Immigration Headlines – Jan 26, 2016

Illegal Immigration A Big Issue in N.H.

“People in New Hampshire live nearly 2,400 miles from El Paso, Texas, one of the busiest crossings on America’s Southern border. And it’s only home to about 10,000 people living illegally in the U.S. — a far cry from states like California, Texas or Florida,” US News wrote.

“Yet, illegal immigration is a paramount concern to New Hampshire voters, and Republican presidential candidates are being faced with tough questions from voters in this small, mostly white, state on how they will handle the issue if elected.”

Immigration Concerns Puzzle Media

“The “crisis” of illegal immigration has become an article of faith in American politics. On the right, Republicans are jockeying over who will lock down the Southern border. ‘We have people pouring in. They’re pouring in,’ Donald Trump says in his latest ad, conjuring an image of invasion that has his supporters dreaming of the “beautiful” wall he has so often promised to build,” says Russell Berman at The Atlantic.

Time to Repeal the Cuban Adjustment Act

“President Obama is feeling heat from Latinos and pro-immigration groups over deportation raids directed at recently arrived undocumented immigrants, mostly from Central America,” USA Today says in an editorial.

“He’s in a difficult position. He wants to prevent a recurrence of 2014, when more than 51,000 children from Guatemala, Honduras and other nations arrived at the U.S. border. To that end, the deportation raids send a clear message aimed at discouraging more people from coming. But the spectacle of raids involving children and families is a wrenching one.”

European Immigration Policies Won’t Last

“We have covered extensively the outbreak of gang sexual assaults that occurred in Germany on New Year’s Eve, most notably in Cologne. Most recent reports suggest that as many as 600 German women may have been sexually abused by Islamic immigrants on New Year’s Eve in Cologne, alone. Similar outrages occurred across Western Europe,” writes John Hinderaker at Powerline.

The Swedish Authorities Are Lying About Immigrant Crime

“It’s hard to recognise some of the stories coming out of Sweden nowadays. Yesterday, a 15-year-old at an immigration centre stabbed and killed one of its female employees in Mölndal, near Gothenburg. It’s the kind of story that shakes the country to its core. Sweden has taken a staggering number of unaccompanied children, so the government has to act in loco parentis to tens of thousands. To keep them out of trouble, as well as educate and accommodate then. It’s a very tough ask, a job that many Swedes fear is simply beyond the competence of government. In such circumstances, appalling things can happen,” the UK Spectator says.

Trump Says Syrian Refugees Are Trojan Horse

“During a crowded rally held Monday night at Farmington High School, the Republican presidential candidate held up the number of Syrian refugees Europe is currently accepting, saying millions of people have arrived in accepting countries in during 2015. He then mentioned how President Barack Obama has committed to allowing 10,000 Syrian refugees into the country, an event he called ‘the great Trojan Horse of our time,’” reported.

Gov. Martinez Finds Out Amnesty Supporters Will Always Be Unhappy

“New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez has urged comprehensive immigration reform and asked candidates to tone down their rhetoric amid strong anti-immigration sentiment from some fellow Republicans, but she still faces accusations of pushing an ‘anti-immigrant’ agenda,” the Washington Times reported.

Lawsuits Over Disney Firings Begin

“Disney is being sued by two former employees in a pair of lawsuits that claim the company conspired with outsourcing firms to swap U.S. workers with cheap immigrant workers on temporary visas. The lawsuits were filed in a Florida federal court by Dena Moore and Leo Perrero, two of 250 Disney tech workers laid off about a year ago,” reports.

“Both lawsuits seek class-action status and both claim Walt Disney World, and outsourcing companies HCL and Cognizant colluded to get rid of U.S. workers and replace them with temporary immigrant workers on H-1B visas.”


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  1. avatar Damien says:

    The American IT workers who sued Disney – because they were replaced by H-1B workers – face an uphill battle in court because both Federal Law and Federal Judges are essentially bought and paid for by Multi-National Corporations and, as a result, are strongly biased against American workers.

    Sadly, the decisions in these kinds of cases usually go in favor of the employers and their hordes of foreign workers, as shown below:

    “In 2002, the U.S. government began an investigation into Sun Microsystems’ hiring practices after an ex-employee, Guy Santiglia, filed complaints with the U.S. Department of Justice and U.S. Department of Labor alleging that the Santa Clara firm discriminates against American citizens in favor of foreign workers on H-1B visas. Santiglia accused the company of bias against U.S. citizens when it laid off 3,900 workers in late 2001 and at the same time applied for thousands of visas. In 2002, about 5 percent of Sun’s 39,000 employees had temporary work visas, he said.[85] In 2005, it was decided that Sun violated only minor requirements and that neither of these violations was substantial or willful. Thus, the judge only ordered Sun to change its posting practices.[86].”

  2. Disneyland is Permanently Off My Travel List

    I’m glad I visited it before it went open borders.

    • avatar No Change says:

      well, you money put them in business and allowed this to happen…..I am not accusing you, just stating a fact…..

  3. avatar Leland says:

    The Cuban Adjustment Act is the perfect example of how pandering for ethnic votes overrules the good of the country. Cubans are an important vote in the biggest swing state of Florida. But two articles by the South Florida Sun Sentinel in the last year revealed the large costs of this policy, which basically allows anyone who reaches our shores or southern border to stay, no matter their background or if they truly can claim political asylum.

    The first article last January was titled Plundering America. It found a huge amount of crime being committed by Cubans, many of whom subsequently skipped back to Cuba where the Castros refuse to send them back to face our justice system. And so much for our reward for “opening up Cuba”. We gave them everything and they gave us nothing. The article noted that those born in Cuba are 4% of the population of Florida, but Cuban born individuals were involved in over 70% of cargo theft and healthcare fraud in the state.

    The second article, US Welfare Flows to Cuba, tracked those who come here and then return to Cuba for long periods of time while collecting a complete range of American welfare benefits. On top of that are the Cubans who come for a “visit” and then just stay once here, claiming refugee status. Many are elderly who never paid a nickel of taxes here. The paper estimated all this welfare was costing American taxpayers $680 million a year.

    • avatar No Change says:

      Exactly Leland now you are getting it…………..Mexicans are negligible but legal cuban residents somalis etc that abuse the system…