Immigration Headlines – Feb 1, 2016

Protests Target Raids

“Protesters gathered downtown Saturday to denounce immigration enforcement actions in the state, including a local man who they say is being falsely held as a result. Earlier this month United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers raided a Lawrence Street home at 6 a.m. and took German Nieto-Cruz, 21-year-old resident,” reports.

Carson Releases Immigration Plan

GOP presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson released his plan to fix the U.S. immigration system, calling it a ‘Prescription for a Sovereign America,’” Breitbart News says. “Carson’s plan comes just one day before the Iowa caucus, the first electoral contest in the Republican presidential primary.”

Debate Shows GOP Shift on Immigration

“Fox News, in an unprecedented move, prepared footage of the candidates’ reversals on the issue, asking them to explain their inconsistencies. First up was Marco Rubio. In 2013, the Florida senator sponsored the “Gang of Eight” bill, a reform package that included a path to citizenship for some of the 11 million undocumented immigrants already in the country. Rubio has since reversed his stance and has said that he opposes amnesty,’ The Atlantic wrote.

Coulter: Fox News Position is Similar to Soros on Immigration

Breitbart News has reaction to the latest from Ann Coulter. “When it comes to immigration, Fox News is indistinguishable from George Soros,’ the popular columnist wrote Thursday. The ‘Rupert Murdoch enterprise,’ Coulter writes, ‘is implacably pro-open borders, pro-amnesty and, consequently, anti-Trump.’”

Sessions Says Voters Should Look to Trade, Immigration Stances of Candidates

Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) urged primary voters Friday to vote for candidates who are opposed to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal and who will fix the immigration system so that it serves American interests,” Breitbart News says.

“‘Make sure — because this could be the last chance — that the votes you cast is for a person who is going to, with courage and steadfastness, fix the immigration system that’s so broken and is impacting adversely Americans’ safety, their wages, their hospitals, their schools, those kind of things,’ Sessions said Friday during an appearance on the Howie Carr Show.”

Obama Administration Delivered Minors to Smugglers

“The Obama administration sent illegal immigrant children into ‘modern-day slavery’ by turning them over to sponsors who forced them into child labor or subjected them to sexual abuse, members of Congress said Thursday as they demanded that top child protection officials explain how it could have happened,” the Washington Times reported.

“Social workers don’t verify all sponsors’ identities, don’t make site visits to see the conditions they’re sending the children to, don’t insist on follow-up visits to see how the kids are doing and don’t consider serious criminal records — including child sex charges — automatic disqualification for hosting a child, congressional investigators said.”

Europe’s Immigration Crisis Continues

“Europe faces a migrant crisis, but not the one we imagine. The dilemma it faces is this: on the one hand, any moral and workable immigration policy will not, at least for the moment, possess a democratic mandate; on the other, any policy that has popular support is likely to be immoral and unworkable. This dilemma exists not because European populations are particularly drawn to immoral or unworkable policies but because of the way that the immigration issue has been framed by politicians of all hues over the past 30 years,” claims Kenan Malik in The Guardian.

Sanctuary City Debate Comes Down to Money

“Illegal immigration makes Bill Hartzell seethe. The memories are fresh from the afternoon in October 2013 when he saw his wife’s 93-year-old grandmother bloodied and unconscious, after being beaten and raped in her house by a 19-year-old Mexican who crossed the border and never left,” the Washington Post writes.

“His outrage is driving Hartzell to vote in Monday’s Iowa presidential caucuses for Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.), who has vowed to battle the ‘sanctuary cities’ that refuse to help the feds deport illegal immigrants. Cruz has said that he would block these localities from receiving federal funds for law enforcement — an idea that makes perfect sense to Hartzell. Except for when it applies to the place where he lives.”

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  1. Real Old Fashion Republicans Think FOX News Actually a Democrat Soros Billionaire Super PAC Supporter

    They’d take the open border Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump any day. I always thought open border Dem/Reps are the same party leadership and against the Central Politics Silent Majority.

    And ethnic group is unimportant. All ethnic groups are supportive of each other in the MAJORITY Center Politics Group to make America great again.