Immigration Headlines – Feb 3, 2016

Last GOP Debate Showed Unpopularity of Amnesty

“Donald Trump was absent from Fox News’ Republican debate Thursday night, presiding at his own event seven minutes’ drive away featuring cameo appearances by the two previous Iowa Republican caucus winners exiled now to the undercard debate, Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum. But the issue Trump raised to high-decibel level at his announcement last June was front and center at the main event: immigration,” says Michael Barone in Human Events.

ICE Agents Seek Illegal Aliens in Cinn.

“The pre-dawn presence Tuesday of federal immigration agents at an East Price Hill apartment complex sent ripples of fear through the city’s Central American immigrant community,” reports.

“An unspecified number of agents from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), clearly identifiable by their yellow jackets, stopped several women beginning at 6 a.m. in and near the sprawling Westmont apartment complex, immigrants activists said Tuesday. They said they did not know whether the show of strength was a precursor of larger removal raids or the execution of fugitive warrants.”

Libertarians Don’t Get the Immigration Debate, Cont’d

“Taking the wonders of free trade even further, the influx of cheap goods from overseas is most brilliant for it allowing us to focus even more on the pursuit of work that is most commensurate with our skills. That’s why we should view the entrance of foreign workers with similar delight. Their arrival, much like the arrival of inexpensive products, will amount to more “hands” such that we’re able to specialize our work pursuits even more. Immigration isn’t just a signal of a country’s prosperity, it’s also a driver of it,” says John Tammy at

Step By Step Process Likely to Succeed on Immigration

“We need to abandon the notion that comprehensive immigration reform legislation is either viable or desirable. The odds that we can build a consensus around such a large bill are beyond remote. The pursuit of such legislation only plays into gridlock. We also know from other pieces of controversial legislation, like Obamacare, that such mega-bills contain provisions than can cause more problems than they solve,” Tom G. Del Beccaro says at the Daily Caller.

We need to adopt a step-by-step approach. That starts with a greater public awareness about the national security aspects of our immigration woes and our visa crisis. The San Bernardino attack made it clear that our visa system is broken and the current federal government is not keeping us safe.

Atlanta Illegal Alien Group Bails Out Protesters

“An Atlanta immigration group put up more than $25,000 in bond money to get more than a dozen metro-Atlanta student protesters out of jail,” Atlanta TV reported.

“Protestors staged sit-ins at The University of Georgia and Georgia State University. They were angry that the Georgia Supreme Court ruled undocumented immigrants cannot pay in-state tuition at public colleges and universities in our state.”



  1. avatar Leland says:

    John Tammy is the typical open borders libertarian. He claims “Immigration isn’t just a signal of a country’s prosperity, it’s a driver of it.” Whose prosperity? The top income earners? Certainly not for the middle and working classes that have seen their relative wages stagnate or fall during the last 30 years of mass immigration. That’s an issue that guys like Tammy refuse to address. We have seen their theories of mass immigration put to the test in the past few decades and the winners have been business and the wealthy.

    He addresses the issue of immigrants being more likely to use welfare programs than native born by saying “even if true” “should government policy promote deportation of immigrants AND natives who choose the dole?” Seriously? Where exactly would we “deport” citizens of this country to? Talk about a total deflection.

    Then he also makes this howler of a claim. “It’s expensive to hire those who don’t necessarily know the language, who aren’t as assimilated and who by the virtue of being immigrants have to travel farther to begin the job.” Hello, the companies don’t pay them to move here. As for the first 2 points, we have seen company after company replace American tech workers with foreigners and have the Americans train their replacements. Just more nonsense and wishful thinking replacing the actual facts. But that’s the trademark of libertarian open border advocates.

    • Just 2 Hrs Ago Leland

      Trump’s Twitters documented that Ted Cruz used “fraud” and “lies” at the Iowa Caucases by alleging Ben Carson was dropping out of the race and “come vote for him”.

      Trump is calling the “Republican Establishment Fraud” “a disgrace”. As always, Trump has a legal foot and evidence to stand on. IOWs PROOF. He’s calling for a new Caucasus Election….remember when Bush stole Florida from Gore? It wasn’t primaries either. Had Trump been there, the “whistle would have been blown sooner I imagine”.

      The Republican [Democrat too] open border Primary politicians can be thieves and liars according to Trump. I think he’s right and there should be another vote. That’s why Cruz beat Trump in the caucuses when Trump controlled a majority State Vote.