my prayer in 2015.

          Ya notice how all the primary candidates put on phony anti-establishment “red caps” like Trump. They’re phony Trump clones but they’ll never address Trump’s main campaign strategy: Take all the jobs back from Japan, Mexico and China….I wonder why? LOL

          • avatar Damien says:

            Good you SWE.

            Even though Trump has made some mistakes in his campaign, he projects a bold sense of Nationalism that I find refreshing and hopeful, particularly after seeing all the damage that’s been done by the corporately funded globalists in both major political parties.

            I don’t pretend to know how this election is going to play out, but who knows, there is a chance that we may be witnessing a Sea Change in US Politics.

            Good luck to you.

  2. avatar Damien says:

    I don’t consider Ted Cruz to be a friend of the American middle class, at least as far as immigration is concerned.
    As a US Senator, he proposed an amendment – to the 2013 Gang of 8 Amnesty Bill – that would have increased the H-1B visa cap by 500%.

    He only recently reversed his stance on H-1B visas after he declared his Presidential Candidacy and saw how Trump’s poll numbers were boosted when “The Donald” proposed tough restrictions on H-1B and other Guest Worker Programs.

    Also, Ted Cruz’s top campaign donors include Goldman Sachs – whose executives have called for increases in immigration levels – as well as Morgan Lewis, a Global Law Firm who has a prominent Immigration Law Practice.

    “Foreign students who graduate from American universities should be eligible to work in the U.S. permanently. The cap on visas for skilled workers should be removed” – Lloyd Blankfein, Goldman Sachs CEO.

    Blankfein’s quote appears in the following Op-Ed:

    So, despite his campaign promises, I have a very hard time believing that Ted Cruz will act in best interest of American Workers, if he is elected President.

  3. avatar Leland says:

    Last night Hillary said about Bernie Sanders: ” I don’t think it was progressive to vote against Ted Kennedy’s [2007] immigration reform.” Never mind that Sanders said he voted against it because it would allow too many visas for foreign workers and lower wages for American workers. If Hillary wants to prove that she’s not an agent of Wall Street then why doesn’t she announce she will not support any bill that includes increases in worker visas.

    Because the fact is that all these “comprehensive reform” bills are just Trojan horses to allow business to bring in foreign workers at will and have everyone working for peanuts. The same with the TPP Trans Pacific Partnership “free trade” treaty, which includes massive visa increases. She actually supported it originally, but now claims she doesn’t. Trump on the other hand has been opposed from the beginning. He points out correctly that all these free trade bills have seen nothing but increased trade deficits and lost American jobs.

    As for Kennedy, he’s another one who had collective amnesia about his past statements on immigration. In 1965 he chastised those critics who predicted that his immigration bill that year would flood the country with a million immigrants a year. He promised during debate on the 1986 amnesty that “we will never again bring forth another amnesty bill like this.” Wrong on both. Like Hillary, who once said she was “against illegal immigrants, he was just another political opportunist and liar. Selling their country out for a vote.

    • avatar No Change says:

      Leland now on the serious side of things… Republicans failed to get together for immigration reform….this is what has happened in the last 20 years and worse int he coming ones….

      For example IBM and Motorola gone…..two icon American companies…..China already packed up NC IBM back to China as per a friend of mine that worked there for many years…..Motorola Mobility…..same will happened……Solutions…..sold to Nokia…….etc..etc

      My point is we need Laws to protect our jobs like Canada does…..the illegals are nothing compare to the monumental impact of what I saying and SW can attest to that……

      It is not the illegal that will take us down….but the outsource of labor and in source or cheap labor at the middle class level NOT low……remember that…….

      So the longer we do no immigration reform fully we will lose the battle….we are already at a loss 50% of it….not too far too long to lose the rest

      I will give you an example….a friend of mine was called for a job in a different State…guess what? the contracting company is not even American………and the wage cut down by half… is happening..forget about the low level skill….this will reck us…..

      • avatar Leland says:

        Blah blah blah. So you are saying illegals are no problem. Why do you always have to make it some either/or position. Where did I say we don’t need laws to protect American workers? That’s what my whole post was about, all the visas being issued for foreign workers, if you had bothered to read it.

        • avatar No Change says:

          Leland you need to understand English first so I recommend you read my feedback until you understand English……then you will realize that your blah blah blah is so ignorant and what I say is not refuting your feedback but adding to things yu will never comprehend in our country are happening… is a pity.

        • avatar No Change says:

          please read again my feedback like a good boy…….and understand what is happening to us………just relax….breath…clear your mind…for god sakes you are an American!!…you have the brains!! just clear your mind…..and read again what I wrote….an extension to what you said adding facts you did not not or most of you……..we are headed to the rockies……

  4. All Trump Needed to Do in NH is Hold a Lit Match to the Flammable Liquid

    Called AMNESTY.

    • avatar No Change says:

      that looks like a strategy could have worked………I am surprised he lost on IOWA…….

    • avatar No Change says:

      SW you should not retired and relax and take the money….you should go back and keep on working to make the best of out of your way of life….unless engineering was just the means which by the way it is also ok.